RHOC Cast Members Reportedly On Media Lockdown


There was a lot of drama upon housewives, a cancer scandal and friendships deteriorated on the Real Housewives of Orange County, and with that came a lot of talk to the media. Radar Online is reporting that Bravo has put the cast members on a media lockdown, preventing them from talking to the press about the season, including Brooks Ayers’ cancer scandal.

“Right now, the ladies are forbidden to talk about each other and the entire cast is on media lockdown. “This was done as a means of damage control,” the insider added. “They have all been talking so much sh*t about each other that Bravo had no other choice then to step in and put a lock on it.”

Though the ladies may be supposedly banned from speaking out, the insider added that they are discussing the next season for the show.

“There is a good chance that Vicki will be returning next season,” the source told Radar. “The network simply cannot have any more of the other ladies badmouthing her when they are going to get ready to start shooting the new season.”

What do you think of the ladies people put on media lockdown? Sound off in the comments below!

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22 Replies to “RHOC Cast Members Reportedly On Media Lockdown”

  1. Easy tor me She’s back I’m out, for those of you that don’t believe me, tough, I don’t say I’m out if I’m not. I’m only saying that as last time it came up someone said It was all hot air or similar.

    1. I’m with you Sally. I no longer watch ATL or NJ and OC will be off my DVR if VICKI is back. I don’t need the aggravation of watching people I don’t like make fools of themselves.

      1. I will be sad because although not a favourite I did watch until part way through last season but I agree Aunt Bee it’s all too much right now.

    2. I agree with you Sally. All of our fellow viewers are smart people and we dont want proven liers, cheaters, complete failures in business (Vickis vodks, jewelry line, cancer cure juice, weight loss tea, and now this awful perfume-who wants to smell like Vicki Gunvalson? ), a woman that is so afraid in her life without a man leading her is pathetic to the modern, successful, terrific independent women like the viewers. If Andy can take all the many lies of this season, and take Vicki lieing directly to him regarding Donn spending Thanksgiving with Vicki, then we all should band together to not watch the show if Vicki Gunvalson is on next season.

      1. Do any of us actually think Andy and Bravo care about what the viewers want. They are interested in money and controversy. Yes I think VICKI will be back – maybe as a “friend” but we all know how that works out. BRANDI and Kim were fired last year but we keep seeing all these photos of their appearance on the RHOBH. I only hope the new one of Potomac will be more interesting.

    1. This.

      Beyond this, I never believe anything that originates from Radar Online, but for once in my life I actually wish a story from them was true. This cast needs a time out, if not for themselves then simply from overexposure of their franchise. There’s a reason why there’s a break, because we in the audience need it just as much as they do.

  2. Thank god.

    I have no doubt Vicki will be back, this drama is too good between the cast to not bring back next season.
    But I’m sick of hearing about it in news reports, it should be on the show.

  3. I may be the only one but I am glad Vickie is coming back. I have watched this show from the beginning and would miss her. Now Meghan, she could take a hike!

  4. They all should have been put on lock down all of last season. All they did was bad mouth & point fingers. They are a bunch of diseased women.

  5. I am not surprised at all .. It’s a joke to believe that Vicki didn’t know about Brooks .. Tamra? She will be how ever they ask her to be .. One year she is “mean” Tamra and the next she is “Nice” .. Tamra admitted it in a interview once .. Bravo was angry I heard but I guess they thought not many people saw the interview.. I never forgot it !!!

  6. Of course Bravo has them on media lockdown…unless they talk about it with BRAVO. They want to ensure that they are reaping the benefits of these silly one on one interviews with these two toolbags:)

  7. Too late for damage control. If Bravo thinks the viewers will forget se they aren’t talking about it, they’re fools. If Vicki does return, I won’t be watching anymore. After this past season with her and her liar boyfriend, I find her to be nothing but a liar and a con just like her boyfriend.

  8. Damage control? You mean how they claimed this season was so REAL and AUTHENTIC, only to find out that it was all LIES and FAKERY? Why does Bravo insist on aggravating viewers with this white trash garbage? All they ever do is LIE about how good the show is every season. Its such a giant waste of time and energy.

  9. I think it’s time the show moved on & let Vickie go. I believe she was well aware that Brooks did not have cancer & used his story to remain relevant. She’s close minded, offensive, condescending, and rude! She’s not broke and doesn’t need the income like Alexis did or Tamara does. That’s what I gather because for the past ten seasons (at nausium) she’s been saying she’s a successful business women.

  10. Hmm, I recently read that the Beador’s took their home off the market for the holidays, then put it back up for sale *$5 MILLION Dollars* less, than before.

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