RHOC Producer Admits Gretchen Rossi Had No Storyline For RHOC Season 8


Monday night Bravo aired The Real Housewives of Orange County Uncensored. In one scene, we were taken back to season eight where Gretchen Rossi proposed to her longtime boyfriend Slade Smiley, a topic which has had many people questioning whether or not was just a made for TV moment. Viewers were taken behind-the-scenes and got to hear brand new interviews from the cast and producers.

“The problem with Gretchen for season eight was as the season went on, it was difficult to find stories to tell for her,” a producer for the show admitted. “Watching her purses get delivered… does not make for good television.”

“I remember having a conversation with Gretchen and I said to her, ‘You’re not doing anything. You’ve got nothing going on with your life. You have no kids, you’re not married,’ and lo and behold she came up with this big plan to propose to Slade,” Tamra Judge said.

Slade had previously thought about proposing to Gretchen in season five and many viewers wondered if the proposal was just a storyline.

“It just seemed like the proposal was all tied into the show,” Andy Cohen said in the clip below.

So what does Gretchen say? “Absolutely 100% no,” she insists. “I wasn’t going to do something just for TV. I wasn’t going to do something just to make money.”

Watch the video below.

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56 Replies to “RHOC Producer Admits Gretchen Rossi Had No Storyline For RHOC Season 8”

  1. Nonsense! Lazy writing, watch the entire special and read Gretchen’s tweets! The entire thing was a hatchet job! Disgusting!

    1. I enjoyed the show and like when they break the fourth wall, but I do think it was a bit biased and contrived. Also WHY IN THE WORLD did they not bring up one of the most controversial stories, where Brianna’s husband Ryan verbally attacks Lydia’s Mom at the final party?? Also It was very annoying how they giggled while showing Vicki harassing the crew and being a total bitch….neither cute nor charming.

      1. I just saw that yesterday again… He was a total off the wall ass. And your exactly correct why was that not addressed. It was painful to watch. That punk ass kid has some serious anger issues

        1. Agreed, it was still uncomfortable to watch even to this day. I cannot fathom talking to anyone this way let alone someone’s mother and older than me. That’s not how I was raised. The worst was his twisting her words and changing the story each time he told it. I can honestly say that I’ve never seen anything like it.

      2. Brianna’s husband is one scary man… Personally I feel they should not have him on the show due to his nasty butt behavior towards women…. he’s not a nice man

        1. Cin, I only wish it would go that way but Bravo unfortunately would never do that as they embrace controversy. If something was done about that party, they should make it be known to people. I get the Brianna was not going to talk bad about him while he was still deployed but she could easily have addressed the fact that he misconstrued Lydia’s mom’s word into something hateful, instead of acting pissed off that they dared address the situation at the reunion.

        2. I agree with all of you very scary . If anyone had ever treated my mom like that it would have taken a group of scary people to pry me off of that jerk

          1. I was thinking the same thing Daisy if it were my mom as well, but he was hateful and hostile to Lydia when she spoke to him….Still have never seen someone so hostile to a gentle lady. He later called her bitch several times and even called her an entitle bitch..all over a couch.

            1. Can’t stand him. He was a complete AHOLE. And Brianna tried to justify his behavior. I’m glad Gretchen got canned. Watching her turn on Alexis was horrible & cruel. And then for her to side with Tamara; are you kidding me! I was so happy Gretchen had to go.

  2. I liked Gretchen before Slade . I would like for them to bring her back . I’m sure Vick would love for her to come back haha

    1. I used to like Gretchen as well but (and I know I am biased), but it was actually her alliance with Tamera that I felt was her downfall. Anyone crazy enough to think there is an ounce of loyalty in that women is out of her mind.

