RHOC Star Lydia McLaughlin Talks what it’s like Filming

RHOC star Lydia McLaughlin is back as a Housewife and she recently spoke about what it is like filming, including the reunion.

“I hate the reunion!” Lydia said. “It is a hard day of work and it is scary and terrifying.”

Lydia then talks about how she is all about positivity and that isn’t really what most reunion offers.

“All the girls are just there and you have to hold — you know, you’re held accountable for all these things that you’ve said and you have to defend yourself,” Lydia explained to RadarOnline. “It’s just a lot of stress and I like rainbows and butterflies and confetti, so I don’t love tearing people to shreds!”

The reunion isn’t the only part of filming that Lydia talks about, she also talks about being nervous for upcoming episodes.

“The cameras follow you around every day for four months and you’re dealing with a lot of women that are very strong and opinionated, and you’re thrown into these situations and sometimes you haven’t slept or sometimes you’ve heard that people have said all of these things and so you’re already really riled up,” Lydia said. “So there’s definitely moments that I wish didn’t happen. There are moments I’m nervous to watch and see what I said.”

“When you get mad in real life you can resolve it and move forward, but with Housewives it kind of lives on forever and you have to relive it,” Lydia added. “So yeah, I’m definitely nervous for several episodes!”

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2 Replies to “RHOC Star Lydia McLaughlin Talks what it’s like Filming”

  1. Thought I was going to like this one but after a few minutes of watching and listening to her, that changed immediately.
    Cannot stop looking at her bug eyes and am so tired (already) of her butting into every situation. Seems she got her boobs done for this return and also think she needs a damn haircut…what is she 12?
    Bye girl !

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