RHOC Season 12 Reunion Secrets

I have to admit, this season of RHOC was dull. However, these reunion secrets we are about to share with you do seem pretty interesting.

So, who is likely not going to return next season and who “begged” for her co-stars forgiveness?

The seating chart for the reunion was revealed and fans have been speculating whether or not Peggy Sulahian and Lydia McLaughlin will return for another season.

Reunion seating chart

The reunion started off pleasant. “All the ladies asked each other for forgiveness,” an insider shared, adding that one of the most shocking secrets revealed during the taping is that Shannon and David Beador are separated.

Shannon admitted that she has made major mistakes in her friendships and in her marriage. “Shannon broke down and apologized for sticking up for David after she revealed they were divorcing,” the insider shared.

The source also told RadarOnline that Kelly Dodd opened up about her divorce from her husband Michael.

Vicki Gunvalson managed to have an easier season this year compared to most, especially after making amends with Tamra Judge. But that didn’t stop her from telling Peggy Sulahian how she felt. “Vicki pretty much let Peggy know she is done with the show!” the source added.

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Kisses with Andy 💋

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What are your thoughts on this season of RHOC?

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38 Replies to “RHOC Season 12 Reunion Secrets”

  1. “Vicki pretty much let Peggy know she is done with the show!” the source added.

    Who’s done with the show, Peggy? Vicki? From her lips to God’s ears, let it be both of them.

    1. That’s what I’m wondering. That sentence is worded pretty poorly. My guess is Vicki told Peggy that Peggy is done with the show since Vicki has stated she’d stay with the show until it ends.

      1. Sadly, that’s how I took it. Although I wouldn’t mind if Peggy left, I would hate for Vicki to have that power and Vicki is the one who really needs to get her cancer scamming self off the show.

      2. I’ve read other articles that everyone wants Peggy fired. I think Vicki said that because she knows if everyone wants her gone then she’ll be fired.

      1. Ha ha ha I’ve also thought the same. I think she thinks that saying balls makes her cool and not so pious. I’m a catholic and no less “Christian” than she is but I love my cuss words. The “F” word by far is the most versatile. I know I know I know…….”if you have to resort to cussing, you’ve lost the argument”…….bite me!

  2. Someone please tell Kelly and VIcky to put those thangs away….! Tamara’s hair is cute shorter, Shannon looks great – a classy look. Peggy – can’t get past the hair. When does the reunion air?

    1. Reunion is next week!! Peggy is awful and Diko is so unattractive, I literally dry up everytime he comes on screen
      Hated Meghan party dress and I still think Kelly is missing a clinical diagnosis

  3. In my opinion: there’s a couple of these ladies who are starting to look ridiculous ..Vicki and Tamra very predictable and boring – time to replace these ladies. Kelly – puzzles me beyond…. Lydia – I like her spunk this season and love her Mom who I think should have more face time on the show. Peggy – another one who puzzles me but needs another year .. Meghan gives us refreshing moments with the new baby. Shannon – omg.

  4. I wonder if Peggy brushed the back of her hair. I wonder why Peggy never brushes the back of her hair. I wonder if Peggy knows she has hair on the back of her head. I wonder if Peggy knows how bad the back of her head always looks.

  5. Those women look unnatural, I don’t get why they love that washed-up porno actress look….I guess it must be a an OC thing

  6. Shrieki would look better with a bag over her fugly face!!! She gets the award for “Most Hideous House Hag”.
    Apparently, Vickileaks forgot that she made a promise to Petty when they first met, “If you have any trouble with the women, tell me & I’ll protect you.” Did that mean VG could toss Petty off the show? For what reason? Petty stuck up for her throughout the season.

  7. a reduction…wow…! I’m just jelly truth be told – but hey when I’m 90 mine will still be pretty much right where they are…well, but so will theirs with all the silicone.

  8. I have friends who have gone the implant route and regret it, others who love it! (Can you imagine senior living facilities is 40 years all these women walking around with boobs still all perky…LMAO!!!) They are not for me. I believe less foreign objects in the body, the better. I’ve had friends who have had reductions are very happy with the results. My take on life – live the best YOU you can, don’t keep with anyone else but YOU. I guess that’s why I don’t fit any mold but my own?!

  9. As a Paramedic, I have felt my fair share of implants, nothing natural about them. And it’s all in their head that ‘they feel so real’ nooo honey, I don’t have two bricks on my chest. I haven’t done any botox – not saying I won’t just haven’t felt the need. Ha – the lady from Something about Mary just came into my head…

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