RHOC Cast Offered $30K to Keep Quiet on Twitter

RadarOnline is reporting that the Bravo producers are offering the cast of RHOC $30,000 to keep their drama for the camera’s and to stop the fighting on social media.

According to a source who works on the production team, “Bravo has added a $30,000 bonus to each of their contracts. But the only way that they will get the money is if they stay completely silent on social media!”

“They cannot bash each other, or reveal any secrets until the show airs,” the insider said. “The producers really seem to want this upcoming season to be a surprise!”

“Bravo knows that all of the ladies have such big mouths, but they also know that they are all money hungry,” the insider told the site.

“Basically, they are paying all of them to stay silent and not throw shade on social media or anywhere else until they are given permission to do so.”

It will be interesting to see if the woman keep to leaving the drama for the camera’s.

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19 Replies to “RHOC Cast Offered $30K to Keep Quiet on Twitter”

      1. I’m not watching either. Not even Shannon is enough for me to overcome this . What an idiot she is to continue in this horror show .

        1. I think the money is nice, especially knowing how David strayed in the past, not that he would again, but it may make Shannon feel good to earn something on her own and not just rely on David maybe. It may be what keeps their marriage together, knowing the cameras are watching their every move too…just part of it maybe?

          1. I have no clue honestly . Maybe now she feels ‘visible’ and that she has a voice and doesn’t want to give that up. But you are as good as the company you keep and if she stays on that show it won’t be long before she’s right there in the gutter with eveybody else

            Sad !

            1. I see your point and I get it. This is one big mess, and being around those crazy mean people on TV…the most public place of all, is just something I could never do if I was Shannon…not that I would be on reality TV at all, really! LOL
              I don’t think she is doing it for the money, but I don’t know that either. After all they sold their home and rented since…not sure if they built a new home now or anything. Oh well. I don’t think she will move to BH any time soon…but there is always hope? I think Shannon and Lydia should have another show without the rest really! Bring in new blood.

              1. I agree✌️✌️✌️✌️Vicki, Kelly, porscha , Kenya and all the other atrocious HW should have their own show.
                Well Heather is allegedly getting an E! spinoff show. Maybe Shannon should too.

                Bravos casting has been shady lately. I read some unsubstantiated report that Andy is livid about the success of the love and hip hop series which now trounce any HW show ratings wise. But those shows are a jerry springer train wreck. But his casting of people like porcha and Kelly e.g. Is maybe proof that he thinks THAT level of conflict is what the audience wants . He’s wrong

                1. Yes, maybe Andy is the new Andy Springer? Hmm…You have a point there. He wants it crazier and nastier than ever. He is looking for housewives with records maybe? It is a shame…since that level has me running away. He is way wrong if he ever came her to read our comments, but I am not in the target audience as far as age, most likely. They are usually targeting younger audiences for these shows.
                  Yet, look at the characters. On NY, Ramona just turned 60…not young. Women are in their 50s on these shows too. I just do not get what he is doing. He is wayyy wrong.

                  1. Yes ratings are determined by the profitable demo of 18-49 , which is younger than most audiences watching HW! Yet that’s their target demo and they cater to it with over the top , shocking , conflicts and fights .
                    Sadly shows with only ‘older’ audiences are cancelled because they are not considered profitable . So I guess Andy keeps upping the ante

                    1. Yes, I know 49 is the cutoff, and most of who I know watching this stuff is over that number! I wish they would realize that baby boomers are still a lot of people…while we last! LOL XOXO

                    2. Somehow their rationale is advertising is effective on younger people because older people are set in their ways (brand loyalty etc) . So any show that has many younger viewers is coveted by advertisers

                      What they fail to realize is that most younger people have no money lol

                    3. I am not that set in my ways. I know you are a millienial at heart too!
                      Well, I know they think the young are more impulse shoppers perhaps.
                      I keep thinking about shows like Golden Girls and even Hot in Cleveland and they had viewers of all ages, but they were not about young people. I don’t know who they marketed them too, but they are still great shows and I wish we had more like them…JMO.

  1. All of the housewives shows have become so boring. I realize the petty drama sells but really can there not be something additional that is new to add to the recipe?

    1. When the women act normal and don’t go around cussing and acting the fool, the fans of these shows call them boring. That’s what has happened to Eileen on BH. But I like the question you pose. It’s valid.

  2. This show has outlived it’s expiration date……no Heather? more phony azz Shannon? Another bash Vickie season on the horizon? Nah, I’m good with ROBH if I need a Cali housewives fix

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