Is RHOC Star Meghan King-Edmonds Faking Feuds?

This certainly isn’t the first time we have heard about Housewives faking the drama, but apparently RHOC star Meghan King-Edmonds is being accused of that to stay on the show.

Meghan is accused of taking a “sip of the Tamra Judge kook-aid” in order to stay on the show.

“Meghan will do anything it takes to stay famous,” a RHOC insider said. “She knows that people thought she was a bore in prior seasons and she is right!”

On this week’s episode we saw Meghan going after Vicki Gunvalson by telling Shannon Beador that Vicki is behind the new rumors about David Beador beating Shannon.

“Meghan is trying to start fights with everyone and it is just getting to the point where she has become annoying,” the source told RadarOnline.

“The problem is that no one on the cast really knows who she is actually friends with because she is turning on everyone!”

Do you believe this?

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6 Replies to “Is RHOC Star Meghan King-Edmonds Faking Feuds?”

  1. She sure is stirring the shit lately. Is the $$$ really worth it? I think she knows what she’s doing and it feels calculated. Calling Shannon after talking to Vicki was ridiculous and unnecessary. It doesn’t seem like her personality and there’s no way to justify it.

  2. I think Tamra and Shannon are trying to do whatever they can to take Vicki down. I think they had Meghan ask Vicki to lunch to try and get her to say something about them that they could use against her. Vicki kept telling Meghan that she didn’t want to talk about Tamra and Shannon but she wouldn’t change the subject. I’m sure when she left the lunch she called both of them and repeated everything Vicki said. I think Meghan is Tamra and Shannon’s little puppet.

    1. I don’t think she’s their puppet at all. Meghan is actually very opinionated and sticks to her guns. I think she likes Shannon and Tamra and perhaps she’s just protective of them. But I think she calls people out when it’s appropriate.

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