RHOC Season Finale: Everybody Confronts Vicki Gunvalson


Monday night was the finale of the Real Housewives of Orange County and we saw Heather Dubrow, Shannon Beador and Tamra Judge finally come face-to-face with Vicki Gunvalson and Kelly Dodd after their trip to Ireland. The women confronted Vicki over her accusations that David Beador had been physical with his wife Shannon and it left viewers with a lot of unanswered questions for next season… how are these women ever going to film together again?

Vicki refused to apologize for alleging that David had been abusive and she continued to say that she “worried” about Shannon.

“I absolutely believe that people are allowed to make mistakes and move on, be forgiven,” Heather told the cameras. “But sometimes relationships aren’t salvageable. Sometimes it is time to part ways with someone. I’ve seen who they both are by this point. People teach you who they are, they’ve taught me, I get it. I’m good.”

Tamra echoed Heather’s thoughts. “I’ve learned that you have people who come into your life for a reason, and people who come into your life for a season,” she confessed. “Sometimes you have to just let people go, you can’t change them. You can only tell them how you feel and hope that they understand that when you hurt somebody, they’re going to walk away. Because I can’t be around it anymore.”

Judge even offered Vicki a second change to apologize after Vicki’s daughter Briana Culberson tried to mend their ten year friendship, but when Vicki kept saying on-camera that she “worried” about Shannon, Tamra walked away for good.

“Vicki, you understand that repeating a rumor is the same as telling it?” Tamra yelled at Vicki. “It’s gossip, it’s not true. You continuously talk about people and it’s got to stop. You’re spreading vicious lies. You’re saying that David beats Shannon. It’s a disgusting, vicious lie.”

Tamra admitted she knew what Vicki was doing, attacking Eddie and David because she felt that was the best way to get back at her former friends for what had happened to Brooks Ayers.

“After everything Vicki’s done to everybody for so many years, she needs to realize her friends don’t want to be her friends anymore,” Tamra said.

Shannon was just as blunt when she confronted Gunvalson, comparing her to the devil. “[Vicki] was never apologetic at all for what she said, neither of them were,” she said. “This was a year of creating friendships that will last a lifetime, and also taking out the garbage … I’m pretty much ready to move on and close this chapter.”

Vicki seemed surprisingly okay with how things ended. “I did my very very best to say ‘I apologize, I’m sorry for anything I put you girls through,’” Gunvalson said. “I thought we were kind of at a place where we could move forward, but this group of women have shown their true colors this year. And I’m tired of people trying to accuse me of wrong doings.”

“I’m in a good place in my personal life and I don’t want conflict with these ladies,” Vicki continued. “I’m done, it’s time to move on … There was a time in my life where I did worry about Shannon. But at this point, I don’t want to be around toxic, blood-sucking, life-sucking people anymore.”

What did you think of the season finale?

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  1. Just watching this clip you can see Vicki has no soul. She shows no emotion and talks like
    she’s on cocaine. Time to put this whole crew out , especially this tired lying soul

    1. No soul? On cocaine? Pretty deep accusations although I admit I might have used that “no soul” one myself once lol. But I didn’t feel good about it because if you believe in the Creator you believe we all have a soul – a redeemable one at that despite certain assertions we’ve heard lately in the news. I have never heard anyone accuse V of being on cocaine though. Is there gossip out there about that?

      1. Any human being who participates in a cancer lie, has no soul . And as for the cocaine, I’ll leave that up to you to decide

        1. She chose to believe a liar whom she happened to love. She didn’t create the lie and I am not sure why you are being unfriendly when I was not towards you. You are the one who brought up cocaine and it seemed quite random as if there was actual traction about it and I had never heard that assertion before which us why I asked.

          1. I’m not being unfriendly, it’s just the way I write. I didn’t mean for you to feel this way

            But Vicki lied about going to chemo with him, lied about keeping his medical records in folders, lied about having to call dr Dubrow and so on and so on. She didn’t simple believe him, she actively created lies with him and for him .

            1. You should all collectively email Nikki and demand he be removed. I said he was issuing threats few days ago but then ReamSandy rushed to defend him. Now even you are seeing this as a threat then you should report it. Rain means well but not everybody can play nice on a blog

              1. I’ve done my part, who’s next? This is not ok anymore. I’m going to leave this site it’s not what I’m interested in dealing with anymore.

                  1. All anyone has to do is find the Policy Comment on the site here and fill out the info. Or just directly mail to the site name, Allthingsrealhousewives. I’m discouraged but not out yet.

                  1. YES Aunt Bee 3D is one of the most just and responsibly minded women here and doesn’t suffer fools. Neither does Real Sandy. God bless her she tried. This to me is very sad. Sad because everyone here gave this poser the benefit of the doubt and went way beyond the call of fairness. This poser unfortunately isn’t interested in anyone else here – they’re interested in their own game and enjoy preying on others psyches and get a kick out of thinking they’re in control of things. If this person had an agenda with someone in particular, I think it would’ve played itself out by now. I think it’s a random poser with a very twisted sense of self, in other words a narcissist. That’s plain to me, and you cannot reason with them. Kindness doesn’t work, reason doesn’t work. They simply want to disrupt and control it. We’re all mice to him, her, whomever. Nikki will do what’s right.

                    1. Thank you all for your support. As you all know I am mostly housebound and this blog means the world to me. Deepest gratitude.

                    2. Thank you ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ I feel so bad that this happened but when we unite , good things happen xoxoxo

                    3. I am glad he’s gone. I raised the alarm days ago when I thought his posts were threatening, but I got pushback and was painted as the bad guy and he was being defended. Not trying to say I told you so, but I had good intentions . Thank you M M

                    4. Maybe it was Heather…at least you described her to a t when describing this poster. Glad they’re gone. We all totally disagree with each other sometimes but attacking someone for having a different viewpoint is unacceptable.

