Is RHOC Star Shannon Beador Headed for Divorce?

RHOC star Shannon Beador might be the latest to get the Reality TV curse that can doom your marriage. Shannon and her husband David Beador have had their fair share of problems already play out on the show.

During this week’s episode of Real Housewives of Orange County, viewers witnessed another fight between the couple and, according to RadarOnline, “Things have not improved much since the show was filmed!”

“What you see this season on the show is just the tip of the iceberg and Shannon is at the point where she doesn’t know if she even wants to fix things anymore,” the source shared.

“David does not touch her anymore and the two are no longer romantic or intimate,” the source added. “They are still in counseling, but it has gotten to the point where their kids don’t even want them together anymore because they are sick and tired of the non-stop fighting.”

“They are both miserable and at this point, divorce seems like the only option,” the source concluded.

Do you think Shannon and David will divorce?

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164 Replies to “Is RHOC Star Shannon Beador Headed for Divorce?”

  1. I think they’ll divorce. David looks like he will quietly implode at any minute. Shannon just can’t get off the hamster wheel of being so needy that she needles him to death. It’s driving him away, and it’s sad.

    1. She’s a complete pain in the ass. I am no David fan but I’d hate her too, as he clearly does. He’s a douchebag though. I think they make each other the very worst versions of themselves. The kids are the most mature people in the house. They’re both pretending to keep it together for the kids, which is a crock of shit. They’re both too cowardly to pull the trigger and just get a divorce.

        1. I think I would like her more if she were just true to herself. Or at least respect her. Being with him is beneath her. And she doesn’t need the money, so I hope she just says “enough is enough” soon!! THAT would be a journey I’d watch. And I’d be pulling for her. Right now she’s addressing symptoms of the problem, rather than the problem itself.

          1. Once again I agree . The thing with me is we’ve never got to see her truly happy , if she wasn’t always worried about what dog her husband is playing with maybe she wouldn’t be so manic all the time

              1. Unfortunately for some it does . I wish that she knew that true happiness comes from yourself , from within , not from anyone else

                1. I agree. I remember when I left this creep I was dating and my life just blossomed. I lost like 60 pounds, started my hobbies again, found a better job, and met my now husband. I just wish she could take a leap of faith and get out of a bad relationship. As the line from Steel Magnolias goes “There are still good times to be had!”. Drink your juice, Shelby.

                  1. That’s wonderful , I’m so happy you took the trash out and now are happy ,it’s amazing how the wrong people can bring out the worst in us . I’ve had a few toxic people I’ve had to let go because it was just impossible to be happy around them

                    1. Aw thank you. Good for you too! It’s hard not to feel guilty, like you’re giving up on someone, but eventually you have to. That negative talk starts to weight you down doesn’t it!

                      Also, on another note, I browsed the commenting rules here and I have been swearing like a drunk truck driver!! I see that it’s kind of not something that’s done here. Sorry if I offended anyone, I’ll clean it up LOL!! I just kind of come by my potty mouth naturally! Oops 🙂

                    2. Lol no worries , you should see some of the stuff I say, I think as long as you don’t cuss at another person it’s ok, if not I would have been banned long ago

      1. That’s what I meant or was thinking of earlier!! She was not happy that he wasn’t excited to eat that AGAIN! She made a huge deal out of it too! Thanks, Frank van… !!⚘

  2. They had issues before the show began for them. And YES… I hope they just get away from each other and try to be happy. Unfortunately it will be harder for her to find happiness than him since she has so many demons in her head all the time…:(

  3. I would love to know who “the source” is. Who is in their home that is tattling? Is it the film crew? Who is privy to the inside of their home otherwise?
    I will never condemn Shannon for what her husband did to her. None of this is easy. You get married and you trust that your spouse will be faithful. If there are problems, you should talk about it and seek counseling and not just lie to the one you married and have a secret life all along. How can anyone trust again after that deception.
    Yes, Shannon is far from perfect, but is David the best husband? Has he been an absent father and husband? I don’t live there, so I don’t know the specifics, but I know that it appears thatthe tension is so bad, you can cut it with a knife.
    Deep down, I believe David was the love of Shannon’s life, and she wanted to keep her marriage together. She does not have to stay with him just to keep a roof over her head either, since she should do well if they do get divorced, so she could have gone to a lawyer if she wanted to, but she didn’t. She wanted to keep her family intact. Now, if nothing has gotten better yet, then maybe a divorce could be in her future. I really think it is best to keep the fighting away from the children and give them a peaceful home. Everyone deserves that, really. No one should place the children in the middle of it all or have the children take sides, either. Just my opinion.