    2. I didn’t dislike her, as much, in her first season. She was so pretty, for one thing. I never liked the fact that she lied about her fiancee`, or the money and jewelry grubbing way she was, and still is, I imagine. But she could have done well had she had just an ounce of humility. Once she started having her face frozen, ( God, what was she, like 30? ) it totally ruined her looks and Slime made me sick from the first time I saw him with Jo. I actually would have gagged if he had even touched me when I was young and beautiful. For some reason I always had a vision of lice jumping from him to her whenever they were together.
      She was a liar from the get-go, and had no class whatsoever. Peggy’s wine-tasting party was a perfect example of her low class innards. She starts out saying something rude, then Donn asked where Slime was and Gretch said he was with his kids, Donn chuckled. Gretch says something like “Oh we are starting out rude I guess” after she had said “the bitches are here” Then, (About Eddie) “I looked him up in Latino for rent magazine” and a few other vulgar remarks, but Donn chuckling is what started the rude ambiance? God, she was completely unaware.
      That “engagement” was a joke. Of course she did it for the camera, FGSakes. If there was ever a person who lived their life to make it look good on camera, it was Wretch. It’s been years now, and wow, what a surprise, still not MARRIED. Marilyn Millian, the Judge on The People’s Court, has the best line. It is “Honey, you are engaged when you have a ring and a DATE” Her and Slimey wanted Bravo to pay for that wedding, period. I bet a mortgage payment he was in on the whole thing from the beginning. Another good line, my own, is: If you can’t afford the wedding, you can’t afford to BE MARRIED.
      I don’t believe Wretche’s downfall had anything to do with Tamra, Tamra’s and anyone’s downfall is thinking Icky is anyone’s friend. Icky whispered in everyone’s ear about how to watch out for Tamra, especially newbies, because her rep was not good anyway, might as well blame her for everything. I mean Icky lied outright about things, ( now we all know )
      And talk about deceptive and manipulative. Geeze, Lisa V. could take lessons from Viki if she really wanted to be a nasty lying piece of trash.

  3. Well, I didn’t watch this but since Bravo is gearing up for the next season of “The Real Liars of Orange County”, I”m going to tell you that my Dad died from cancer last Tuesday, and our good friends son died yesterday at 17 years old from AML, in the hospital for 6 months, just a kid. That is what fucking cancer is all about. Not about making it fodder for tv shows and then went busted for lying, pretending it didn’t happen.

    So I am going to be reminding everyone of these liars forever. All of these women on The RLOOC who put a paycheck over their conscience, who continue to film with someone who knowingly went along with his lying about cancer and using it for sympathy, anyone who hangs out this liar is just as guilty as Vicki and Brooks. You will have to tell me if they call her out on it, but it seems nobody left the season which means nobody took a stand against that lying POS. Shame on Bravo for giving that bitch money for lying.

    1. Gigicat I’m so sorry .I know from experience that it’s hard to watch a parent suffer . Please know sweetheart you are a good daughter and took such good care of your dad . I admire you for your caring and for your unselfishness

    2. I’m so sorry Gigi!! There are no words and I pray for you and your family, I lost both my parents within 6 months and it was devastating. Please accept my condolences

    3. Im sorry to hear about your loss. Youll have a bunch of people keeping you in their thoughts and prayers, me included.

    4. I refuse to watch RHOC ever again. Vicki should have been fired. She was complicit – and showing up at the reunion full of tranquilizers was the final straw.

    5. I’m truly sorry GIGICAT, I lost my best friend/just like a sister at age 40 fro cancer. I stand with you in this and will not be part of the viewing audience. If Bravo/Andy think made up stories of illnesses make a storyline, they should be ashamed of themselves.

    6. Gigicat I am so very sorry! There are no words, Please stay strong we love you here. Xoxoxoxo❤️❤️❤️❤️

    7. Dear GIGICAT.
      I am so sorry to hear that your Dad died honey. I can’t tell you how sorry I am about your friends, either. There is nothing worse than losing a child, you and your friends fighting to save a loved one and not winning. A year ago I knew very little about Cancer, or Leukemia, but have had a crash course this year. It is simply unjust, and so many to get angry at. It must be like fighting a fire with a squirt gun. I hope with all my heart you find a small measure of comfort with your loved ones of the animal species. Love, Marian

  4. I loved when Gretch said she didn’t have her castmates at her engagement party because production did want that and the producer says nooooo, that not correct – of course we wanted the others here. Gretchen perfectly placed in a trap of her own lies.