        2. Sorry dear Rain but this guy is over the top and what he says definitely sound like threats. He doesn’t scare me because he reminds me of .that Jim Marchese from NJ. I just wish he would leave us alone. He is messing up a nice blog and a great group of friends.

          1. Im so sorry Aunt Bee ❤️❤️❤️❤️This really hurts my heart . You didn’t deserve that. I guess I foolishly thought that we can reach a state of harmony . I feel I tried my best. Again I’m sorry that you had to endure this . We come here to have fun and not argue. I had to google that word because I didn’t know what it meant and I still don’t understand the context. Let’s all deal with this together and share our concerns ❤️❤️❤️❤️

            1. Please Rain don’t apologiz. You were right and you did your best. We need your voice of reason. That’s why we love you.❌⭕️❌⭕️

            2. You’re not foolish Rain. You’re a very loving sweet and fair minded woman who cares. You tried, Real Sandy tried. And HWLOVER was only trying to help out. There’s no rhyme or reasoning with trolls. None.

              1. I’m glad we fought for our group and managed to protect it. That was unreal and the threat of a law suit is really taking it to the next level! Love rules ❤️❤️❤️❤️

                1. You ladies are bad ass . I so badly wanted to say something but because I accidentally posted my email the other day I was afraid to . I didn’t want some nut job contacting me personally . Now that he is banned can he come back with a new name ? Aunt Bee sweetie I hope your ok and I’m sorry I didn’t come to your defense . I sincerely hope that you understand with the email and all . I love you all my heroes

                  1. Daisy usually if someone is banned their IP address is banned but if anyone sees anything else just contact Nicki, it happened to me earlier on this year with another poster and they are gone.

                2. Daisy usually if someone is banned their IP address is banned but if anyone sees anything else just contact Nikki it happened to me earlier on this year with another poster and they are gone!
                  This will eventually appear twice as the first time I spelt Nikki’s name the right way so it has gone into moderation. Xoxoxoxoxoxo❤️❤️❤️❤️

                  1. I think you’re right Suze ❤️❤️❤️❤️
                    Let’s all watch out for each other from now on and in case someone else tries any funny business , we have Nikki’s email handy . What happened was scary and uncalled for

                3. What….a lawsuit? I guess I missed a few posts. That person is nuts. Way to go group of blogger friends. I was telling my husband last night that you told me about election anxiety. Sure enough on the news was a report about it. We’re a group of nice friendly people who enjoy a bit of gossip and have some fun. No need for negativity and insults. A lawsuit? For real? What the…(I couldn’t resist).

                  1. Yes that was traumatic ❤️❤️❤️❤️ But as long as we watch out for each other , we should be fine. People come on here and think we are mean or whatever but time and time again, turns out they are the mean ones .
                    I hope your election anxiety is a bit better sweetheart xoxoxo

              2. Nothing else to do except don’t feed the troll. Stay since living well is the best revenge and continue to enjoy each other. And eat lots of hot buttery popcorn….which I shouldn’t be eating but I’m enjoying immensely.

                1. lol eat lots of buttery popcorn…that’s the truth Justmedoubledeb! I ate my share today whew. We are bad dad’s aren’t we Daisy!? All of us. I’m so glad to call you all my friends I’m so glad I found this site and all you amazing ladies and guys. All is well that ends well. Now. What about that election coming up.? heehee

                  1. I feel the same Miss M. It’s such a shame that some people want to destroy this wonderful place and make it just like all of the other ones

                    1. Feel the same way too my lovely ladies ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Lord knows we tried REALLY hard with this one

            3. Well, Ladies, I missed the entire thing. I wish I wouldn’t have, because I have learned so, so much here, about way more than housewives. I’ve learned a better way to speak to strangers, a better way to describe my opinion, though I won’t back down from my opinion, I have learned a more diplomatic way to write about it. People come on once in a while who just plow in and insult the real ladies on this site. It rarely lasts more than a few days, Because our honorable owner N***y, ( I don’t want to go into moderation ) doesn’t allow that on her Blog, I am happy to say. The one thing about me though, is that I still wish I could have seen whatever it was you are all speaking of. I have never backed down from confrontation, and I lose my diplomacy when others are stupid or cruel, or personally insult my friends here. Or anyone here that posts in a respectful way, whether I disagree with them on every single point or HW. I guess it’s a human condition I own to vent when people are ignorant and abusive, I just go after them, and I enjoy that, a good argument always calms me down, isn’t that awful? I know my faults, sometimes I allow those faults a little free reign, like that one!! Love you all for the really kind words here for me all the time. This is a wonderful place, and whenever some idiot comes here and a regular or a newbie says they won’t write here anymore because of it, now that pisses me off and I don’t stop myself. 🙂 🙂 🙂

              1. I wish you had seen the whole thing 3Ds I would have loved your take on it. He/she/ it was so annoying. Maybe our moderator removed Ace’s posts. But we are back being our nice group of friends who have widely differing opinions but respect all.

                1. Was it A. O. posts? The newbie? I found the ridiculous assertion that some kind of legal action could be used against the cyber bullying…….as if you cyber bullied anyone, ever. You are a true lady, and anyone who thinks otherwise is either reading something that isn’t there, or…………………….? I saw a few questionable things, but nothing more than is common occasionally. Certainly nothing to be worried over. I read down a couple times and saw nothing but a little trash and speculation from a few. Take care ❤️

                  1. He threatened somebody before me. . I forgot who but the whole thing was so ridiculous. Both Sandy and Rain tried to explain that we had a nice group and he would be welcome if he would quit attacking members but he kept on. Others also tried to help but it was useless.

              1. Ah well..if nothing else I learned a new word today…doxxing..who knew what the hell that even meant. lol. I think it was Gigicat’s post about finding out he/she’s real name, but I think that was meant to be toungue and cheek, not a real threat. That’s what set that person off, but instead of saying..hey, are you threatening me? They sounded exactly like Jim Marchese’s rant after that first responders party on RHNJ. lol.