    1. So well said, Sandy. I always wonder who the “source” or the “person close to the family” is too. If it is someone close to the family, pox on them for telling tales out of school about people that apparently trust them. Otherwise it is a rumor made from Radar of LIES imaginations & what they think is happening. I don’t watch the OC anymore at all, but if I see your name in “recent comments” I always want to come see what you have to say. You have always shared your incredible insight with us in your posts.
      From the very first scene with Shannon & David, I felt a tension and a continuous miscommunication between them. I believe he always cheated, to be honest. That is just my personal feeling though. I think that is what caused the rift that always showed between them on camera. It’s an interesting thing that the camera catches those nuances between people. I also have a feeling she didn’t “know” until the affair that was drawn out on the show. She, from the seasons I did watch, blames David in an unfair way for things other people did. I get that there is an allowable venting period with husband and wife when a spouse is publicly insulted or blamed for something they know nothing about, it is kind of understood in the marriages I’ve seen, including mine, that the person who understands me best will hear my deepest, angriest feelings about the event, but there is a distance removing the partner from any accountability on their part in the matter. But with Shannon I seem to recall her blaming him for whatever the problem was. An example being when David’s mom told Shannon’s friends what a lousy D-I-L she was. That was so out of line on David’s Mom’s part, but David had exactly nothing to do with it and wasn’t in agreement with what his mom did or said. Shannon definitely came after him for that.
      I was 14 when my parents divorced, and I was absolutely joyful. But then my dad was a bigot a***ole who constantly mocked me, forced us all to go to catholic school even though he himself had been excommunicated therefore making us ( the 3 youngest kids) pariahs being we were my Mom’s kids and she refused to convert to catholicism, & was divorced. At that time a spouse had to accept the church as their own & be accepted by the church for their children to be considered legitimate. I did just fine in a one parent home, and never saw or heard from my dad again until I was married, 22, and pregnant with my second child. He married the woman he’d been having an affair with and moved to Chicago from California where we lived. So, not all children from “broken” homes have trouble becoming accomplished, well balanced adults. Certainly in my case, I was much more interested in education and social activities. I hope Shannon does what is best for her and her children, and that she finds true happiness.

      1. Thanks 3 D’s. I love reading your posts too. You have a special way with words and I love hearing about your triumphs in the face of adversity. We all have our own unique views and that is what makes this place so special.
        Thanks for sharing. I agree with you. Shannon and David have been hard to watch. I don’t watch OC anymore after last season.
        I do hope Shannon finds a rainbow at the end of all of this difficulty.

  4. I think it’s time for them to part ways. Shannon needs help with her mental issues. She is CLEARLY going through something and it’s really sad. You can not expect someone to love you when you don’t love yourself.

  5. Micheal is a beast who wanted his cake and eat it too. If he was so in love with that skank , he would have left . But no, he wanted his home life intact while he whored around . Disgusting.
    Meanwhile he is making poor Shannon feel like she’s the crazy unreasonable one . After so many years of marriage, they know exactly what buttons to push and he continues to do that . He’s absolutely cruel.

    Team Shannon ❤️❤️❤️ You can’t fight for somebody who’s not fighting for you .

    1. Why is it that men follow their di** and women get the blame . I don’t understand all the hate towards Shannon . She didn’t make David play with trash .

    2. Mother, im not going to argue with YOU, cuz i know you luv you some Shannone, but imo, she is crazy and unreasonable..with David, yes, but with others too. The way things have run in their marriage, for whatever reason, it is time to split, be it temporarily or permanently, and that’s just sad.

  6. Sometimes one spouse can push the other spouse into a relationship outside of their marriage. One spouse can be so manic and weird that the other spouse has to seek comfort elsewhere. Usually that spouse is not out seeking to have an affair – they fall into that.

      1. I think he’s trying to push her away and make her crazy . By him destroying her emotionally , he feels justified in cheating on his ” crazy ” wife . Oh poor me look what I have to deal with . My opinion is David you made your bed too bad your wife wasn’t the only one laying in it with you

            1. I’m not sayin shannon is perfect . The woman is intense , kooky and definitely doesn’t let go . But cheating is not the answer

              1. Of course not , I love Shannon but, she’s not perfect I agree . I won’t ever blame her for David cheating though . She’s trying too hard to hold onto something that’s already gone

          1. They both get my sympathy for having to live out loud, even though they chose to, while everyone is watching, dissecting, discussing the demise of their family. I don’t want to watch a car crash, I want to be otherwise entertained. I so wish they would have kept this behind closed doors. It’s just not my business, so yes, I sympathize with them all.

