RHOC Recap: Tensions Rise Between Shannon Beador and Husband David

Shannon Beador has been open about the distance she feels from her husband David after they renewed their vows last season on the RHOC. During this wee’s episode, the tension became more clear during a family dinner.

“There’s clearly a disconnect happening between David and I,” Shannon told viewers. “I want that husband that looked at me with adoring eyes. I want him back!”

Earlier in the episode, Shannon spoke with her mother Pat about her marital issues and forty pound weight gain.

“With all the weight gain, I don’t know how it happened,” Shannon emotionally said. “I feel so… I mean, I don’t want to cry, but I just feel so sh*tty about myself. When I look in the mirror, I don’t even recognize myself, and I know that David is just disgusted with the whole thing. … I don’t like what I see, at least I can justify in my head. ‘This is why David is growing apart from you, because look at you.’ ”

“Ever since our vow renewal, David keeps taking steps back from me,’ Shannon continued. “And now, as I’ve let myself go, I know that we just kind of stay clear of each other. A couple of weeks ago, he said ‘Our marriage isn’t doing well.’”

The distance in the relationship only reminds Shannon of David’s affair. “I don’t know, sometimes I have thoughts about that affair and think, ‘Will I really ever get over it?’ ” Shannon wondered. “I’m so distant with David right now, I’m reminded of the period of the affair. Before I would be able to forget about it because I would say, ‘Everything’s so great.’ But now it’s not so great. It’s like a vicious cycle.”

But Shannon’s mother had some advice. “The scars there… you’re hurting, it’s a raw spot. You have to try to think about, ‘What are the things that made it better,’ ” Pat said. “Those things will help bring it back. Concentrate more on your own life and the things you want to do. My biggest thing is my family. You’ve got three of the most wonderful girls that I have ever known in the world. You couldn’t be blessed with better girls. You spend a lot of time with them, and that should make you happy.”

And during a family dinner, it was difficult not to notice several digs David threw at Shannon. She told a story about she got into a car accident when she was a teenager.

“That’s what happens when you don’t take the silver spoon out of your mouth,” David said.

“Okay, not very nice,” Shannon responded. “I worked every single weekend. We had 20-acres. I used to haul logs up in a wheelbarrow every weekend. And wash the cars…  I did grow up privileged. I appreciate it, I’m grateful for it! But I did work.”

David said he was “kidding” but later wondered whether their kids appreciated their lifestyle, telling his girls, “You don’t know any different, is the problem.”

This moment made things more awkward for Shannon and David. “You know, I actually disagree with you about that,” Shannon said, with David not responding.

What did you think of this week’s episode?

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30 Replies to “RHOC Recap: Tensions Rise Between Shannon Beador and Husband David”

  1. Its sad to have your marriage crumble on tv in front of millions of viewers. It is obviously not going to work out. fell bad for the kids.

  2. Team shannon ❤️ I boycotted the show due to Vile and Kelly . Watching this clip is heartbreaking because it’s obvious she’s trying really hard and he isn’t . Also clear that he was poor , married a rich girl and now his resentment is showing . F**k off David

    1. I don’t think it would matter WHO Shannon was married too! Her issues appear to stem from her childhood .. she uses alcohol to self medicate instead of getting the therapy she really needs. She’s self destructing and doesn’t understand that she is the “issue”. No one else is responsible for your happiness..only Shannon can take the steps necessary to heal herself!

  3. What a poignant wonderful post Sandy ❤️❤️❤️❤️ You analyzed that so well ✌️✌️

    1. Thanks, Rain. For some reason my post is waiting approval by All Things and it is also labeled in red ink as spam on my end!? I have no idea why…

      1. What ??? That’s very odd . I think kt is still having problems logging on . Hope it resolves soon ❤️❤️❤️

          1. That is strange Sandy, if it were me I’d want to know why this happens, but then, I’m a why why whyyyy kinda girl lol I hope it gets resolved it is a nuisance ❤️

    1. Are Shannon and/or David still seeing a therapist? I wonder.
      As I mentioned, I boycott, like you. I know she can be hard to live with, but I don’t imagine for a minute that she wasn’t always a little kooky. That does not give David a right to cheat. If you are not happy, then seek counseling and separate and/or divorce if it is not working at all.
      I am sick and tired of those (not saying you at all) who just take his side, as if it is just fine and dandy to cheat, no matter how kooky Shannon has been and maybe even is more so now that her husband cheated on her. She is coming from a place of pain now and not pure love. Maybe she was always hard to live with, but he stayed all along, as far as we know.
      Was it Shannon that came into the marriage with money, since it appears David has a very successful company and is very wealthy. Did he marry her for the wrong reasons? We may never know.
      Now, yes, I think Shannon is kooky. I don’t agree with her pushing supplements on her children or her over the top alternative therapy and feng shui to the max, etc., but I think she was always this way…just now, she is hurting, and she ate her way through it. Comfort food helps…but it is not a cure.
      That is all. I really think the worst part is having the girls share in all the details. The children do suffer when the parents do not leave them out of their personal lives and argue in front of them. It does take a toll, and it is not right. David and Shannon are both impulsive, and Shannon does not bend enough. She may take a little thing and blow it out of proportion, but part of that may just be her displaced aggression, as a result of her inner pain. She may not ever be able to forgive David, and if she cannot move on and at least try to put it in the past, with his support, it cannot work at all.
      I am not saying she has to forgive him either. She has to do what feels right for her and come to terms with reality. I wish her well.