                    1. Suze I’m not sure what that is but it sounds like a delicious pastry . Don’t worry about what others say . I was called a old lady yesterday

                    2. I have to say I prefer strumpet! As it’s more fun, nicer being a loose lady than an old lady and If you are old what am I? Ancient? Xoxoxoxox

                  1. “Strumpet” sounds like a lady in 1800’s England who frequently went to “court” for the Queen. And, who dressed nicely and had several suitors. Otherwise, as far as it meaning anything in today’s world????? Someone who is dating? But, again, I missed the entire thing here yesterday as I was peeling apples for 2 1/2 hours for Apple Pie, then making dinner, doing dishes, blah, blah, blah. I loved cooking for 40 years, now I don’t since my injury. I used to make a great beef stu, my ribs with garlic bread were the BEST, my chicken soup, cornbread, biscuits, all home made were the kind of thing I made my family while they were growing up. Hot cereal, french toast with fresh fruit, scrambled eggs with toast for breakfast before school takes 5 minutes, no matter which shift I was working. I miss enjoying it if you know what I mean. I have tried to make myself do it until I enjoy it again, but no luck yet. I make a few nice meals here and there, but the joy is gone. Both my girls are great cooks, much more gourmet than I ever was, but then they don’t have children. Maybe my love of cooking would have returned if I had been blessed with a Grandchild. Anyway, God, I digress.
                    Love all you ladies. ❤️

                    1. A strumpet is a naughty lady, a loose lady or in other words one who spreads her favours around for gentlemen! Xoxoxoxoxoxo

          2. Uuuhhh not sure where you got the lawsuit thang.

            Looks like what dude was saying he was about to call the cops or the feds. Thats what you do when you get doxed or stalked on the net.

            Folks that feel threatened by cops are usually up to no good.

            Thats my take.

    1. Can’t stand the three of them.. Tamra admits to crabs on tv and is the biggest hypocrite of them all with the backstabbing.. Heather thinks that she is above everyone-hate her-it’s not only Jeff Lewis that can’t stand her, Shannon can’t forgive for something that didn’t effect her life-.. -get over yourself Shannon and start dressing like a woman of your age and not a 70 year old.. get rid of these 3.. they suck.. the viewers don’t like them

    2. So true. And since David did plead guilty to domestic violence he did at least beat her at one time so why is what Vicki said such a stretch? Again, this was not a secret that Vicki brought to the group, it was public knowledge. Does anyone really believe that the two “Miss Google Everythings” (Meghan & Tamra) didn’t know already about David’s abusive history and discussed it? All this persecution of Vicki is a contrivance for a storyline and that makes Tamra, Shannon and Heather disingenuous harpies. Mrs. Roper anyone?

  2. How can these woman scream and screech that something is a lie when it’s public record? I’m disgusted by all of them and done watching. I quit RHOA, now this one…and I hear how Lips Rinna and Crylene are coming back to RHBH so I guess I’m out. Deuces

  3. Something very unusual happened to me tonight.

    Heather Dubrow made me lol. Hard.

    When she said to Vicki, “Dooont’t. Mooove.”, she sounded like she was channeling the voice of Kylo Ren with his helmet on.

    That was pretty much the highlight of the finale for me.

  4. First of all, David never “beat” Shannon. They got into a fight and it got heated. She called the cops and pressed charges. He is NOT a wife-beater so for that lying old sack of plastic faced, wrinkled-necked, I’m going to control my children forever and let’s pretend I did nothing wrong POS Vicki, to say this, it is inexcusable. She is a liar, she has fought with everyone since the first season. She worships money, she mocks Jesus, she misquotes the Bible, the screams at everyone and she shows zero remorse. She is a sociopath. I hope she gets canned but since Andy loves this kind of BS, she won’t. The other women need to quit. Let that lying old sack of plastic faced, wrinkled-necked, I”m going to control my children forever and let’s pretend I did nothing wrong POS Vicki find a new cast to use, abuse, terrorize, lie to and scream at. I’m done. Over and out. Oh, and take that buck-toothed, cheating old, filthy-mouthed, gutter-slime Kelly with you. The two of them make my skin crawl.

    1. Tremendous fan of your honestly and wit . You nailed it. In the trailer for the reunion , you see Andy in their dressing rooms, basically egging the women on. Shameful.

    2. GIGICAT you’d be proudof me! I stuck to my guns and did not watch ! Baby steps, right? 🙂 but your comment is 100% what I would’ve said xoxo

  5. David Beador pled guilty to two counts of battery. Under oath. Before a judge. With not one, but 3 DAs prosecuting the case. David Beador admitted he “willfully and intentionally used force and violence” against Shannon. He was ordered to perform community and attend mandatory classes for batterers.

    When Shannon alleges she was not beaten and Vicki is lying about the abuse, she is in essence also alleging The Superior Court of California – Orange County is lying and David perjured himself when he pled guilty.

    With that said, David Beador is the one who should be in the hot seat for this. IMO.

    Fact: the case began in 4.3.03 and ended in 4.26.06.

    2 0 02/16/2003 240 PC M Assault
    Plea 04/26/2006
    1 0 02/16/2003 243(e)(1) PC M Battery

    “People often use the phrase “assault & battery.” But, in fact, California assault and California battery are two distinct crimes.

    California assault law, Penal Code 240, defines an assault as an attempt to use force or violence on someone else.3 Battery, on the other hand, is the actual use of force or violence on someone else.4”

    Source: https://ocapps.occourts.org/Vision_PublicNS/Case.do#formAnchor


      1. Ace, I’m aware of the research you did but I happen to know the story. I live here and our friends are most, if not all, LE. He did not “beat” her. He shoved her. There is a big difference between shoving someone and beating someone. Brooks shoved Vicki up against a wall and held her there by her neck. This, according to Brianna. So again… beating someone and shoving someone are two very different things. And P.S. Just because you read it on a 20 second search through some highly suspect records doesn’t make it true. I know where you saw this, I know about the records and I know what it says. You are allowed to feel however you want, but you aren’t going to redefine the words “shoving” and “beating”.

