RHOC Extended Season 9 Preview, Tamra Runs From Cameras


After Monday’s episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County, Bravo released an extended trailer for the second half of the season. With a trip to Mexico, Heather’s hoedown and a shocking scene of Vicki choking, the rest of season 9 is sure to be drama-filled.

Tamra and Heather will continue to straighten out their friendship, while Terry Dubrow has a fight with Shannon Beador’s husband, David.

New Housewife Lizzie Rovsek confronts Tamra, in an emotional scene with Tamra running away, saying, “You will never see my face again.”

And Vicki crying to Heather, “I lost her again.”

Photo/Video Credit: Bravo


12 Replies to “RHOC Extended Season 9 Preview, Tamra Runs From Cameras”

  1. Not surprised by what’s coming up….. Vicki/Tamra are mean girls… no doubt about it. Heather… geeeezzz she is such a bird brain…… Heather’s husband should be kept off camera… obnoxious turd. Looking forward to seeing more of Shannon and Lizzy…. Would like to see the show without Vicki/Tamra/Heather…. let’s start new!!!!!

  2. lol i love heather and terry , i love the new girl shannon and her hubby , they seem to bring a balance to the crazy of tamara and vicki . not so sure i like the chick from KY . still watching to see what i think of her :/

  3. Why is Tamra running away? LOL! I would love to know & why Vicki didn’t get her old butt up to follow…

  4. I actually like Heather and Lizzy. Shannon I go back and forth on and I don’t like the way she is jumping on the Tamra/Vicki bandwagon. Those two chicks are insane and I could have done without Brooks talking about Vicki’s bits. That was just too gross for words.

  5. the Duh-brows are no class fools who think their cash gives them dignity. She is a pretentous fool with no friends because she is joker-faced unlikeable twit.

    Tammy is trailer park trash married to a gay con-man

    Vicki is suburban Chicago white trash, no class, no education, and so incredibly stupid. Ick.

    Gross face the new girl has an annoying face and is so full of herself.
    Scatterbrain Blonde is an unhappy drunk building herself a self fulfilling prophecy. She is headed for divorce.

  6. I love the new gal lizzie. She’s really giving f-face(vicki) and insecure ugmo tamara a run for their money. i’m so happy that they’ve got someone on there to finally put those two in their places. amen, and i pray that it continues. i’m tired of desparate tamra anyways, and you can tell that eddie wants to f-her because he is always cheesy cheese smiling at her whenever she is around. he doesn’t say anything…just smiles excessively…such a dead giveaway.

  7. Tamra has ran housewives off this show for years and years. It is nice to see these housewives sticking their ground and calling Tamra out on her line of bull crap that she has been shoveling all season.

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