RHOC Cast At War While Filming Season 12

According to a new report, the cast of The Real Housewives of Orange County has been torn apart by the feud between Vicki Gunvalson and Tamra Judge. The ladies have been told to pick a side or else! This includes new Housewives Lydia McLaughlin and Peggy Sulahian.

Although both women showed up for Gunvalson’s recent 55th birthday party, a source close to production insisted that McLaughlin is secretly Team Tamra.

“Lydia is trying to make it like she and Vicki are cool, but a lot of people think that the only reason she is cool with Vicki is because she wants to report back to Tamra,” an insider told RadarOnline. “Some of the girls don’t really trust her and are wondering why Bravo brought her back on, anyways.”

Last season ended with Gunvalson, Kelly Dodd, and former RHOC star, Gretchen Rossi, in an alliance against Judge, Shannon Beador, and Heather Dubrow. But after losing Dubrow, it seems that Meghan King Edmonds is now on Tamra’s side, as the ladies went shopping together.

“It’s interesting that Meghan seems to be on Tamra’s side now, especially considering she said that she was going to be leaving the O.C.,” the source said. “Maybe it’s a desperate move to get back on the show!”

Photo Credit: Bravo



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  • Cin

    Looks like Shannon has fillers. Why do they do that.

    • Starr

      Is it fillers Cin, or has she still puffed up from weight gain?

      • DaysofWineandRoses

        or booze? They drink a lot on these shows, and in this stage of life, if you’re not a carb killer, or blessed with an obscenely fast metabolism, or work out regularly…that liquor is going to settle itself right onto your face.

        • Real Sandy

          It could be. Looking at her, I would almost think she was pregnant if she was younger, but she seems to have weight gain, at least from the waist up.

          • Rusty Bumper

            I like Kelly a lot more than Tamara can’t stand listening to her bring up her daughter then fake crying. Peggy and Lydia were so boring last time they were on. I might watch the first show only.

            • Annie

              This is a new, different Peggy with dark hair and apparently a lot of money..You’re thinking of Peggy Tanous from Season 6. She was blonde, had huge jugs, a hot husband, and Alexis was obsessed with one-upping her. I liked her but she wasn’t anything amazing.

        • Rain

          It could also anti depressants. A lot of them bloat you and give you weight gain

    • barbara

      Man, I didn’t even recognize her.

  • Benny

    I really liked Shannon on the first season but after that I realized she is such a wacko…and I have NEVER liked trashy Tamra.She always primps up her face and pretends to cry but look real close, there are NEVER ANY TEARS!!!

    • Starr

      Right on track there Benny & I’m in full agreement. I do not like Shannon, period! as for Tamara, she is underhanded & a major hypocrite, never was able to tolerate her.
      Why would they not want Lydia? she seemed a real geniune person to me. As for Meghan, she should stay home & be a full time mother.

  • DaysofWineandRoses

    Well then what I wonder is who told everyone they HAVE to pick a side?What are we, in middle school? I guess Heather said, “Forget this, I’m going to go make my money some other way” and promptly exited the crazy. Can’t say I blame her one bit. I would be very irritated if my paycheck hinged on having to keep this BS up. There’s nothing to the show beyond “the feud”. Nothing.

  • Rain

    Not watching this show anymore. Vicki is a liarface twat and Kelly is gutter trash garbage . I just can’t support this show in any way , shape or form .

    • MaryBoston

      Hi Rain, me neither. After the BH reunion, I won’t be watching any of the housewives. But, I’ll check in to say hello. How are you hottie? I didn’t see the show last night. I can’t wait to watch Erika slam Dorito and PK. Hope all is well with you. Peace and Love

  • Frank Van Der Heijden

    Shannon looks like a hamster with a mouth full….she should sue her plastic surgeon

  • Jay

    I’m still wondering why lydia is back too….

  • Trixiebelle

    The person they need to get rid of is Vicki. I know they keep her because she brings the crazy, and she definitely is that … CRAZY. But I can’t stand her.