        1. Ahhhh….he didn’t beat her, he just shoved her? Well then, that’s just peachy and completely acceptable! He laid hands on her in a violent manner and that is what matters and minimizing any violence is NOT a great example for their daughters. JMO

          1. GIGICAT wasn’t minimizing anything, it’s a matter of perspective. Nobody is defending David!! What he did was wrong but there is a difference between shoving someone in anger and actually beating them down , Rihanna/Chris Brown style. I’ve thrown shoes at my husband several times before in anger (he’s too tall, I couldn’t slap him) so I guess he could’ve called the cops. Not proud but it happened….Again , NOBODY Is making light of violence

        2. The “suspect” websites you refer to are the The Superior Court of California – Orange County website and FindLaw. FindLaw is a highly respected research tool used by those who practice law; i.e Judges, Attorneys, and Paralegas.

          Of course, you are entitled to refer to those sources as “suspect” if you want to. I support your opimion.

          I didn”t conduct a “20 second search”.

          I wrote my research took about *20 minutes*. Tops.

        3. The “suspect” websites you refer to are the The Superior Court of California – Orange County website and FindLaw. FindLaw is a highly respected research tool used by those who practice law; i.e Judges, Attorneys, and Paralegas.

          Of course, you are entitled to refer to those sources as “suspect” if you want to. I support your opimion.

          I didn”t conduct a “20 second search”.

          I wrote my research took about *20 minutes*. Tops.

          Sorry about the double post again.

        4. I didn”t use the word shove.

          I did write the word “beat” or “beaten”. I can ‘t remember which.

          However, beat, shove, smack, slap, etc. – it’s all the same to me.

          BTW, yesterday was the last day of Domestic Violence Awareness Month,

    1. I have to agree. It sucks that this had to be talked about on the show in this way, but it’s disappointing that she’s pretending like it didn’t happen. From what I understand there were two previous incident reported, but never came to fruition before this one. In my opinion, there’s absolutely no excuse to use force or violence or put your hands on any woman “in the heat of an argument”. I don’t care what she said or ranted about.

      She can forgive him, but I’d leave his ass with a stump the moment he raised his hand to me. David has a track record of ugly behavior and it’s disgusting that Vicki gossiped about it. But don’t come on TV with skeletons in your closet. Especially Bravo.

      1. Especially calling Vicki a friend. Good heavens…the OG keeps her job by being messy. Tamara is on the other side of the tracks with the same amount of messiness. Eck. I don’t like these oc gals. I miss BH, NY, and ATL.

        1. Atlanta? Wow, I can not watch that show. Talk about screeching women. I had to quit, because it got to where I couldn’t understand anything any of them said, ever. They get together and start speaking in some dialect unknown to my ears, different than when they are speaking to camera or anyone else. It is weird, and I like only Phaedra, even though she is more guilty of this changing dialect thing than anyone. The rest of them make me sick or bore me to death. Phaedra’s kids are such dolls, though, and I do like to see them. But, if you enjoy it, that is what makes us all unique human beings. I will look forward to your commentary when Atl. starts again. That can be where I get my info on how the ladies are doing. 🙂

  6. In all seriousness Ace… you have entirely way too much time on your hands to personally research the records and spell out what you think he did wrong. Boy they seems to have the best relationship on any of the HW shows I read about. She needs to get out of that TOXIC environment.

    1. Correction: I spelled out what the Superior Court of California – Orange County said David Beador did wrong.

      I am touched you worry about how I spend my time, but the research into the pubicly available criminal records and the research into California’s definition of assault and battery took about 20 minutes. Tops.

      Take care.

      1. Agreed. And I’ve seen it published on many a blogs. It’s there if you look. Ace has an opinion and likes to back it up with info. I respect that. I respect everyone’s opinion and I don’t want all of us to be rude or mean to each other again because our opinions differ from each other. I may disagree with one of you guys about this, but totally be on the same page about NJ. It happens and it’s why I keep coming back. Let’s not drag it down a negative slope again because someone voices their opinion different than another does.
        Play nice yall!
        Oh, and I’m gonna find out what we are having soon! Keep yall posted. Thanks for keeping me up laughing and entertained on these uncomfortable nights. ❤

        1. He does have an opinion for sure but as soon as anybody responds to him with a push back, he reverts to snark and mean comments . In other posts , he has IMO , written threatening comments.

          1. It’s not nice. And honestly, when I see people respond with negativity to me or others… I don’t even bother to respond anymore to the ugliness. It makes it worse. I hate to see it go in that direction, but for some reason with OC…it has been lately and it’s been nasty. I’m just hoping we can get beyond it. There’s some threads I just see and don’t bother participating because it gets so harsh and mean.

            I miss a reasonable amount of snark, a heap of sassy opinion, and a lot of laughter. OC has seemed to sucked it out lately and I can’t wait for it to end. I don’t mind to agree to disagree, but it seems like it just drones on and on and gets meaner and meaner.

            1. Agreed. We are on the same page. Funny and humorous snark is ok but mean spirited comments are not. If you watch certain people’s responses you see what I’m talking about

            2. Geminigirl thank you for trying to be the voice of reason ❤️❤️❤️ You’re such a doll. You and I often disagree but we are always civil and we have a laugh , right? We have an amazing blog here and lovely group of (mostly) women here . I would hate for this to devolve because of a silly cock fight between men with uncontrollable egos, regardless of how valid their points are. This need to be RIGHT and the need to have the last word is absurd and pathological. It’s just a silly HW show for heavens sake . I hope they feel that passionately about voting or what’s going on in their communities. I am NOT taking sides because I disagree with the TONE of both sides. You can make a point and argue it without being smug or a jerk . You do get more with the honey , you know !!!