    1. Not true! Of course SHE wanted to invite them, probably minus Vicki and at that point Alexis, but that wasn’t the narrative of s8. Get an understanding of how this show works please!

      1. I don’t think that is true. I have heard Gertie say in an interview after she was let go from the show that they ladies weren’t really her friends. That right there would tell me that she didn’t want to invite them. She never said anything about the producers not wanting the other women there at the 8th season reunion but she says it now. She claimed she wanted them at her engagement party at the reunion and she wanted them to be happy for her. That’s what she claimed. There was no mention of the producers telling her that. She shed no tears at the 8th season reunion, then she also claimed it sucked because Alexis didn’t go since she was the first one to say that her and Slade were it for each other. She kind of changed her story just a bit, and she has a habit of doing this in the past. Look on reality TV scandals web site, look up the real liar of orange county on you tube. That says it all. That Gertie does indeed lie.

        1. Lol! The reunion was on this morning! She mentioned she wanted them there but blah, blah, blah! You don’t have a great memory, obviously.

          1. No,she made no mention of the producers not wanting the other cast mates at her engagement party on the Season 8 reunion back. She claimed she wanted them there after Heather said she felt the engagement was hollow. When Gertie was fake crying she said she wanted them there. I believe she didn’t want them there with some of the things she said in certain interviews. You’re the one who hasn’t heard her say she didn’t feel the women were her friends after she left the show. Blah, blah, blah yourself.

  5. Ahhh…Gigicat. Life is so hard. Please accept my condolences for your Dad and your friend’s son. These Illness story lines on Bravo definitely need to stop. Life threatening diseases and disorders are not “entertaining”…especially when handled by these wack jobs.

  6. I have to say, i LOVED this special. I couldve watched it for two more hours. I think if the series wants to survive they way its been for the past 10 years its going to need more things like this where the audience is invited in and reminded (aka the producers admit) that the girls have motives and plans and there is a pecking order AND staging going on. Breaking the 4th wall in specials like this is so much fun. Loved the Beverly Hills one, loved this one. I want more!!!

      1. Exactly Freedom, it might just be the only way to save the entire housewives franchise. It doesn’t have to be totally down all the time, just a look where there is an obvious use for it, and when it would give the viewers satisfaction.
        One place I would have liked it, just an example was when the ladies went to Dorinda’s house in the Berkshires for her BD party last season, and Carole names the house. Dorinda had said her and Richard had always planned on naming it and Carole and Ramona were on their way up the stairs. Carole says “I think it should be called “Bluestone Manor” because of the beautiful blue stone wall in the main room and Dorinda’s eyes. Then she says to R, “so don’t take that because it’s what I thought” And, of course, how could we expect anything besides a tactless response, and Ramona yells “we got a name, Bluestone, BLUESTONE ” Then she grabs ahold of Carole’s shirt so she can’t go up the stairs, that would have been a perfect opportunity to look at the camera and say “You got that, right?” Or something more eloquent. I am not kidding there must be times they want to slap her right across the face. Ramona thinks it’s funny, when really it’s not, it’s simply tasteless.

  7. Freedom girl, I’m so glad you mentioned how badly Ryan treated Lydia’s mom. It was horrible to watch, and no real apologies!

    1. Ughh..I hated it as it was so hostile. I get that it was very touchy as he was in harms way in Afghanistan serving his country at the time of the reunion, but now would have been the time for someone in Vicki’s camp to address it and how out of control he was towards a WOMAN.. in her 60’s no less. Disgusting, and he would do himself well to at least address the fact that she was not cursing at him the way that he portrayed it in order to justify his actions.

      1. I have been turned off ever since they showcased this turd… he is abusive towards women – which is shown on the show. He turns my stomach. Then Brianna rips into her mother about her choices of men…. Well Brianna is worse in her choices.

