RHOC Season 12 Trailer, Info and Cast Photos

The Real Housewives of Orange County are set to return in July on Bravo and things are going to be  incredibly dramatic as the ladies kick off season 12. We have the return of a Housewife from the past and a new Housewife that marks the 100th ‘Wife we’ve met since the beginning of the franchise.

Vicki Gunvalson, Tamra Judge, Shannon Beador, Meghan King Edmonds and Kelly Dodd are joined by Lydia McLaughlin, who we met in season 8, and newcomer Peggy Sulahian.

Peggy isn’t afraid to flaunt her love for pricey jewels and fast rides. But it’s not just Peggy’s cars that are making noise, as none of the ladies are holding back this year. There is plenty of drama to go around and lots of allegations being thrown around: “We have a new puppet master,” Kelly Dodd shares about one of her cast mates.

Vicki Gunvalson is still enjoying life with her boyfriend, Steve Lodge, while also getting to spend more time with her daughter, Briana, and her grandkids since their move back to the O.C., but you can always count on her tumultuous friendship with Tamra Judge for drama.

Tamra’s commitment to her faith grows even stronger as she spends more and more time with Lydia McLaughlin, who hopes to mend Tamra and Vicki’s broken friendship.

Meghan King Edmonds is adjusting to new life as a mom after welcoming her daughter, Aspen King Edmonds, into her life last November. And, Shannon Beador is dealing with the stress of trying to get back into shape while also keeping the spark going in her marriage and caring for her new dog, Archie.

Kelly is still dealing with her complicated marriage to Michael while trying to forge stronger relationships with Tamra and Shannon.

Check out the cast photos below:

Shannon Beador
Kelly Dodd
Meghan King Edmonds
Peggy Sulahian
Lydia McLaughlin
Tamra Judge
Vicki Gunvalson

Gretchen Rossi also makes a surprise appearance in the trailer below.

RHOC season 12 premieres Monday, July 10 at 9/8c

Photo Credit: Bravo


24 Replies to “RHOC Season 12 Trailer, Info and Cast Photos”

  1. I applaud Shannon for showing her stomach and being honest with her weight gain. And I’m sure she’s not blaming Vicki and it’s another bravo editing trick. I adore Shannon , always will ❤️❤️❤️, she’s the real deal

    Meghan grew on me and is one of my favs on that show

    Kelly still looks drunk and deranged . Vicki looks like a ho who barely survived Fleet Week . 2 hateful wicked witches of the West

    Oh barf! Why why why is Lydia team Vicki ??
    Gretchen is as loyal as a snake . Now she’s Vickis friend ?? Wasn’t it Gretchen who spread the rumors about Vicki having threesomes etc etc ??? She’s thirsty AF with her slimy bf or fiancé or whatever he is. So now Gretchen is staring the Eddie is gay rumor ???? Lame lame lame

    Vicki and Kelly and Gretchen is just too much Kunti-ness (!) for this to be remotely enjoyable

    1. Love you, Rain.
      It might be VERY enjoyable, Jack and I will be watching for you, praying for a throwdown.
      Lordy, we need some excitement in this franchise, not the same recycled trash they’ve been trying to feed us lately.

      1. Hey, Sunshine! You’re here too, how wonderful. I have missed you, and the other posters who make a part of my day interesting and fun. I do so enjoy a lively discussion of the events on the show. It becomes less about the actual show and more about the circumstances they face and their reaction to them as we see them in our own lives, IMO. I’ve narrowed it down to NY, BH and NJ now, but I always tape the first few episodes to see if a season might be worth watching. Atlanta wasn’t, but I watched the reunion. What a s***-show. Geeze. I am surprised Lydia is back, she had a tough time on her season. The ugliness really wore on her, poor thing. She is used to a lollypop world, and I admire her for making her life what she wants it to be. It isn’t necessary to allow even the worst events to enter our soul and allow them to take up residence. I like her Mom a lot, too. What a beautiful lady. I also hope Lydia lays off of her Mom about the pot. She somehow feels a little pot the same as too many drinks. It isn’t, Lydia should realize that a few tokes is like a few sips of a drink. I understand her not wanting it in front of her children, she has the right to make that call, but she needs to accept her Mom and what her Mom does to relax and feel at peace with the world. Would she rather she was on a bunch of chemical anti-depressnts I wonder? It’s FINALLY legal now too, so I hoe she literally shuts up about it.

        1. I always LOVE seeing your thoughtful comments, 3D,s! You have such a capacity for insight, and articulate your thoughts in such a concise way. It is WONDERFUL to see friends posting, certainly has been a dry spell, you and the others are like a balm for my soul.
          How is your garden growing? I have a small bit of green, and it took me 5 hours today to mow and trim and tend my plants. It’s just so satisfying, isn’t it?
          Are your hands still recuperating?
          Is your beautiful dove still around?
          Hope to hear from you soon, dear, dear, lady.

