RHOC Star Shannon Beador Knows the Cause of the Drama at The Quiet Woman

Shannon Beador knows the reason behind the drama of what happened at The Quiet Woman during this week’s episode of RHOC.

Shannon believes one Housewife in particular is the root of the problem and that is Lydia McLaughlin saying, “Nothing would have happened if Lydia hadn’t invited Kelly,” Shannon tweeted, adding that “it looks like [Lydia] likes to stir the pot.”


Shannon did confess to owning up to her own part in the argument.”Had a hard day and felt totally ambushed. I go to QW often and hadn’t seen Kelly anywhere in 6 mos,” she tweeted. “Not happy about my yelling tho #imhuman.”

Shannon finished by saying she wishes she “handled everything differently”when answering a fan.

Thoughts on what Shannon said?

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9 Replies to “RHOC Star Shannon Beador Knows the Cause of the Drama at The Quiet Woman”

  1. shannon you need therapy!! to fly off the handle like that and using the f bomb every other word- your children hear that- think of that!! quit blaming everyone else for your problems and get some help-you are going to go off the deep end if you havent already. lydia is a schemer and a liar-not very holy roller of her – she is bad news hiding behind the bible.

  2. There was nothing “Quiet” about any woman last night. It was a set up but you always know Lydia’s intentions were good. Kelly must be very unhappy to be picking on Shannon when she just shared about her weight gain and Kelly decided to berate her about it. She is so immature and like she said herself, I love to push her buttons. And for Vicky, she should mention that her friends represent her business and for Kelly to represent Vicky is ridiculous. Vicky should draw the line and have a discussion about her behavior and taking the lowest blow she can and instead take the high road and try to support her. As women we should help each other NOT hurt each other.

  3. Well, I do declare! I do not believe or buy this from Shannon. She gets more unkind by the second. Yes, when Lydia spoke to Kelly from the car, she did ask her to join them. Innocently, no evil intent there as Shannon is trying to portray. Kelly had declined so Lydia was just as surprised as anyone else when Kelly arrived. So, why is Shannon throwing all blame on her, I ask myself. And to think that Lydia prayed with her in the ladies room, for God’s peace to flow–wasn’t happening, no way, no how.
    I would be horrified & beyond embarassed to be seen in that company. Everyone was looking. How low classed can she be in a public place.
    All blame is Shannon’s, see it woman! She’s a major mess. Kelly really went over-board herself & egged her on, not good. But to blame Lydia? Dont go there sick Shannon.

  4. “Menopause thy name is Shannon”! It’s obvious with the out of control emotions and weight gain she should be looking at getting some hormone therapy and psychiatric help! I cant stand her because she acts like she’s on a moral platform that allows to judge the thoughts and intents of other people hearts ( like Jesus) but not her own! I do believe she has been so out of control that it’s possible david HAS turned physical on her! Shes trying to hide it because of the impact it would have on his construction business/livelihood! She’s trying to transfer blame to Vicky and other people for her own lack of accountability! Don’t buy it! People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones! I think she’s a “closet alcoholic”and that’s what drove her husband away from her in the first place! I don’t think it’s “gone away”! She’s just more adept at hiding it! I think her girls know too! Ms Homeopathic is a hypocrite!

  5. Shannon is beyond awful and now she’s a big fatty as well. She should ge back to being drunk and psychotic. Honestly she was so much better then.

  6. kelly dodd laughing after that horrible fight is just creepy. she looks crazy. shannon is an emotional mess but she has to really learn to control her emotions. they could have had a nice dinner if shannon didn’t take it to the extreme. why would she even confide in kelly the day she had and get into her weight gain. it’s obvious she put on weight. she doesn’t have to talk to everyone about it. kelly is the LAST person who would be sympathetic towards shannon weight gain. I also noticed kelly wasn’t wearing her wedding band. Yeah I can totally tell she’s working hard in her marriage. I think kelly enjoys making shannon cry ….it makes kelly forget about her own depressing life.

  7. i used to watch this show. then, kelly happened. i will not watch it at all as long as she’s on. period. her behavior is beyond disgusting.

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