  4. Every Season we watch the “Shannon & David”, Marriage Chronicles..
    Every Season, it is uncomfortable..
    Personally, I think Shannon should be focusing on Finding a Good Divorce Lawyer instead of all the HW Drama..

  5. Behavioral health causes me to look at people differently. I can spot substance abuse and Shannon is a classic “alcohol abuser”! When you are married to someone in “denial” you walk on eggshells”! Any disagreement or difference of opinion causes them to turn on you and make “you” the problem not them! I also think menopause and possibly an “emotional breakdown” has taken place and she desperately needs both a mental health and physical health evaluation! She’s spiraling more and more out of control! She needs an intervention from both her mother, david and her girls to get the help she needs! The housewives are just too “self obsorbed” to care about anyone but themselves.. unless it’s “somebody else’s dirt” to defect from their screwed up existence!

  6. Shannut is the perpetual victim who would be miserable if she were ever happy, and Beady-eyed David has clearly had enough. I’d like to see him bring on some young hot blond – hopefully that would be the final nail which pushes Shannut onto the brink of insanity. #5150InvoluntaryConfinement

  7. I feel sorry for David…he works his butt off and all he gets when he gets home is a crummy quinoa salad

  8. After watching this episode yesterday, it’s clear why Shannon behaves the way she does in her marriage…she’s repeating the cycle passed down to her courtesy of her parents failed relationship.

    Unfortunately what’s been left out of this scene is how insanely passive aggressive Shannon has been towards David, and the absolute lack of effort she’s been putting into connecting with him as he tries to evolve. It is clear from watching this entire season that David is kind when he can be – that is, when he’s not dodging a criticism, accusation, or defensive line of questioning from Shannon. Instead of investing effort into connecting with her husband, she harps on all the ways she DOES NOT want to connect with him, from him embracing a healthy lifestyle down to whether or not it’s fair for him to grab & eat Terra Blue Corn Chips off the kitchen counter while in her presence (absolutely ridiculous, btw, since he’s not the one with the weight issue, and if she would take the time to research healthy food choices she would know that those chips are a “whole food” and fine in moderation).

    David has told Shannon directly that it never bothered him what Vicki said about him, and he wished Shannon would let it go, it had no bearing on their lives. He told her that when she clings to things it stresses her out, and in turn tries to steer clear of that energy because she becomes very difficult to be around and connect with (and those of us who have had to witness this season in entirety would agree). You can’t get much clearer than that. He tries to sublimate healthy, life affirming activity for whatever toxicity is brewing around him. Frankly, this is what sane people do. But instead of focusing on her marriage and communication issues, Shannon’s embedded in this toxic clustermuck of a preoccupation with some woman who’s not living in her house, not paying her bills, not raising her children, at the expense and to the detriment of her familial life. Where is the discernment and sense of priority in that? Shannon has blinders on and is stuck in a state of inertia. No one wants to live a life or marriage being among the walking dead, and this is where she is right now.

    Ok, so Vicki stressed her out, she gained 30 lbs. First of all, these are “first world problems” and she is a gorgeous woman regardless, but that’s neither here nor there. The fact that she’s clearly obsessing about how she’s going to look standing next to the skinny twitches on this show instead of good health: neither here nor there (because I’m going to keep it real as a woman who fluctuates wildly in weight, when it’s about HEALTH, you WILL put the cake & margaritas down and pick up a Jane Fonda tape in their place). Now she feels bad about herself, is experiencing low self-esteem, but instead of going full throttle to get HERSELF together, she passive aggressively lashes out at home for how she feels about herself. So now every conversation with her husband becomes either a “harsh start-up” to put him in defensive mode- when I’d say about 65%-70% we see David respond in a very coddling, obliging tone. I understand the other 30-35 % of his responses when he just gives a flat, neutral, “non-catering to co-dependency” response. Watching this mess is EXHAUSTING, I can’t imaging having to actually live it. If conversation with Shannon doesn’t start with a harsh start up, then at some point, she eases into criticism, defensiveness , stonewalling or contempt… other times she just rolls right into flooding their communication with negativity, followed immediately by verbal self-flagellation and self-victimization – it’s simply too much, and it’s clear this marriage is not working for anyone involved.

    Shannon has serious co-dependency issues, and she subconsciously revels in keeping this man in a psychological chokehold. It satisfies a need for control where she’s clearly lost it in other areas of her life, but rather than give her the outcome she thinks she needs, it’s ripping her life apart. Worse yet, is that she CONSTANTLY involves or exposes her young, impressionable girls in/to all these adult shenanigans and it truly boggles the mind. It’s like, GIRL, YOU ARE TEACHING YOUR DAUGHTERS HOW TO BEHAVE IN THEIR FUTURE RELATIONSHIPS.. this shambles of a marriage and communication style is just setting up the blueprint to roll the generational curses right on down the line to those girls- just like Shannon’s parents did for her, and that’s a damned shame. ☕️

  9. Well, if he married her for her wealth first of all, then it was not right from the start. Still, you can always fall in love with time…with the right person…if not love at first sight, but it takes two.
    Either way, they have the girls, and maybe that was all that kept him staying all along, working long hours to avoid her perhaps, etc. He is on the road a lot from what I have seen, and knowing what business he is in, and he probably thought he could have his cake and eat it too, as the saying goes.

    I am glad I do not watch any more. It is really hard to watch Shannon on a downward spiral. The fighting in front of the girls made me cringe…as well as the over the top booze consumption….

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