      2. I’m placing my bets on the new girl Peggy to throw a monkey wrench into the group dynamic. It appears that they’ve brought on a wife who has as much money as Heather, but is a firebomb who won’t demur from conflict.

    2. It is SO good to see your name here, Rain. I am missing something – was it Wretched that started and continues with the rumor that Eddie is Gay? I have never seen a man who is less gay than Eddie, so I have no clue where that rumor comes from. If he was gay, he would have a gay relationship or marriage. He isn’t in the closet, and Tamra isn’t his beard, FGSakes. What a ridiculous notion. I really do wonder who thinks this stuff up. I have always been a Tamra fan. I know a lot of folks can’t stand her, and that they believe her faith is fake. I believe those who have the most tortured souls and make the most outward mistakes are the ones who need the most faith in whatever their spiritual belief is. And forgiveness along with acceptance. Who in this world can say they are without flaws? NO ONE. We are seeing 23 hours ( prox ) out of the 8,760 hours in the year. And, those have been whittled down to the most heightened, adrenaline filled scenes with the most prolonged provocation from everyone around.
      I always liked Lydia, especially at the reunion when she shut fancy pants down no matter what Heather said about the entire magazine cover debacle. I hope she grew a thicker skin to be anywhere close to the evil that radiates off of Kelly.
      Responding with cruelty when angered or simply annoyed is something that something important is deeply missing inside a person. And, if she and Viki haven’t mastered acceptance of others and the understanding of kindness & the niceties of society yet, they have a damn slim chance of it now at their age. I wouldn’t have lunch with one of them much less be near them even for the kind of money they make. The notoriety not withstanding.
      I am very happy for Megan now that she has Aspen. She wanted a child very much, and now she is a Mom. I hope her and Jim work through all of the challenges of marriage & raising a child, because the joy far, far exceeds the doubt and difficulty. My 32nd Wedding Anniversary is coming in July, so I am speaking from an educated point of view.
      I might tape the season and see just how much ugliness is in it, I can only stand so much before I turn away for my personal safety. 🙂

      1. So good to see you too 3Ds ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️… I do indeed know you’re a tamra fan 🙂 I kinda feel neutral about her , so I’ve never disliked her more have I loved her . I do believe Tamra has found her inner faith , and I trust her motives . Shannon still is the ONE for me LOL, even though last year she did do a fowl thing or 2 but I think she’s always real and her heart is in the right place . But she’s also the one that eveybody likes to kick around which makes me mad . I hope this newbie girl doesn’t start abusing Shannon too .

        Regarding the eddy gay rumors , I think Vicki and trashy Gretchen are the ones starting the rumor based on what I read on other blogs. Isn’t it funny how Gretchen always knows ‘somebody’ who slept with who and who ???? I also read somewhere that Vicki says she has a voicerecording of tamra giving someone a blwojob !!!!!!! How ??? But we know no lie is beneath Vicki and apparently Tamra is going to be the punching bag this season .

        I can’t get over how gross Kelly looks in this trailer . Trashy and cheap, and that mouth is still spewing garbage
        Love you 3Ds and lovely to see you here again ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

        1. I’m still quite shocked they brought kelly back. From what I saw in the trailer, I have a feeling they’re gonna push a Kelly redemption so far up our ass it’s gonna come out our mouths. Looks like it’s gonna be a season where tamra and this new girl are gonna get it hard. I think it’s funny that rumors tried to push so hard that Lydia was team Vicki but it seems to me she is going to be a true neutral this season which we really need. I’m looking forward to seeing how this shakes out and I hope Lydia’s reputation isn’t ruined for me

          1. Jack ❤️❤️❤️… how’s your summer ? Are you teaching summer school ??
            I don’t know if demons can be redeemed so that’s a fat chance in hell for Kelly 🙂 there’s more of a chance of Kelly Conway saying something smart than Kelly redeeming herself LOL
            I agree with you and hope that lovely Lydia doesn’t sully her good name by being team Vicki
            Lovely to hear for you xoxox

  2. Happy to see Lydia back. Love Meghan. Tamra gives me nightmares. Shannon is annoying. Vick/Kellyi – we always watch the crazies!

    1. Hi Cin, how are you?
      Lydia and Meghan look so cute in their pics. Like them both, too. I like Shannon a lot, she can be fun and funny. I think she just had a lot on her plate with David, and Vicki sure didn’t help.
      I’m praying Tamra takes down the Vicki Kelly alliance.
      Take good care, hope your fur baby is still doing well.

    2. Hi, Cin. Wow, this article brought a few great regulars here, I am so happy to see you. I know we need a little crazy, just not the kind Kelly and Viki bring, that being the ugly kind… 🙂

        1. I was so happy to see some posting as well! I love this site. I was even thinking about posting on another one, which would NEVER compare, and then here you are!
          Are you moving to a new city? Are you happy for a fresh start? Hope so.

          1. staying here for a year and then moving south next year. Absolutely love the idea of a fresh start – no extra stuff hanging around. I’m amazed what I have thrown out or to charity or to friends…. lol.

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