RHOC Star Kelly Dodd Announces Divorce From Husband Michael

We recently reported that the police have been called to RHOC star Kelly Dodd’s house multiple times over the summer, and that could have been the last straw for Kelly’s marriage to her husband Michael. Kelly has announced that they are divorcing.

“Our marriage is over,” the RHOC star told The Daily Mail. “I’m out of there! We’ve have problems for years and I’ve had enough. I’m done with our marriage.”

“We aren’t good together,” Kelly explained. “Maybe we’ll better to each other when we are divorced and are friends. But right now we are both miserable and it’s not good for either one of us, let alone our daughter.”

“It’s just a case where two people can’t get along,” Kelly insisted. “It’s best if we went our separate ways and concentrate on our daughter.”

Are you surprised that Kelly and Michael are getting a divorce?

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19 Replies to “RHOC Star Kelly Dodd Announces Divorce From Husband Michael”

  1. Kelly is a spoiled brat who was over indulged by her much older husband! She doesn’t have a clue what real life is all about! She’s just going to have to go down that hard road of drinking, partying and promiscuity to find out that”she’s not all that and a bag of chips”! At 41 years of age she is going to have a much harder time attracting quality men! There are just too many of much younger, thinner hoardes of thirsty beauties that are going to be in competition for the same men she wants! Most men don’t want the “emotional baggage and kids” that go along with an “older woman” and that’s WHAT she is! Michael will have no problem moving on because he’s a nice man!

    1. I think that’s sooooo sad. 41 is young! Even with “baggage”. I’m not a fan of hers, that’s true but I don’t like the thought that she couldn’t find a good person to hopefully, spend the rest of her days with. She’s quite attractive and when she’s not ranting, has a fun loving nature to her. Maybe she should think about fixing herself before venturing out.

      DaysOfWineAndRoses…………………..is that all true about Kelly? Did she find herself in an abusive relationship? That’s so sad. This makes me wonder about her. She’s got a lot of fixing to do!

  2. Hopefully Kelly can be grown up about it and not let her immaturity affect her daughter’s relationship with Michael and do what’s best for the child. However, why do I imagine her bad-mouthing him in front of her daughter in a drunken rage?? Betcha it’s gonna happen

  3. At least on camera, Michael is so sweet to Kelly. In their scenes, she is always picking fights with him, even when he is trying to give her a compliment. Then again, it could simply be the age difference.

  4. now we sit and wait for shannon to leave David. she’ll be happier in the end. she just doesn’t see that now. shannon is unhinged but David doesn’t seem kind or supportive as a husband….oh and he’s a cheater too.

    1. I don’t hold much hope out for them unfortunately. I do wish they could work it out, for the sake of the girls. I feel that they both lack the ability to communicate with each other. He simply doesn’t talk or share and she talks and shares too much and not the right stuff. She goes at him from a place of hurt (which she can’t help of course) so comes across as crazy and so he shuts down. They need marriage help and I hope they’re getting it. Because as much as I am Team Shannon, she’s acting out because I believe the marriage is suffering.

  5. Pity. They’ve had some good scenes this season where you could see that (at the time) they still had an easiness with each other- in spite of their difficulties. Oh well…

  6. I think that they both need alcohol rehab, and maybe then, with a clear head, they can sit down with a therapist/counselor and see if there is any hope of a reconciliation.
    Of course, yes, I can see that divorce proceedings appear to be starting…if all of this is true, however, for some reason, these two have some love/hate relationship that seems to have worked for a while, but I am not saying it was the best. Maybe it was for the makeup sex? I don’t know.
    I think that both of them would not have any hope of having a good relationship with a new partner if they are heavy drinkers, so the grass may not be greener on the other side of the fence for them unless they get the help they need. I would hope they would want to get their acts together for their child’s sake, anyway.

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