RHOC Star Shannon Beador Getting a Divorce?

RHOC star Shannon Beador may be headed for divorce again, according to a new report by RadarOnline.

Apparently, Shannon “is just not happy with herself,” an insider said. “She is miserable, and David is miserable.”

“But it really is such a shame because Shannon has been doing all of this work on her appearance in hopes that David will be attracted to her again. But he hasn’t been for a long time.”

On last nights episode Shannon said of her marriage,  “Last year after the island trip, I knew an allegation was put out there about my husband. That stress caused me to eat more, caused me to drink more and is a huge part of why I gained my weight.”

Do you believe that Shannon and David are headed for divorce? Sound off below.

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36 Replies to “RHOC Star Shannon Beador Getting a Divorce?”

  1. i’m going to say not if it’s meant to be. Marriage is tough, people change and sometimes the marriage isn’t right anymore but i think if something is worth fighting for you get up and you fight. Until death us do part- People forget sometimes that they take a vow. I hope that everything works out for Shannon and David.

  2. Sad but there comes a time when you have to admit it’s over. If they are splitting I do hope it’s done in a dignified manner to make sure the kids come thru okay. Divorce does not have to be ugly – all depends on the two parties involved.

      1. Hi my sweet Rain✌️ David is a double douche and Shannon deserves waaay better! Totally agree. She’s a strong courageous Aries woman – a true fighter, whatever she sets her mind to, she will achieve, I believe in her. And I happen to think she’s beautiful just as she is, with more weight doesn’t matter, she’s gorgeous.

        1. Hello gorgeous ❤️❤️.. yes he’s the one weighing her down. She will thrive after him .
          And ITA with you about her weight . She never had any lipo so that’s what NATURAL women that age look like :).

  3. Shannon deserves better, David cheated, now he is distant…there is a guy out there for her, who will love her exactly for who she is.

  4. I think she’s alcoholic and “cra-cra” from her first appearance on the show ! You could tell she was self medicating..david knew it.. the kids knew it..we all knew it! Addiction and self esteem issues driving miss homeopathetic! What a fake!

  5. I don’t believe what Vicki said drove Shannon to drink and gain weight, that is a lame excuse. You control your thoughts and habits. Anyone can be strong, you just have to believe in yourself and push. However, I do feel for her because of what has happened with the cheating, and no one deserves that, but she wants to stay with him so she has to be strong and move on in order for it to get better. Personally I think she should leave him! Maybe she will be less crazy and erratic…maybe even a nicer person. I think she can pull through and get what she wants, she just needs to want it enough.

  6. she made the choice to stay with him after he cheated and I am sure his behavior has her doubt he is being faithful and that is why she is drinking and eating…. kelly called her out that she is a drunk and from what her behaviors I have seen she has the signs of a alcoholic takes 1 to know 1 ….
    I also think Menopause will add to weight gain she is trying to lose weight the natural way and it is not workin. get cool sculpting or sonobello done… it is instant weight loss after treatment you have to sweat the weight away
    exercise, walk after… what I do not get is why is she renting the house they are in ?

  7. I would be looking fr a lawyer if I were David…living with her must be hell, eating quinoa all the time, no WiFi, no this, no that, that holistic paranoia takes its toll on any marriage

  8. David is a coldhearted, mean jerk. Instead of looking at Shannon and placing judgement, why doesn’t he show her support and start exercising with her and help take the pressure off. He appears as though he is simply an ass. Shannon should dump him and focus on herself.

  9. I know people feel David is s fouche for cheating but these things don’t happen in a vacuum, I remember how Shannon cut him down every chance she got too in their first season, I’m not surprised he looked for something from someone else. Truthfully Shannon needs to work on how she treats people before demanding unconditional love. She screams like a rush wife and I find her very calculating, I don’t blame David if he leaves for good, he came back and tried but she just continued to blame him for all their problems and humiliate him publicly without taking any share of the blame

      1. Blaming someone else for cheating is ridiculous . It’s HIS fault . If he’s so unhappy he should fucking leave . Cheating is NOT the answer

        1. Just maybe he cheated because he didn’t want to leave maybe he just wanted to be with someone who treated him with some respect once in awhile

            1. Neither of us know about the marriage pre ochw we don’t know if David tried first, Shannon admitted she was unkind to him and unhappy in the marriage but that doesn’t make him the one who is at fault, I believe it was both their faults and I don’t see Shannon as a receptive or forgiving person so I understand why David looked outside the marriage

          1. Best post goes to Rain…I can’t seem to like or post till I login but there is no login on my tablet but then a random reply posts so I gotta try.

        2. ita agree with u Rain. he could have told her the way he felt and tried to work things out instead of being selfish and cheating on her. he slept w her on their anniversary and then went to go sleep w his mistress same nite! like I said. he’s selfish!!

    1. Well, David might’ve been cheating throughout their marriage and she may have had some inkling about it. That breeds resentment and perhaps that’s why she “cut him down every chance she got.” Who knows…they only do.

    2. My feeling on this…………………………. David made her into a screaming bitc… Sooner he goes the sooner Shannon will get back on track. She’s probably high drama in life which is why she is on the show but a bad marriage can really bring out the crazy in you.

    3. I could not agree more. Blame the whole world except where the true blame lies. She ate & drank her own way into oblivion. She needs help.

    4. she treated him like garbage first season because she found out about the affair. he was cheating before we were even introduced to them on the show.

  10. Appears to me he’s been holding her back and putting her down for a long time. They just don’t seem compatible at all and I agree that those vows are important but being unhappy is bad for the kids too. And why is their such a stygma about being a little overweight. She looks hella better than Lipsa Rinna with her stick body!!!

  11. As the wives are always apt to point out, these shows really just reveal a tiny sliver of their lives. If the premiere episode this week is any indication of how David and Shannon live from day to day…then this is just a big ole ball of misery and something has got to give. I believe in the vow “to death do you part”, but not staying in a situation that is so toxic until it is “the death of YOU”. I feel for her girls. They re exposed to too much and it will leave an imprint on their emotional hard drive in how they interact in relationships when they are grown women. It’s saddening that both Shannon and David don’t appear to be cognizant of that.

    1. Bon Vivant, nice to see you here!
      You speak the truth. Consider the children.
      My biological father was a philanderer, and my mom made certain that everyone in our circle was aware. I felt the shame of that as a child, and dealt with trust issues as a young adult until I recognized their problems did not have to be mine. Just imagine these girls
      dealing with this in such a public way.
      I really like Shannon, and I wish her well. Her weight is the least of her problems, I’m afraid.
      Blessings to her family.

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