      2. Using the excuse he was in harms way is BS. I have a family member that has spent way more time over there & with kids, & they would not ever treat someone that way. He’s just a pompous ass. Vicki started it by having them move in with her & letting him think he was in charge. If he was capable of this behavior in front of cameras & other grown people, I bet he has treated Brianna like this.

    2. Yes, that was really something. And, there is no way in hell Brianna got a bucket and cloth and was cleaning mud off of furniture after that party, and certainly not from Judy’s shoes!! What a load of BS. Lydia’s Mom, Judy, right? Anyway, she was all dressed up and had her shoes off and her feet up. It was quite apparent even to a moron that she was a guest at Viki’s party. Even if she had been napping with the couch blanket over her he had no call to say one effing word to her. He always was a jerk, but that proved it. No one does that once. That kind of reaction is not a one off. Acting like Viki’s house was his, and like he owned Brianna. So, Ryan served in the military. Thousands of men and women serve, that doesn’t mean they are good people. I have a huge amount of respect for those who serve. That means they served their country in the military. And, it doesn’t give them as excuse for anything shy of the illnesses they are victims of, or the injuries while serving. If anything I expect a little more respect toward others, right or wrong of me, from a marine.

  8. My DVR didn’t record it for some reason, I’ll have to catch it later in the week, when it’s repeated. From what I read elsewhere, it sounds as though the snooty Dubrow’s didn’t come off looking very good. That’s going to cost them where it hurts. Especially, when they are hawking crappy, overpriced skincare and next want to shove a book about *beauty* (by those two?), down our throats.

    1. What cracks me up more than anything is I have pretty good skin. I am very, very fair, so sunscreen is a must at all times. I put a little coconut oil and sugar in my palm and scrub my face with it. I use Nivea Soft under my Australian Gold on my face, chest and feet. I use Oil of Olay bar soap only. That is the extent of my skin care.

      1. I don’t know how we got on the subject of skincare, but if anyone wants to try something spectacular, it’s Rosehip Oil. Fantastic & cheap, too ($10/4oz). I’ve been using it for the past 5 days and my skin is looking younger already. It’s full of vitamins A & C. Works on acne and especially sun damage. Warning, it doesn’t smell like roses–AT ALL.

  9. GRETCHEN has always come off as a gold digger– THAT is her storyline. Vicki LIARFACE should have been fired

  10. Anyone notice that Gretchen’s face now looks like the typical hollywood lady with her puffy lips, plastic face, etc. I don’t understand why someone that young would feel the need to alter her facial features especially since they wasn’t any defects to fix. I found it hard to look at her in this special.

  11. Gretchen told so many lies she can’t keep them straight. My favorite was when she was dating that guy Jay and she always said he’s not my boyfriend but on the 911 call, she refers to him as her boyfriend. Her last season was so fake……I’m glad she is gone. Gretchen was gorgeous but now she looks terrible. Fillers aren’t your friend sweetie. YIKES

    1. What I will never get, is they are barely THIRTY when they start the botox and fillers. Like Sheana, BEFORE THIRTY. JHC. Maybe that’s why Lisa V. looks good, because she didn’t have it available when she was so young. It makes them look hard, not pretty. When Wretch had her lower face done, it destroyed her looks, and she was so pretty. She would have been one of those women, like my oldest Sister, who is 74 and still turns heads. Never had a filler or a botox or a lift of any kind. And she is downright beautiful. Drop dead gorgeous, and it isn’t only my bias, it is the men who turn to look, and stop her in the museum when we go to showings, and watch her walk down the beach. I mean, she can’t wear a bathing suit, don’t get me wrong, but she knows how to dress, how to walk and how to carry herself. She will be beautiful at 90.

  12. I like G. She’s smart and pretty no wonders old melted face Vicki hates her . Jealousy is ugly . Please bring her back then maybe Tamra and Vicki can have a story line sans Brooks

    1. She’d better be careful with those fillers. Especially in her lips. She’s making more wrinkles, by over-filling.

  13. The person that should leave this show is Vicki. Lying about cancer even if it was scripted is the lowest you can go. How Bravo even let this be a storyline is pathetic.

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