            1. I’ve been saying since last year , they need to EXIT the show . You’re totally spot on, watching a marriage implode in front of our eyes is tragic and is not entertaining by any means. Sad all around . She is misguided in saying that being on the show is helping her her marriage : IT IS NOT ! I want to shake her and slap her sometimes ☹️

          2. I know, I know, I’m here 9 days after the article. Anyway, once a whoro always a WHORO
            ( my WORD for a man-whore, because all the other “men” in their circle think of them as a hero, especially if they don’t get caught, inspired by Jax and his 2 Tom’s in VPR. )
            Shannon reminds me of a match, it takes very little to light her up into a screaming banshee, and a lot of the time it’s in public. I am never saying that that character flaw in her has anything to do with David whoring around. The one she caught him with wasn’t the first or the last, I’d bet my mortgage payment on it. This one that became public is simply the one he got caught with.

  7. Do I need to sign up somewhere for notifications of new stories, or do I just have to check in throughout the day? I thought I had subscribed. Hmmm

  8. I wont curse them and say the will divorce. I am praying they can revive their marriage. It saddens me as they were so happy last year. They can get it back with Gods help. Poor Shannon. Hopefully Lydia can have some compassion for all this suffering and stop adding to her stress and misery

        1. Most definitely they can . I’ve seen that happen before . I guess I was saying that the other person probably doesn’t see it like that though

    1. No, not poor David, not by any means! I abhor cheating! My first marriage was blown up because of cheating. He gets no ez pass here!! ⚘

  9. I hope David has a come to Jesus moment and they get back together. They were great a year ago. Lose the weight Shannon, feel good about yourself and the sexy part will fix itself

  10. They’re both screaming for a divorce. She’s eating her feelings and he’s being turbo dick. He’s done everything short of flat out telling her he can’t stand the sight of her. And she makes it her goal to find at least ten things a day to get butthurt over. Just cut the cord already. Shannon will get her body back and possibly be less annoying and David will slither off into the sunset with a gallon of hair gel and a 20 year old. Everyone’s happy.

  11. Yeah that’s exactly it too. Like, she DOESN’T need his money! Go, woman! Go be free and be a better you. She’s got a great sense of humor, she’s funny, she’s beautiful and she’s got a charmed life. Who needs that turd?

  12. Hi 3 D’s … if you’re a friend of Rain’s, I know you must be a beautiful person. I look forward to our chatting! ⚘

  13. When you’re married to an alcoholic like Shannon it’s less about the marriage than the substance abuse! She’s in denial.. he won’t “out” her and you reach a point where you are numb and you just want to “get out and feel again”! She’s self destructing and it’s like watching a train wreck.. you can’t do anything about it but you can’t take your eyes off of it!

  14. This was all too clear from the very first season Shannon was on.
    Her disrespect, her tongue lashing, her ill-treatment of David was non-stop & that was before she even knew of the affair.
    She drove David away, by her own horrible personality.
    This was going to happen eventually. No one can tolerate this behavior day after day & not feel strangled. David stopped loving her a long time ago. Everytime she made his life miserable, a little piece of his heart closed, now, his whole heart is closed.
    The kids are miserable, they tried so hard too as they were exposed to it all –more’s the pity, now they know that until their sick mom is fixed, the marriage & their family cant be.
    I wish them ALL the best, it’s a sorry state.

    1. Thanks Starr..You are oh so right! I know I sound like a broken record but Shannon’s “issue” is substance abuse! Everyone has to “live the lie” when you are around an alcoholic! She has self medicated because she has no coping mechanisms! She needs confrontation, healing and to be taught those skills by professionals.. this isn’t anything she can do on her own! Unfortunately it may mean hitting the bottom first and both David and those kids right now need protection from her! She’s close to a mental breakdown.. if it hasn’t already happened!

  15. It would seem based on both their behaviors that (sadly) divorce would do them both good. They seem MISERABLE. (she’d drive me bat caca crazy though and he seems as exciting as a wet noodle).

  16. A large part of me believes that the Beador marriage woes are just their shtick; she really has no other story line.

  17. I feel sorry for David, the guy works his butt off so his wife can have enemas, chakra tunnings, aura maintenance, organic toothpaste, gluten-free cosmetics, yoga and a loy of OM….but he gets home all he gets fpr dinner is a bowl of boiled quinoa…

  18. ha! I have been a long time lurker here, but decided to finally cave and create a disqus account. Thanks for the welcome, it’s good to be here.

