Who is RHOC Kelly Dodd’s Husband Michael?


This season on the Real Housewives of Orange County we were introduced to Kelly Dodd and her husband Michael. After Kelly revealed that she was separated from her husband for two years, viewers wanted to get to know more about her husband, so we are here to give you the scoop.

Until recently, Michael was the Chief Operating Officer for LeapFrog, but he has since retired to spend more time at home with his family. He worked his way up the corporate ladder until he found himself at LeapFrog, which is a major tech toy company that creates educational computer toys for children.

In February of 2016, he cashed out of his company and is not currently working, according to his LinkedIn page.

Take a look at the photos of the couple below.



Photo Credit: Bravo

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So, they almost divorced, but he would not let it happen, so she stayed, but she did not say she was in love…but it was easier. Well, they are together….
The photos look like happy photos. He certainly is an amazing provider for the extended family too. He sold out his shares of LeapFrog and is uber wealthy, so all looks fine on the outside anyway. 4 bars, one on each floor…. A girl’s got to have her drink nearby…. Her brother seems to be enjoying it all too from the little I saw, anyway.

I guess if nothing else…he seems to be pretty good looking 😀

Yes, and he looks good for 57 too. He is probably closer to her mother’s age, but I agree. He is good looking.
I just read something online about Kelly saying she didn’t like black guys and Heather saying she won’t be friends with someone so prejudiced. Maybe it will be in a future episode.

I think this girl will sink before she even begins to swim with statements like that to the public. On the lighter side, I’m agreeing with you that he is pretty fine and in good shape especially at 57:D I don’t know if he is truly not nice to her but she sure threw him under the bus talking about his personal issues.

I know. I wonder what happened in their marriage when it aired.

There is a video of Kelly apparently drunk and spouting racial slurs.

From day one, I hav pe not liked Kelly. I was hoping she would get better, but it only gets worse. I wonder what she thinks about slurs against Mexicans. She is not a nice person and apparently a terrible drunk. She loves to drink…based on the first episode alone with a bar on every one of the four floors of her home, etc. She was a bad choice…maybe not boring, but Trouble.

I meant to type, I have not liked Kelly from day 1.

We might be seeing another divorce announcement in this show. This lady revealed way too
much about her marriage and too eager to be part of the gang. Anyway we shall see!!!

That girl seems like big trouble.

I think Kelly Is troubled emotionally or can someone be that mean and horrible to people and not considered troubled. Why have someone on the show that it seems is already financially okay and is an absolute tyrant to most everyone she associates with. I think she has a drinking problem too!