              PLEASE stop the petty arguing and whoever is involved in this (you know who you are) , you owe us the commitment that you won’t ruin this blog for us , because some of us may disagree with you . We come here to have a little fun and have a laugh. This is not CNN or PBS . And stop acting like your smarter than everybody else , it’s only differing opinions and opinions are like a**holes!! And there is no award for the bitchiest comment or the meanest come back. You won’t receive a Literature Noble Prize for a harsh atrocious post or a zinger. So please STOP. And there is honor is being MAN ENOUGH to not engage and just walk away. It doesn’t make you weak, it makes you an adult .
              Xoxoxo ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

              1. Rain, I am assuming you’re talking about me . I’m sorry those several interactions were so unpleasant and I am definitely man enough to walk away but good luck with the other guy. I respect you and I like your posts. Your humility and self depracartion is admirable . I have shamelessly stolen lines from you and posted them on social media —- Forgive me? But I’ve also seen your posts stolen word for word and posted on other sites days after you posted them here. That’s a compliment I guess. I’m not here to make friends but I’m not a jerk or smug , as you put it . I’ll try and restrain myself

                1. Wow’!!! That’s not what I was expecting lol. I thought you would open fire on me . I appreciate what you said and I hope we can all have fun here. The women on this site are my friends and they are all amazing and lovely women so i will always feel protective if I feel they are being slighted. Sometimes things get out of hand , I know, I’ve done so myself . However, somebody has to be the bigger man/woman for the sake of the rest of the group . If winning an arguement in a housewife forum is SO IMPORTANT to someone, I would suggest that person get a life or a hobby 🙂 I hope all our lives have more depth and meaning than that.

                  As for ‘stealing ‘ what I said or whatever, I expect a check in the mail 🙂
                  So thank your for agreeing to play nice with us in this peaceful sandbox xoxo

                2. You sound very nice and reasonable actually HWLOVER and I agree, Rain is the bomb isn’t she? She has big boobies to boot 😉 *teehee*

              2. SHIT Rain..if there is no award for being the bitchiest, I’m just going to give up now!!! lol..hehe..(ver good post by the way), but I’m disappointed that any bitchy witt that I try for is not even up for nomination.

            3. Geminigirl, I know what you mean. I think that HWNJ can get ugly as well, but when a thread is not going in a direction that I like, I just don’t comment. It’s better than coming on just to tell someone their opinion is stupid. lol. I will admit that when someone comes on these blogs and writes something very nasty about a commenter, I almost get a laugh out of it. 1. Because they are doing exactly what they accuse the commenter of doing about a housewife. 2. I almost want to sit back and eat popcorn watching the other posters go after that troll. There are no wallflowers on this site that cry over the trolls, there is usually a big hit back.

              1. Freedom and that’s what I actually did the other night with the tennis ball match – I was actually eating out of my economy size Smartfood popcorn bag watching Jersey housewives while watching on here. They were both equally entertaining. But because I’m a lover not a hater I cringed as well. My philosophy is to stay out of a disagreement between 2 people let them expend their energy, don’t get involved. It’s life, hey whatta r u gonna do can’t dance the boogaloo…

                1. LOVE smartfood popcorn. lol. I couldn’t stay awake Sunday night so I watched the DVR Monday morning WHILE EATING POPCORN..haha. No lie, that just occurred to me. Anyway, I was so disturbed by what I watched on the housewives, that I decided to switch to a less depressing genre and enjoyed horror movies the rest of the day..gotta LOVE Halloween.

                  1. Freedom I gave a popcorn addiction really. In fact I got a flake of one of those hulls in my eyeball once I had to go to the doctor and get it taken out. And three weeks ago I ate so much I got it lodged under my new implant and made it loose. I’m dangerous with the stuff I gotta slow down .

                    1. You had a piece of popcorn lodged in your boobs???????? lol. I knew what you meant. I have to keep an extra napkin available to pull out kernels when I eat it. I have to admit, that Chris Laurita’s little kernel popcorn idea sounded good to me. They claim there are no kernels. but I don’t know how that can be. Like you, I have a popcorn addiction as well 😀

                    2. Freedomgirl, I have just woken up and this was my first comment I read, as I also have them I’m guessing Miss M meant implants in her mouth! Popcorn is the bane of mine as well! I may well be wrong as I said I am still sleepy! It has made me laugh xoxoxoxoxxo

                    3. Susie❤️ I did get a popcorn kernel lodged under my implant #4. It bugged me for weeks even went to dentist but nothing to be done because he doesn’t think it’s loose enough and doesn’t want to pull on it and damage it. But it’s worked it’s way out by now. And I had to go to an eye doctor way back in the 80’s from getting a hull stuck in my cornea. 🙁

                    4. Wowsa…who knew popcorn could be so dangerous. I figured it was just dangerous to my waistline but I will have watch out for the perils of eating it. lol. I don’t get to the movies that much, but if I do, there is no way I can get through it without having a bit vat of movie popcorn with it 😀

                    5. I have done same myself! It’s so uncomfortable! Re reading freedomgirl I see she was joking about stuck in your boob! I did say I had just woken up! I have been asleep most of the afternoon it was heaven! Implants, teeth are brilliant but it does curtail some foods! My dentist gave me a list but I lost it on purpose! Xoxoxoxoxox

                    6. Lol you lost your list on purpose…Suze….lol❤️ I’m so glad you had a great nap, I’m feeling wicked sleepy today myself but I have a lot of chores I’m running around doing while I post when I can. Did you know I’m usually multitasking a handful of things while I’m posting? I’ve baked many a pie with doughy hands shouting posts into the iPhone among other tasks I’d rather not mention. 😮 😉

                    7. I know you guys wouldn’t want to support whacko Jacko, but I’m going to try and find that popcorn that supposedly doesn’t have kernels, and report back to you..If it can just save one tooth, eye, or boob…it will have done it’s job. lol.

