RHOC Star Kelly Dodd and Husband Michael are in Therapy

If you thought the only RHOC couple having problems were Shannon and David Beador, think again. As we reported, the cops were called to Kelly Dodd’s home multiple times over the summer, and now we can reveal that Kelly and her husband Michael are in therapy to save their marriage.

As this season of RHOC continues we see Kelly calling out her co-star’s marriages, which now seems to be, the “pot calling the kettle black,” according to RadarOnline.

“Kelly and Michael are in couple’s therapy right now and they are really hoping to fix things,” a source said. “Kelly’s on-camera fights with her co-stars are nothing compared to the battles she gets in with Michael at home!”

Are you surprised?

Photo Credit: Bravo


9 Replies to “RHOC Star Kelly Dodd and Husband Michael are in Therapy”

  1. Lol. Always enjoy your comments! Kelly is an entitled Brat who really thinks the grass is greener on the other side(it’s not ask Icky Vicki)! I think she is going to have to figure this out on her own! Sad! Michael seems to be a nice guy.. just older and not set on the party scene like she is (alcohol/loneliness equal an affair waiting to happen.. again)! He’s not going to wait around till she’s gotten it out of her system this time!

  2. Not surprised at all. If only Kelly would be more understanding & loving & not cross examining everything Michael says, maybe therapy stands a chance. I like them both, they just need some severe fine tuning. Good luck to them both.

  3. I just read on another website where Kelly said she wants out of her marriage as soon as possible after it was revealed that police were called to the RHOC star’s home six times in July.

    1. Yes. I read that too. She wants a divorce ASAP and to deal with the financials afterward, stating “We are miserable.” It was from Us weekly.
      I guess maybe the therapist said he or she could not help them or maybe threw them out of the office!

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