RHOC Star Kelly Dodd Talks About Shannon Beador’s Weight Gain

As we saw on this week’s episode of RHOC, Shannon Beador was having a hard time dealing with her recent weight gain and mentioned it numerous times throughout the episode.

Kelly Dodd was on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen on Monday evening and had some words of support for Shannon.

Kelly said, “I feel for her because we have all been fat at one time or another in our life and we know what it’s like to struggle with weight. I know I have, but she [Shannon] never has.”

What do you think of Kelly’s comments?

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5 Replies to “RHOC Star Kelly Dodd Talks About Shannon Beador’s Weight Gain”

  1. Shannon, you are not THE only one in this country or world to put on weight, there are people far more important than you that have accomplished that as also WEIGHT LOSS, look if you are NOT happy with yourself CHANGE … You have the time and the money SUCK it up, shut your mouth and do something about it don’t just winnin about you are NOT going to get sympathy, you sound like an banning idiot, Nutra system, Jenny Craig, Weight watchers, exercise, take the dog for a walk, Shut your mouth (don’t eat fattening foods) DONT BLAME OTHERS FOR YOUR SHORT COMINGS, be a woman and deal with it.

  2. Sounds like back pedaling. You said what you meant when you said it w/o thinking of backlash. Your true colors were revealed. Who says it’s not reality TV?

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