Real Housewives Of Orange County TV Ratings

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Photo Credit: Bravo

  • Anonymous

    RHOC the original and the best, none compares!

  • J. Konen

    Really like Shannon, compared to the rest of that group she seems the most decent and is not a dirty fighter. Now her husband…I don’t know, but he reminds me of a few men in my own life who were not of the best character. Tell Shannon to “guard her heart”, and ask Jesus for help. He did for me, and I only wrote this because her life is/was so like mine, it’s crazy!

  • Robert Manthey

    In the beginning and for most of her first season I couldn’t stand her. I don’t know what happened, it was before she tuned into who Vicki really is, but I just started loving her and she’s one of my favorite now. She cracks me up when they do that solo stuff and they comment on what we just watched. She has this certain sense of humor, it’s great.

  • Robert Manthey

    I just went through the viewership of all the one’s that I watch, pretty much the older ones, no Potomac or Miami. Is Miami still on? Anyway, does anyone know if this kind of viewership is a good thing. The seem to go up and down but kind of stay in the same ballpark average.

  • I am now saying I have been a fan since the beginning of the show, however if BRAVO brings Kellys back next year, l will not watch. Kellys has to be the biggest trouble maker and liar on any of the housewives shows.