RHOC Season 11 Mid-Season Trailer


In this preview for the rest of this season of the Real Housewives of Orange County, there’s still plenty of drama to come from the women.

From more problems with Kelly Dodd’s marriage, where she even refers to her husband Michael as a “drunk,” a cast trip to Ireland, and more fighting where Kelly calls Tamra a “god d*mn liar,” and says, no wonder her daughter doesn’t talk to her, to an epic showdown between the ladies and Vicki Gunvalson, the drama is definitely not over.

Check out what’s still to come this season on the RHOC.

Photo Credit: Bravo

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People have abused kelly for being crazy

But trashama can get 3cm from someones face and screams f*** you
Hypocritical is her middle name “you speak rumors about people and don’t care who you hurt” That sounds like you trashama

I’m not a fan of kelly but if she gets fired for her behaviour then so should trashama

Wow.. Gee sounds like like Crazy Phyco Kelly kind of comment. News flash Shaw, people don’t accuse her of anything. She has already showed her ass to the entire world and their opinion is she is Bat Shit Crazy.

So agree Amy she is bat shit crazy! Bravo are ruining these shows by bringing people like her on and keeping Liarface as well. Xoxoxox

oh please I’m not crazy that’s my opinion. So newsflash go away

Oh geez, more ‘drunk’ drama from Kelly the hyena and her weirdo husband??? How original
And Tamra , what were you expecting cozying up to Vicky and the hyena!????

They are going to Ireland ? My mother land will never be the same

Poor poor Ireland, just glad they aren’t in Scotland! As for their Irish dancing? Really?
Kelly should be kicked off but Andy is probably rubbing his hands together in glee.
It’s such a trashy programme this season more than ever, well except last with Vicki lying.

And Tamra! She’s unhinged as well.

Shaw. Agree. Hello! She is 1/8″ away from Vicki’ s face screaming.

I was just about to say the same exact thing Daisy…they don’t deserve to visit such a magical place, as they will fight and bitch their way through it and appreciate nothing. lol

Disgusting isn’t it. They’re handed a trip of a lifetime and don’t appreciate it at all….. Yes I’m jealous

This is a shit show from start to finish. Don’t these women see they are a LAUGHING STOCK to us viewers?

Well put GIGICAT, my sentiments exactly. I have not seen next week’s episode yet, so I cant comment on what’s right & what’s not–yet. It is awful though that ALL housewives makes a down-right mess of every good trip they go on.

Shit show indeed . I haven’t been able to watch one single episode from start to finish

omg.. there is no longer movement in Tamra’s face….

You can’t tell if she’s really upset


Kelly has taken over as the Queen of Crying and I loved the scene where Michael says his mom was the only one who believed Crooks had cancer. Icky has a lot of nerve making a commercial about cancer insurance. That POS should bury her head in the sand. She has no integrity and no morals.

Hi everybody♥️

What in hell is going on with Tamara?! Is she having an attack of some kind??? cheese whizzz 😮

Miss Monpenny. Looks like she got ahold of some ” Boot leg Botox.”

LOL bootleg Botox good one!

Miss Moneypenny. Thank u.

You just know they will spend the entire trip complaining about how not-like-home everything is

WTH?! So much for ” Christian Tamara.” Not only is her screaming in Vicki’ s face un Christian like, its very unlady like. Oops, had a brain drain, forgot it was Tamara. Never been a lady.

Agree. They will perpetuate the ” American” stereotype. Loud, brash, obnoxious, entitled. Thanks OC ladies.