                    8. You gals are making me hungry for a nice bowl of butter covered microwave popcorn. The 3 p’s are the death of me and my weight problem: pizza, popcorn and potato chips. Yummmm

                    9. I’d love to come over for a visit Aunt Bee and bring my own hot buttered popped corn to share with you! We’d have so much fun talking and munching. ♥️♥️♥️

                    10. Miss M. I would love to visit with you but I would rather go to New England and see the beautiful fall foliage on my way to your home. But, for sure, we would have fun. God Bless❤️❤️❤️❤️

                    11. So Freedom that popcorn has no kernels ? Wow I think I would try it to see for myself. Rain(bow) I just threw out a banana cream pie I made yesterday because my pie crust sucked! If the crust is no good then out it goes. I’ll make you a new one, what kind baby doll?! ♥️♥️♥️

                    12. You sweet lovely lady Bee♥️ And Bee? Don’t worry about posers and trolls on the site, it’s not worth your time. It’s being taken care of. 😉

          2. Oh I know, I agree about this. Maybe if we had he/she’s real name we could run a background check on he/she?? Have a little look-see? And not those scant records that are released to the public? But the real ones that only LE have access too?? Or go talk to family members/friends? See what they tell us? Ahhhh, glass houses and all..

            1. “Oh I know, I agree about this. Maybe if we had he/she’s real name we could run a background check on he/she?? Have a little look-see? And not those scant records that are released to the public? But the real ones that only LE have access too?? Or go talk to family members/friends? See what they tell us? Ahhhh, glass houses and all..”

              I just want to make sure I understand your post correctly.

              Are you seriously advocating for doxxing me?

              If so, have you shared your plans with you LE friends?

              Also, how do you know with certainty the violence which took place between the Beadors can be characterized as a “shove”?

              1. Ace , can we please not escalate everthing ? Sometimes people will say things you don’t like and it’s ok to not go tit for tat. I am asking you to kindly consider helping all of us keeping this site calm and friendly. I appreciate it .

                1. I understand, appreciate, support, and agree with you post.

                  However, *if* GIGICAT is attempting to get a doxxing campaign going, it is GIGICAT who is escalating the situation, not me.

                  *If*, that is the plan, I will put a stop to it using every *legal* means necessary if I have to.

                    1. And yout next wave of trolling begins. Right on schedule.

                      Read the post again.

                      Doxxing is against the law. Look it up. Scratch that. You know doxxing is against the law.

                      Physical and digital stalking are also against the law. You know that too.

                      To quote my own post: “I will put a stop to it using every *legal* means necessary if I have to.”

                      Your behavior has steadily escalated. You have now placed yourself in alarming territory. Control yourself *before* you hurt someone or yourself.

                    2. Sorry Ace I didn’t know “doxxing” was against the law because I don’t even know what “doxxing” means but I am sure you will be happy to tell me. You won’t have to worry about hearing from me again. I will be taking Rain’s wise advice.

                  1. HWLOVER, cut this SHIT out NOW!!! I thought we agreed we would play nice. Do NOT call Ace names!!

                    And Ace, don’t feel the need to respond to everyone (e.g. GIGICAT) who disagrees with you. As you spend time on this site , you will make friends and get to know people . It’s ok if someone disagrees with you , just let it go . Not everybody has an agenda to get you , some people just express themselves differently . LET IT GO

                    Both of you Please try and not make waves and get along with people .

                    1. Rain,

                      I understand and appreciate why you have interceded.

                      You are a nice, good person. Because you are a nice, good person, I don’t want to see you get sucked into this.

                      Real Sandy inadvertently got sucked into this situation the other day and hasn’t been back here since.

                      What I am trying to say is – Save Yourself.

                      Don’t get sidetracked by what is taking place between myself and a small minority of other posters. Keep writing the posts people so much enjoy reading here.


                    2. Thank you Ace ! I’m not worried about being sucked in . I want you to get along with people and when you disagree with them or they disagree with you, you just shrug it off and move on
                      There are posters here that I agree with on OC , but disagree strongly when it comes to RHOBH , so my point is that even people that you are not getting along with now, you may get along with , on another show. I don’t take comments personally or internalize what someone says when they disagree with me. I believe most people mean well (including you ) but just want to express their view. Just disregard the comments that are contrary to your belief
                      Again if you , HWLOVER and everybody else can manage to get along with others and think of this as just a fun exchange of ideas about a tv show , that would be great .

                      Let’s all have fun and be kind

                    3. I have just come-up with a most excellent defense for myself.

                      This time, my legal research did actually take 20 seconds.

                      Here it is:

                      I’m the puppet and *everone else* is the Master.

                      Therefore, nothing is ever my fault. Taking responsibility is for some sucker who isn’t a puppet.

                      I’m brilliant.

              2. I cant tell if your really banned. I hope not.

                I just started writing my thoughts here today so I hope I dont get in trouble for writing you and writing this.

                Theres a line from an old school song that says some people are made alive to bring you down and shame your name. Its ashame you had to learn that here on a blog about crazy women with more money then sense.

                I feel you.

                You got up and stood up for yourself without going low down and dirty.

                You sure showed those some people.

                Be proud!

                1. You have no idea how much I appreciate your kind words. I will never forget your kindness.

                  Your words have really helped me.

                  Thank you so much.

            1. Ace_Orion, did you used go by the handle Sidewinder before because you remind me of him 🙂
              No harm no foul here sincerely just inquiring.

        2. Thanks for saying that–Geminigirl. I don’t even want to comment on this subject any longer, as when I posted something I read (on another site, by the OWNER, mind you) about the details, someone I’ve never even seen on here before, got REALLY nasty and insulting, accusing me of spreading idle “gossip.” You seem like a very nice, level-headed person. Nice to meet you.

