RHOC Star Lydia McLaughlin Responds to Shannon Beador on WWHL

RHOC stars Lydia McLaughlin and Shannon Beador have butted heads a few times this season, but they are still going back in fourth over the leg squeeze incident.

As you may remember, the incident when Lydia accused Shannon of squeezing Tamra Judge’s leg under the table while at Kelly Dodd’s celebration of her impending breast reduction surgery to poke fun at her for getting her own breast augmentation done in the past.

Shannon responded saying that Lydia misunderstood her and she actually squeezed Tamra’s leg because of something that Peggy Sulahian had said. Still, this misunderstanding led to a heated end to the party for Shannon and Lydia, showing us yet another instance of them just not getting along.

Lydia was on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen Monday night and this exact topic came up.

“Nope Lydia. Get it straight. Was squeezing legs about what Peggy said. Had no idea you had a boob job,” Shannon tweeted at Andy Cohen. “U made a big deal from nothing.”

Lydia responded on WWHL saying, “But see, I would disagree, because she’s the one that made a big deal,” Lydia fired back. “If you watch the scene, I’m very, very calm the whole time. She’s the one that’s crying and screaming, correct? So Shannon, you’re the one that made a big deal, not me.”

Lydia added that Shannon “contradicts herself all the time” when she says she wants to avoid drama. “And, P.S., oh it’s supposed to be fine, ‘I wasn’t squeezing the leg on you, Lydia, I’m squeezing the leg about Peggy.’ Oh, OK, that’s fine too,” Lydia added, sarcastically. “But I’m the one overreacting?”

Whose side are you on?

Photo Credit: Bravo