    1. Welcome TrumpsRolls!! I’m new here too and am enjoying myself immensely!

      Have a wonderful Saturday evening!! Enjoy! ⚘

  19. I don’t even know what under budget is. Too bad I’m not joking . Sounds like everything is going great . Congratulations , weddings can be so stressful

    1. They’re not bashing our girl Shannon too much either. Of all the HWs, don’t you think she’d be the one to read blogs?
      Run Shannon Run,,,,,Grab your kids, Archie, your lemons, and bounce!
      There’s more than feng shui wrong with that house.

      1. We need Sandy back to tell us about their finances, I think she mentioned that Shannon bankrolled him in the beginning.

        1. Hi, I did not say that. Rain said that. All that I know is that David is the president of Beador Construction, a civil engineering/road building company, from what I read anyway, and if that is so, I am certain he is quite wealthy. If Shannon’s family started him out or helped him get contracts, I am unaware, but if so, then that is what got him where he is. Around here, anyone who is major in road construction, building highways and such, is a multimillionaire company. There is a lot of money in road building and quite politically controlled by the government…with some sort of “secret” bids for the jobs…with some companies shining above others a bit too much…but then again I live in NJ…nothing more needs to be said…a state with an unusually high tax burden and home of the ‘fictitious’ show, the Sopranos.
          That was a long answer…not?
          Love ya.

          1. You are a font of useful information, dear lady, never too long an answer for me. I’m just wondering why a couple that seems so obviously disengaged would stay together, I can’t imagine it could be just the children that have been through so much in such a public way.
            His betrayal cut her to the core, and if I remember correctly, the woman he cheated with also tried to initiate a friendship with Shannon during the affair, for David to be silent during that speaks volumes to me.
            I am sad mostly for the children, and wish that Shannon would focus on those lovely girls instead of the negative people that do not seem interested in changing.
            If it’s a financial situation, that can be difficult, but those children are priceless and worthy of better from both parents.
            Just my opinion.

            1. Maybe part of her felt like if she gave up, she would be letting the other woman win…all that she had a part in creating, if that makes sense.
              Maybe she thought David would leave her and marry that stalker. I say stalker since the other woman even tried to get to her…all the while with the motive to steal her husband. That other woman seems like a sociopath, planning out her attack, premeditating, using information she got to take over and get what she wants, another woman’s husband, with no empathy for anyone…a narcissist to the nth degree. Of course David was guilty too, but I know havingnthatnother woman under her nose, Shannon may have gone into protection mode, trying to keep her family intact above all. It is sad for her.

  20. I hope so too, speaking of colonics, I know you are not watching, but I’m not making this up though it’s unreal,
    Vicki and Kelly had colonics and the machine was showing how full of crap they were, you are missing NOTHING.

          1. It’s crazy! They were acting like they were having a facial, waaaaay too much. I’m embarrassed to watch.

    1. WHAT!!! It showed that? If it did, that just proves how low and debased these women have fallen, across the franchises, in order to stay relevant on a TV show! Is this what we signed up for? I’m gradually weaning myself from these shows. I don’t watch the OC or Potomac. I’m already getting tired of Dallas. What’s next, Atlanta?

  21. It happened, I wanted to scratch my eyes out. First Kelly, then Vicks. In front of each other. Conversing with each other, not kidding.
    You know I cannot stop watching until Kelly pushes Vicki into a volcano.

  22. Lydiot is dangerous, I tell you. It’s a matter of time before they ALL figure her out. I’m a believer in the teachings of Jesus, and this girl with her judgements and backstabbing as well as worshiping the almighty dollar? Not to mention trivializing her mother. Me no likey.
    We all fail, I get that, but this girl lives for bs.

  23. She’s very selective in her judgements. Jesus loved everyone, tried to see their good. She ticks me off when she starts with her judgment. Of course I’m judging her now, ha!

  24. She went, all the HWs were dressed up like rockers, Shannon was Brett Michaels, I think Lydiot was trying to look like Slash, but I swear she looked like Harpo Marx, hilarious.

  25. Why am I just now seeing this ? Gross , it really is and it was fully loaded . So I don’t know why she keeps crying that her tank is empty

  26. You are too sweet, my California hottie friend!!! YOU ROCK OUT GIRL!!!

    Love you and I won’t back down!!! (Yes, I know that is a bit of Tom Petty…I love rock and roll…and it was a sad week.)