          1. Geminigirl is the real deal.

            I’m sorry you were insulted and treated badly previously. I hope your experiences here vastly improve.

            Please continue to participate.

  7. I got a giggle with Tamra calling out Vicki for talking about people…pot meet kettle. The trio were in attack mode again and they’re all shocked when Vicki leaves. Well, why would she stay and why do you want her to. And one question….please….what business is any of it to Heather Dubrow? I agree with Meghan…they should all be ashamed of what they are role modeling to their children. EVERY SINGLE ONE! And Tamra winning that contest…joke! She looked great but couldn’t hold a candle to the chick standing next to her, regardless of how great her surgeon is.

    1. Heather is the worse out of all of them to me. I’m hoping one season they all turn on her and she gets her just desserts. She’s a nasty piece of work.

      1. She is a master manipulated but so is Meghan. WTF is she doing with that douche bag. It’s so obvious he doesn’t care for her or want a child. She needs to ditch his butt and make her own life.

    2. ITA! Can’t stand Tamra, Heather, or Shannon. I hope they get fired; they are so boring. They think they can get Vicki to leave & take over the show, but it won’t work. People don’t care about their boring story lines.

  8. Good Morning All! I didn’t watch this and I won’t. I’m done with OC again. I watched this year after finding this blog and posting with so many great people. I don’t have friends that act this way and I’m sure neither do any of you. This is not entertainment nor escapism. It’s become a very sad social experiment. It also makes woman look like we can’t get along with one another and that’s the farthest from the truth. I’ll watch BH just so I can see my girl Erika. And, of course, I have to blog with all my fellow bloggees (is that a word).

    Something to ponder…this site has been a bit tempermental. Are we all experiencing election anxiety…and dear goodness…I’m not making any political statement!!

    Peace and love all day and every day 🙂

      1. I’m not going to watch the reunion either. I need all my brain cells. I hope all is well in San Fran today. I’m in Boston, bright sunny day, but…brrrr….frost on the pumpkins.

        1. Yes not watching reunion either. I feel dirty watching this show now , which is funny considering what I did in the 70s LOLOLOLOLOL! Andy is atrocious and led this show down the gutter . He encourages bad behavior and these women are ready to oblige

          Sf is good and says hi ❤️ ! Stay warm in Boston xoxo

    1. Yes What The, I totally agree. I DO believe the election has negatively charged the atmosphere and is affecting many with the uglies. For sure.

    2. It’s touchy because there are many of us who have or are dealing with cancer either directly or with family members so that lying sack of silicone Vicki makes our skin crawl. Kelly is beyond anything that resembles a human being and she makes us sick as well, not to mention she just loves(d) Vicki. This is why this blog is VERY black and white. No gray areas. This cast needs to go. All of them.

    3. You might be on to something – I believe the US is a little ‘tempermental” (misspell on purpose) right now!! No political statement here either, cause it’s not the place, IMO. We’ve seen an increase in ER over last couple of weeks. Sad.

      1. Wow, really. That is sad. I know my anxiety has been through the roof, but I attribute that to menopause. And, hearing grown ass woman bully, insult, back stab and lie on national TV doesn’t help. Done with this show.

        1. I’m sorry What The! The election anxiety is actually a THING now. So much divisiveness and ugliness ❤️❤️❤️

          1. Really! I didn’t know that, Rain. Okay, that makes me feel a bit better. Honestly, I have been so negative lately and that’s not me at all. I don’t have a nice thing to say about anything. I hate everything. I’m the one who will cry over a commercial. Now, I just don’t give a F***. Yes, way too much divisiveness and ugliness. Maybe that’s why this show has become too much also. Thanks for all the kind words.

            1. Kt and What The, it’ll all be over one way or another next week ❤️❤️❤️ But yes it’s been intense – there is a lack of inspiration and an uplifting message xoxo. I did some phone banking this week and it felt real good afterwards

        2. Sometimes, hearing grown ass women bitch can be a good release! But, yes we are seeing more anxiety and panic attacks as of late. Sad and scary!

  9. Love the posts especially Gigicat and Rain. But am I the only one who heard Vicki say to Tamra when Tamra was telling Icki they were no longer friends then Vicki yelled “then leave MY show.” I have heard her call it her show more than once and I don’t want to watch anything with Icki Gunvalson in it. She is a lying old hag and I have been watching HER show for years I am finally happy to see her get her due.

    1. I heard her Aunt Bea. And I thought to myself, you don’t own the show Vicki. My Lord she’s a megalomaniac

      1. I heard it also and my first thought was “Andy, SAY SOMETHING!” So that explains it all. This lying POS thinks it’s “her” show. Dear God, get rid of her. Once and for all. Take her skanky face off tv screens forever.

  10. What The, so you’re from Beantown ?! one of our very favorite places we travel to frequently. You’re like in our backyard. You’re definitely a friend of mine. Go Boston Strong❤️

    1. Yes, I was born and grew up in Medford, which is 5 miles north of the city. It’s a nice city that is so historical and very walkable. May I suggest, the next time you visit, look up at all the buildings. The architecture is stunning. Enjoy all your visits. Boston Strong!!

      1. Oh you know it! I think I’ve been to most of the best town and cities in Mass, it’s our stomping ground and we go to the cape most every year and usually stop in town on our way through. The architecture is amazing. The Big Dig was fun huh? 😉

        1. Oh, what joy. It’s great now. Do try to walk the whole Greenway, which was where the elevated highway used to be. It’s beautiful, parks, fountains, food trucks, flowers, concerts, everything. I’m glad you love MA. The Cape is great.

