RHOC Recap: Vicki Gunvalson and Tamra Judge Come Face-to-Face

RHOC star Vicki Gunvalson has been known to spread rumors about her co-stars over the years and more specifically Tamra Judge and Shannon Beador have been the victim of Vicki’s brutal rumors recently.

Monday’s episode saw Vicki finally get confronted about the rumors at a going away party for Kelly Dodd’s 32G breasts, yes you read that right.

On one side of the problem you have Vicki, who invited Tamra’s former best friend Ricky Santana, along with former Housewives stars Gretchen Rossi and Lizzie Rovsek over for her birthday, where they continued to talk about rumors that Tamra’s husband Eddie is gay.

“I saw him making out with a guy. Making out with tongue,” Ricky said during last week’s episode.

Then, you have Shannon who has been the victim of Vicki’s rumors over the years and more recently Vicki doubling down on saying that Shannon’s husband David Beador “beat the sh*t out of [Shannon]” during their marriage.

“I have text messages and pictures!” Vicki has said.

On the other side you do have Vicki, who has vowed to go after Shannon and Tamra for not being a good friend to her in the past.

As you can imagine the argument didn’t go very well, as most Housewive’s arguments don’t. It certainly didn’t help that fellow Housewife Lydia McLaughlin was focused on getting Tamra and Vicki to talk to each other.

“She wants to live in her brain that Vicki’s out to get her. Guess what? She’s out of my brain — I don’t even think of her,” Vicki said, barking back at boyfriend Steve Lodge who suggested his girlfriend was “constantly consumed” with Tamra. “I don’t want conflict with her. It doesn’t get resolved. She wants to not like me!”

Tamra had originally agreed to meet with Vicki, but that was before Tamra learned of the “shiest sh*t” that happened at Vicki’s birthday party. “I don’t want to be hurt anymore from her,” Tamra said to Shannon.

“She’s just an evil person. It has to stop,” Shannon, who was against it, said. “This woman has to stop attacking her. There is no chance that Vicki and Tamra will come out of this meeting with any sort of neutral position, because Tamra’s done with it.”

Lydia kept on pressing that Vicki and Tamra speak to each other, and finally the two Housewives came face to face.

“I didn’t have anything to do with Ricky. He wasn’t even on my list and you know that,” Vicki screeched. “Can’t people just get along? I texted you, I had hoped we would meet for coffee this week and do tequila and then all of a sudden, I get this litany of stuff. I did not invite Ricky to my party! He’s not on my list. You know my heart. I would never do that! I had nothing to do with this rumor!”
Tamra replied in a calm voice saying, “I don’t know your heart.”

“Oh bullsh*t, Tamra. I don’t know your heart then! You’ve been out there to hurt me for three years,” Vicki continued to yell. “You have conquered and divided my entire group of friends. Almost cost me my life and my business because you called me a con woman. I don’t want to go backwards! I did not invite Ricky to my party. It was never about you at my party. I didn’t even think of you!”

“I’m tired of you calling me a victim, I’m tired of you putting sh*t out there to all my friends,” Vicki added. “Don’t act like a victim, Tamra.”

Vicki’s screaming could be heard by Shannon who made her way over to the situation.

“I’m not going to stand here as I hear Vicki scream at her,” Shannon explained. “She is my friend and she would do this for me. If Kelly’s standing there, I’m going to stand next to my friend.”

But that sure didn’t calm Vicki down.

“I’m fed up with the mean girl sh*t,” Vicki said. “I am tired of you trying to take me down. You put it out there that I’m a liar!”

“You lied about cancer,” both Tamra and Shannon said to Vicki.

“I didn’t lie. Someone lied to me. I didn’t. I didn’t lie, I was lied to,” Vicki said, before threatening, “You bring it up again, I’m going ballistic.”

Both Shannon and Tamra brought it up again and Vicki kept her word on going ballistic.

“You are a liar that your husband beat you,” Vicki screamed at Shannon as Tamra was walking out of the room. “You lied! I got the proof. You want me to go there? You lied. You got a bad husband.”

Shannon wasn’t falling for it this time. “You know what Vicki? You have not been a part of my life for two years. And you know what’s amazing, you don’t affect me anymore,” Shannon said, walking away.

With the women walking away from each other you see Shannon walking to Tamra, “She is so f*cking delusional,” Shannon said. “You’re not going to get upset by her anymore and I’m not either. She’s absolutely f*cking sick in the head.”

Vicki on the other hand is still unhappy. “I’m tired of them calling me a liar on this damn f*cking cancer scam. I wasn’t in on a scam! I’m part of an ethics committee. I don’t lie,” Vicki said. “[Shannon]’s calling me a liar? She’s the one that lied!”

“I gotta go,” Vicki said as she was leaving Kelly’s house. “You can’t fix stupid anymore. These girls are crazy. I’m out.”

What did you think of this week’s episode?

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16 Replies to “RHOC Recap: Vicki Gunvalson and Tamra Judge Come Face-to-Face”

  1. I agree she looks like a total fool and does she think that we’re not watching? She did lie about cancer she said she did it for sympathy so what the hell? Bravo even showed a clip.

  2. This is insanity!!!! These women behave like little kids. Tit for tat. What a waste of time. Look around, see what the world is going through, it’s beyond tough, yet they thrive on the petty & empty always. I would be abominated to have to stand next to these shallow women.
    They dont want to be friends, fine. Go about their lives seperately, but do not feast on bitter disharmony for breakfast, lunch & dinner. Enough!.

    1. I agree – there is so much tragedy in this world from addiction to flooding to child abductions, etc. these women think that who said what is actually relevant? They need to start going out and doing good in this world with the platform they have for craps sake.

  3. I enjoyed hearing Shannon tell Vicki that Vicki “doesn’t affect me anymore” all while complaining that its because of Vicki she gained weight. Shannon came off looking unstable and desperate this episode. I think her husband will end up divorcing her.

    1. I agree. I don’t like David but being married to Shannon can’t be a walk in the park either. lydia is absolutely right, shannon always makes it about herself.

  4. I haven’t seen the episode yet but it sounds ridiculous. What grown A$$ woman acts like that? I have never seen such childish behavior from grown women. If you don’t like each other – don’t talk to each other – its that simple.

      1. Totally 100% insane! I feel bad for Brianna. Her son doesn’t seem to give a rat’s ass…..he must feel like we do. Plus, he’s no doubt making some serious coin via momme Andela!

  5. I thought Shannon’s behavior by the way she was telling Tamra what to do, think, and say was disgusting. It was completely over the top when she barked at Tamra to “come here now” like she was talking to her dog.

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