RHOC Cast Get Together For Meghan King Edmonds’ Sip-N-See

For the first time this season, all of the RHOC were in the same room, which is a lot sooner than I would have guessed, as we are on the 6th episode. That isn’t even the most shocking part of the episode as all of the Housewives kept it together and didn’t fight.

Meghan King-Edmonds called the rest of the Housewives and invited them to a sip-n-see, which Meghan said is, “a baby shower with the baby.” Many of the other Housewives take it as a new concept from a millennial.

Meghan spoke with Vicki Gunvalson about coming to the event. Vicki promised, “she won’t throw any wine and that she’ll put her differences with the other women aside for the sake of the baby.” Meghan seemed to be happy with the response, but is still not sure about making up with Vicki saying, “It doesn’t mean I’m okay with everything she’s done.”

The next person that Meghan called is new Housewife Peggy Sulahian. Meghan’s phone call interrupted Peggy and her husband talking about their upcoming Lamborghini event. When Meghan called apparently the phone was on vibrate. It vibrated so hard that Peggy’s phone fell of the table and broke her screen. Peggy said that she is going to make Meghan go to the Apple store to get her a new phone, and at this point Meghan has a very confused look on her face.

Peggy then gives advice to Meghan on how to keep the peace, saying, “pass the baby around whenever things started getting heated — nobody’s going to fight if they’re holding an infant!”

In between the invites for the party and the actual party we see the Housewives shopping for presents. Vicki says, “she has to spend $100 every time she leaves the house.”

Then, we see Tamra Judge and Shannon Beador shopping with each other and practicing their distant, cold greetings to Kelly and Vicki.

When Kelly and Vicki are shopping they start to smell what is apparently a dirty diaper from a nearby child which then causes Kelly to have a great segues into saying, “Speaking of sh*t….” That is when Kelly tells Vicki that she has met with Tamra and plans to meet with Shannon. Kelly is leaving out a small detail that it was Kelly that reached out to Tamra. Therefore Vicki thinks Tamra is the one trying to weasel her way in between Vicki and Kelly’s friendship.

Kelly, Tamra, and Shannon finally met up. The conversation actually went well with Shannon apologizing to Kelly about saying that she showed up to the Quiet Woman with the intention of causing a scene. At this time we get a flashback to a couple days prior, showing that Lydia had recently told Shannon and Tamra that she was the one who actually invited Kelly. This leads Kelly to apologize to Shannon saying that it was “a complete miscommunication” and that she wasn’t trying to antagonize anyone. Shannon ends up saying that if she doesn’t go over every single incident and if Kelly stops with the nasty attitude that she has been known for, then they will be good to start over.

As it sounds like everything is getting better between Shannon and Kelly, we then see Kelly and Vicki getting together before the sip-n-see and Kelly talking about how Shannon is still hurt over what Vicki has said about her husband David Beador. At this point Vicki is refusing to back down on her claims and as we reported that Vicki has “text messages and photos” to prove it. Kelly then tells Vicki that Shannon also blames her weight gain on Vicki’s claims.

As the party starts the you see Housewives drink liquor or looking for it to help the situation. Tamra is slamming champagne as Vicki is searching all over for the wine. Both Vicki and Tamra swear to not talk to the other one unless approached first. Peggy then says, “I think all this pettiness is ridiculous, I’ve lost a mother, a father, breasts. Petty things don’t get to me.”

As the anticlimactic sip-n-see ends, we see Vicki leaving with Kelly and turning around looking in Tamra’s direction saying “goodbye” and Tamra just continues to stare at Vicki without a response.

Vicki and Kelly are shown in the car leaving and what seems to be making mean comments about Shannon’s weight, but you can’t make out exactly what they are saying. Back at the sip-n-see Meghan tells Shannon and Tamra that Vicki is just hurt by them, which causes Tamra to make a few mean comments, leading Meghan to say she will meet with Vicki and get to the bottom of this. Meghan then says, “How does she sleep at night…or is that why she looks so old?”

Lydia tells the Housewives at the sip -n- see that she didn’t know if she wanted the women to come to her magazine launch party saying, “I wasn’t sure if I wanted you all to come,” and that she felt “encouraged” that their wasn’t any drink throwing or arguing.

Certianly in interesting episode as we finally got to see all of the Housewives together in the same room, but as a viewer it was a little bit of a let down as the last time the women were together things got heated very quickly.

What did you think of this week’s episode?

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4 Replies to “RHOC Cast Get Together For Meghan King Edmonds’ Sip-N-See”

  1. Episode was okay. Watching the husband/boyfriends was actually the most seamless and pleasant part of the show, they are by far a lot easier to stomach than this group of girls and their petty grudges.

  2. wow, doesnt Peggy’s comment that the women shouldnt fight and that petty things don’t get to her look meaningless and hypocritical now that we know about her fight with her brother? she said it..she has lost her parents and battled cancer, so isn’t it time SHE make peace with her own brother?

    1. Peggy , the Lamborghini Barbi bitch is a homophobe and a hypocrite. Could care less . Plus enough of the nonsense that she doesn’t ‘Understand American ‘ traditions or whatever. BULLSHIT. She’s been here since she was one year old. She’s American enough to get on a housewives show LOL
      Gurl bye!!

  3. At least sanity reigned at the “Sip & See”. Underlying bubbling over just waiting to pour out in pent up rage. Obviously I mean Vicki, Tamara & Shannon. I do not blame Lydia for her hesitancy to issue invitations to them, I definitely would not include them as they’re bat crazy, mean girls.
    Peggy has her priorities in order, so does Lydia. For crying out loud, make peace already. Watching Tamara & Shannon practicing their fake greetings was to say the least, disgustingly silly. Shows how they thrive on petty.

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