          1. We have a real strong history with your town. First off my older sister went to BU in the 60’s, so I have memories as young as 5 of taking her to school first the stopping on the cape for a couple days to enjoy the ocean and Pilgrims Rock. Then in high school my first fun trip to the cape at 17 with the girls to Falmouth Heights! Woohoo frat boys;)
            Then weekends there in college cause you know RI and Ma are super close. My mom used to go to Bedford routinely to do her buying for our gift shop. My best friend was from Randolph and we use to party in Boston all the time, my sister used to live 1/2 hr away in Salem Nh and we used to go in to town on a whim, I could go on I’m rambling but the whole northeast coast is our playground. Have u been to Vt I can’t remember if you said. ♥️

  11. I fell asleep, but just reading the above comments it is clear it was the same as all the other crazy episodes, so I apparently missed nothing. What I’m at a loss about is who’s been attacking who on this blog? another nasty that crept in? Someone, anyone, explain? Thanks.

    1. I’ve just woken up to it Starr and messages about it too. Anyone threatens Aunt Bee is in trouble on this site! Love you ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️✨✨✨

        1. I hope you’re feeling better today Aunt Bee ❤️❤️❤️❤️Xoxo. That was scary and just very very strange . We all love you xoxo

              1. Wow…ladies, I’m so sorry you all had to go through all of this, but so glad you took care of him/her/it!!! I can understand how people might feel intimidated by the friendships here – I know I have when I go away for long spells and come back. Although, I’m always welcomed back with open arms (ahhhh great song…so I come to you with Open Arms)! I don’t always agree with everyone and we can agree to disagree. Anyway, ladies and gentlemen, hang on BH is around the corner ;0)

                  1. Morning, Rain! How are YOU? I did! I’m a little out of my scheduled pattern but it’s all good! The weather here has been wonderful, gotta get in a few more rides! XOXO

                    1. We had much needed heavy rain this weekend but nice weather now . I’ll be better when this friggin election is over 🙂 ❤️❤️❤️

                    2. OOOO nice!!!! Yes, me too! I have cousins that are going at – cousins – come on man! But it’s quite funny at the same time.

                1. I missed most of it too! I am sorry to hear of you being busier during election time, though. I had not heard of that particular thing. I had, of course, heard of Holiday depression for some people etc., but not election. Take care, I know you do wonderful work, as I have told you before, I have a very high opinion of you and your profession. We aren’t, any of us here, going to allow someone come in with cruelty and spoil this wonderful place. 🙂

          1. Thank you Rain. I am fine. Just can’t understand why certain folk like to cause trouble. I kind of feel sorry for him/her. Just grateful for the sweet friends I have here. ❌⭕️

            1. I’m afraid we will never know the answer to that Aunt Bee. The internet created a new breed of people and has made intraction quite challenging! But yes , we have each other here ❤️❤️❤️

              1. Your comment is quite is very perceptive for someone who just recently learned the definition of “doxxing”. A couple of days ago, I wrote an email to someone which quoted a scholar who is not well known beyond certain circles. The quote basically echoed the insight you offered in your post:

                “With the demise of the conventional home telephone and rise of the Internet, there emerged a new breed of psychopath whose twisted, sadistic fantasies would still find conduit through which to incite annoyance, fear, loathing, and hostility as a means of excitement. The psychopathology and social dysfunction that inspires scatalogia obviously predated the landline telephone, and it now also postdates it, with pre-attack behaviour consisting of obscene and threatening language having now been transplanted into a digital milieu that still allows this same type of anonymous, cowardly, and remote harassment and intimidation to continue unabated, and yet also strangely tolerated.”

                “The rise of the Internet ‘troll’, a psychopath and scatalogist by definition, and a deviant who epitomizes the worst of social media and the open-source modularity of the Internet in general, has simply changed the medium through which this preparatory paraphilia is now finding an outlet. The coinage ‘troll’, as a truncation of ‘troller’, of course describes someone who for self-gratification, self-entertainment, or a sense of empowerment, provokes confrontations and heckles insults, profanity, and threats from the safety of an online pseudonym, and generally sabotages otherwise innocuous and peaceful online profiles through the hypertext approximation of an obscene or harassing phone call. Trolls can typically be found lurking in any open-access forum, such as newspaper or chat room comment boards, but are typically indigenous to social media like Facebook and YouTube where user groups and channels respectively are targeted for harassment and humiliation that is typically unprovoked, and very much emblematic of the same features that defined unwanted, perverse, and paraphilic communication (and attachment) by telephone in years past.”

                1. Oh hark. And then there are those who have yet to learn this word and I quote for you as I know how much you doth love a little self indulgence;

                  A lot of so-called journalism today is literary masturbation where, instead of researching a subject and writing an informed and stimulating article, the writer has a wank-fest of verbal indulgence expressing their personal opinion. This is forgiveable in the very young who may be playing with language and style and have lived so shortly their lack of experience absolves them from such a waste of words. You have to make mistakes to learn. The real damage occurs when this behaviour lasts past college!

                  He’s too lazy to engage with the subject so he just lays back and verbosely self-indulges – it’s a shame, really, because he can string sentences together well; if only they had content.

  12. Apparently if heretofore we had not been acquainted with the word “Doxxing”, and it’s definition, we are not capable of being perceptive. It’s similar to speaking in a vacuum, IMO.
    It’s heartening that we really are friends here.
    Then, to know that someone will come in now and then and describe, for us, the meaning of life, tell us which of us are “good”, apply certain long standing psychiatric evaluations to us all as if our medical chart was laid out before them, well, good luck to them….. 🙂 🙂 🙂
    Remember the doctor of Psychiatry anyone? A good laugh is always in order, that mightn’t have been funny had I seen what was said to you, Aunt Bee. Maybe that is all for the best that I missed it. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❌⭕️☮

  13. Yes my dear friend 3D, it is best you missed it. Because I pity the poor poor fool who would come in between your sense of indignation and your mental firing range. 😉 I know for a fact nobody wants to mess with that.

    1. I just noticed that Ace reponded to you today at :9:38 am on this thread, if you scroll up. He must be using a new IP address . Just FYI

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