  27. Yes! I love the parties, vacations, etc. I want to watch and wish I was there…sorta kinda. I am down to BH and NY too. I love them. I did watch a bit of Ladies of London…not the same, but I liked to see the places…and now that is not to return. I am not into New Zealand, etc.
    I want to see them go shopping and buy beautiful clothing and then go to places I will most likely never see in this lifetime and have a blast.
    I totally agree!

  28. Yes, because supervising construction workers, making sure that they do a good job building MacMansons, negociating with banks, fincnacial institutions and worriying about financial and real estate markets is a walk in the park….by the way, if David is eating outside it´s because the food at home s not good either, and I am not talking only about quinoa salads and glutten-free mineral water

    1. From all that I have read, Beador’s company does work for government highway construction, like building highways, ramps, etc, and he is not involved in building homes. They have civil engineers and they are in road construction…and what that entails.

      1. Still, he has to supervise all those people he works his butt off while Shannon gets her chakras tuned, get enemas, and feng-shui her fridge three times a week and pays for a consultant to do that

        1. I know she is nutty as a fruitcake, really, but don’t you think that maybe he married her, knowing she was more than a bit weird? I can’t imagine she just suddenly had a drastic change to the crazy lifestyle with all the alternative medicine, supplements, special diets, enemas, cleanses, feng shui and chakra tuning, etc. I think he met a wealthy girl who was cute and quirky and she fell for him. I am not saying she is easy to live with, but I don’t think David is the best husband either.

          1. Well put ! She didn’t just wake up one day and become intense and eccentric . He was fine with it until he wasn’t

        1. I know nothing about how the business was started, nor how successful it was before David took the reins. You seem to know a lot. Where did you get this information? I just wondered of this was on the net somewhere or if you had firsthand knowledge.

          1. Real Life Friend, (An RHOC Fanatic) has a Brother-in-Law,
            Born and raised in Newport Beach, (Generations from Newport Beach, Old Money) who Wrote Articles in the “Life and Style Genre” (for Several Southern California Magazines, including a few Orange County Magazine Publications)..
            He had either Interviewed the Beador Family (Not David & Shannon) David’s Family for Something or it was Common Knowledge..

            1. I see. Thanks for that information. I believe it. There is a very wealthy family locally here where I live who inherited their father’s very successful road (etc) construction company as well. It is extremely profitable and they each (siblings) live very well.

  29. Sandy!!!
    That is exciting, you must be so proud!
    I remember last year both boys were at a robotics competition, I think in California,but China WOW.
    So glad he will be with friends and coworkers, sorry his brother could not attend. I know you worry, that’s how mothers are, but he is realizing his dreams. What a great accomplishment.
    God bless.

  30. Omg that’s amazing Sandy !!! Congrats to your son ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  31. To be honest , I don’t know. I took the opportunity to go do dishes when that was going on. I could hear them talking though . That was disturbing enough . Plus Vicki said she never poops . I think they did show it but I couldn’t watch

  32. They showed it going into some kind of machine , Kelly commented on Vicki’s, and they discussed it, I’m serious . Sickening.

  33. You are so welcome, honey. I have not even been here a year, I read the blogs for a long time before commenting. This is sometimes a quiet site , especially in summer. You came in at just the right time!
    I love this site because it is a supportive lovely group from various backgrounds that are kind, caring, and compassionate. Some tell their stories, some share snark, some just give their opinion. It’s all good.
    Sometimes I just need a hug, don’t we all? I found that here.
    Bless you.
    Oh, ps, yes sometimes I look on the other site Holy Shizzhat, exactly as you said last weekend, what a turnoff.

  34. I like Shannon. I see her as a wounded soul. In her first few episodes I felt she was harsh with him but after finding out about the affair I could understand her better. I think the reason some viewers dislike her is because they see a little of themselves in her. She is not fake and pretentious like some of the rich women but tries to be “real” in her thoughts and actions. Plus I do believe she is enduring menopause.

    1. just watched a show that says when a woman enters menopause it’s basically for the rest of her life. I believe it …. 16 years so far…. Shannon is of the age she should be in menopause. Weight gain, bitchy, etc. I feel her pain.

  35. I would go outside and stand in the snow in my bare feet when a heat wave would hit. I hated the phrase ”hot flash” so I call mine ”heat waves”……..

  36. ha! Oh I love ‘hell’s bells’. I also love just plain “aww hell” from a ticked off southern woman. There’s something both hilarious and ominous about it. Thank ya 3D’s!

  37. Ha! No problem! Those are my favorites as well and I no longer watch the OC either. Altho, I did get sucked into watching the infamous lunch btw Tamrot and Icky…boring and not worth it! Gosh those women are crass and vile!

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