Did RHOC Danielle Gregorio Lie About Her College Degree?


Danielle Gregorio is appearing as a “Friend of the Housewives” on this season of The Real Housewives of Orange County. Gregorio is co-owner of Danielle Kaye Design Studio, and was described on the company’s website as having “attended California State University, Fullerton graduating with a Degree in Business.” But RadarOnline is reporting Danielle might have fibbed about her education.

In documents obtained from the National Student Clearinghouse, a database used for all degree and enrollment verification in education across the entire United States, using Gregorio’s maiden name of Petrovic, it’s verified that she attended California State University at Fullerton, but only for four and a half months.

The records indicate that Gregorio attended the school “half time” from the dates of August 20th, 2005 until January 3rd, 2006. It’s clearly stated: “No Degree, Enrollment Only.”

Radar reached out to Gregorio for comment. Her rep tells the site, “Danielle’s business partner originally wrote the bio found on daniellekayeds.com and she was unaware at the time that Danielle had not completed her degree. The website has since been changed to reflect that.”

However, Gregorio had previously posted on other sites like LinkedIn and her biography for when she sat on the board for the OC’s branch of Heels2Heals that she graduated with a degree from Cal State Fullerton, all of which were changed in the hours after Radar reached out.

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3 Replies to “Did RHOC Danielle Gregorio Lie About Her College Degree?”

  1. How about Teresa Giudice’s resume. Didn’t I read the other day she graduated from Berkeley? I’ll believe that when I see it.

    1. I think she graduated from Berkeley College. A small biz college in NJ. It’s a good school my sister attends and many successful friends have graduated from there, but it’s not THE Berkeley.Like you, I also doubt that is the Berkeley she graduated from

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