RHOC Danielle Gregorio “Plans To Ruin Her Family’s Life For Fame”


Danielle Gregorio is currently filming The Real Housewives of Orange County, and as we previously reported will be a new Housewife. But insiders are telling RadarOnline that Danielle wants fame so badly she is willing to sell out her own family. Gregorio is a mother of three, on her second marriage and is good friends with Heather Dubrow.  According to the claims of an insider, Gregorio plans to throw her own family under the bus in hopes of becoming a household name.

“Danielle wants to be famous and is willing to go to great lengths to accomplish that. She said she is going to create sh*t to make the drama for the show,” the insider told Radar. “She even plans on bringing her dad on the show for a paternity test, which makes no sense really because there’s no question about whether he’s her father or not. It’s just all a ploy to make drama and make herself a central character on the show. She doesn’t even care if she’s loved or hated.”

“Danielle is basically planning to ruin her entire family’s life for fame,” the source continued. “It’s really, really sad. And it will undoubtedly backfire on her.”

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