RHOC Star Peggy Sulahian Breaks Her Silence On Homophobic Allegation and Her Brother

RHOC star Peggy Sulahian opens up in a new interview about being a Housewife and is finally breaking her silence on the rumors about her brother and accusations she is homophobic.

First, Peggy talks about tongue-tied on the show and why she always seems confused.

I understand a big part of the show tends to be the ladies “harping on one another,” but I believe we can do so much more than petty fighting and hashing old arguments. At this point in my life, dealing with death and disease, I believe we can let go of the past and deal with each other as adults. I appreciate that in last week’s episode, Vicki took the advice from others and called Tamra. They have been friends for years. Perhaps they can help others learn how to overcome difficulties in friendships and to grow from mistakes. ​Not sure I was tongue-tied, but at times I did feel a bit overwhelmed with so much action around. I was trying to soak it all in and at times thought twice before I spoke.”

Next, Sulahian addressed the report that her brother claimed she was homophobic.

Peggy said, “We have been estranged for more than 20 years. He was informed of our father’s passing and was present at the funeral. There were many people there to attest to this fact. Regarding the allegations of homophobia, perhaps actions speak louder than words. I am surrounded by people of every race, faith and lifestyle choice​, so the answer is clearly NO.​”

So why did Peggy join the show?

Peggy said, “My hopes were to gain friends and support in this time in need. I underwent a massive surgery and started filming 5 weeks after my double mastectomy. At the same time, I was also dealing with my father’s deteriorating health and later, his passing. Prioritizing him was more important than my health. He did not even know about my situation. After his death, I was scheduled for a double mastectomy right after. You will see in the coming weeks but I was surprised by the ladies lack of support of what I was going through. Most of the ladies have not yet shown any concern, but yet have only interrogated me about my health.”

Why did she get a double-mastectomy?

Peggy said, “I hope to embolden women to take an active role in their health, especially, breast health. I would like to raise awareness for breast cancer and screenings. Nothing is 100% so it is imperative that we get checked regularly and not rely simply on one test or another. I was tested ​for the BRACA gene​ and my tests came back negative,” she told the Huffington Post. “Since my mom had cancer, I was diligent in continuing testing whether by mammogram, thermogram, blood work, etc. During one of my exams, a small mass was detected. It was biopsied and confirmed for cancer. As such, and with fear it would spread quickly, I consulted a few oncologists and determined the best course of action was to treat it aggressively and have a double mastectomy. I was scheduled for implants after a period of healing.”

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Photo Credit: Bravo