RHOC Star Peggy Sulahian Calls Kelly Dodd a Pot-Stirrer

Peggy Sulahian is slamming Kelly Dodd in her blog this week. She reacts to Kelly’s comments about her being confused and not speaking well.

“Oh, the volleyball game. First off, it was not something I was looking forward to because I was not yet completely healed. But I didn’t want to turn down Kelly Dodd’s invitation. The volleyball game turned into yelling match later. Kelly mentioned that I am confused and don’t speak well, perhaps it is because I don’t know what her ploy is? She seems to stir the pot, befriend everyone and say, “I love you all,” but all the while whispering, “you know so and so said such and such.” Exactly what she accused Megan King Edmonds of, huh!

Continually, I am reminded that I don’t know what happened that began this division or the intricacies of their relationships, but I don’t think that if we all sat down, they could clearly define them either. They have piled on so many layers of emotional baggage to this Vicki Gunvalson vs. Tamra Judge fight, that if everyone stepped away, I am sure it would clear itself up. But as stated by others, I don’t think making peace is what Shannon Beador wants. Lydia McLaughlin might be on to something, if Vicki and Tamra reconnect, is Shannon the odd man out?

But you gotta love Lydia. I love how Lydia is the peace maker in our group. But it even backfired on her.

This constant bickering and elementary school behavior just needs to end. Either confront each other and resolve the issues or make a clean cut!”

Next, Peggy has some words for Shannon Beador.

“So why does Shannon yell so much? It’s never about Shannon, but it seems to always end with her. While we were sitting on the table, both Lydia and I noticed Shannon squeezing Kelly’s leg in disapproval. Lydia thought it was about her, but it was actually about me. I chose not to demean her as I don’t know her well enough, but as she seems to be dragging me into her conflicts. As
I said before, it’s like being with children who whisper at the table. It is fairly rude of Kelly to invite me into her home, be sitting at the table with me, and as Shannon admitted, talk about me. She had better realize that she is messing with the wrong person. Her pointing of the finger is going to get her in trouble.”

Peggy is included in the drama on tonight’s episode of RHOC:

What are your thoughts on Peggy?

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  • Daisy

    She needs to jump into one of her many black and white cars and drive away . … far, far away

  • Daisy

    Girl , she’s been here over 20 years and majored in English . I don’t buy the dumb girl act

    • motherall

      She’s been since she was 3….try 40+ years

  • Cin

    yes I do like Peggy! In her subtle way she is pushing buttons….I’m tired of watching the girls screaming at each other.. it starts to turn my stomach.

    • bluebell

      I like that Peggy is not one to back down. She is no push over, she will call you out. I think she is a great addition. I’m tired of the old story lines.

    • motherall

      There is nothing subtle about Peggy…sneaky snarky, yes.

  • Shirley Wilbourn

    Don’t like her approach. (and they say Heather had an holier than thou attitude, really?)
    BUT… I must respect how she handles herself. She just needs to leave everyone else alone before they all gang up on her. And where would her peace-maker friend be? Who knows.

  • DaysofWineandRoses

    All I know is that for all the comics out there in podcast universe doing Peggy impersonations during their show recaps, I am forever grateful – she is the oblivious gift that keeps on giving.

  • Starr

    I really like Lydia, seems she has no patience for spoilt, indulged, petty brats. They behave worse than 7 year old children.
    Lydia is a peacemaker, but it constantly back fires, so I wish she’s just bow out gracefully & not push for peace & harmony so much as it’s not going to happen. It’ll be a miracle if it does.
    Kelly is not the only pot stirrer, they all are.
    Shameful bunch.
    Something MUST be wrong with me, I’m actually feeling sad for Shannon. I’m amazed at me right now. Please Shannon, do not change my mind, please!!!.

  • nikki9letters

    Oh, does Peggy know what a pot stirrer means? I’m surprised because she comes across as very stupid. I commend her on her not wanting to hear all the negativity, but she never acts that way when Vicki complains. so Peggy seems a little 2 faced. Also, why be on a reality show if you are not going to be honest about the issues in your life? Cancer/no cancer.

  • bluebell

    Love Peggy. She says what she means and doesn’t back down. I agree with her 100%, life is 2 short for all the BS.

  • motherall

    Tough talk Peggy. Sorry but money is not intelligence or good manners…can’t buy either so that’s why you have neither. And if you think Lydia is a good person, you’re both dumber than bricks. Vicki is a heathen but you’re worse in a way because you’re all behind their backs or your lack of English skills.

  • motherall

    And idioms….