Report: RHOBH Star To Be Questioned About Xanax Abuse

According to a new report, one of the cast members of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is going to be forced to come clean about an issue with addiction this season on the show.

A source tells In Touch that the troubled cast member (either Eileen Davidson, Erika Girardi, Dorit Kemsley, Kyle Richards, Lisa Rinna, Eden Sassoon, or Lisa Vanderpump) is confronted on-camera by her co-stars, who believe the reality star may be abusing Xanax.

“There will be major fireworks surrounding her issue,” the insider says, “and the other Housewives will try to help her deal with this.”

Obviously, there is constant fighting and drama on the show and that may make the situation harder for the person in question.

“People pop Xanax when they’re stressed out. And let’s face it, there has never been a shortage of drama when it comes to the ladies of Beverly Hills,” the insider added.

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19 Replies to “Report: RHOBH Star To Be Questioned About Xanax Abuse”

  1. I bet it’s Rinna. A person who takes xanax often remains hyper. More and more MG’s of benzodiazepine becomes necessary to reach the same amount of “calm” as time goes by, and, it doesn’t take very long for this to occur. It makes it difficult, then, for those who truly have clinical anxiety and/or depression to be prescribed what they need. Doctors are looked at closely by the D.E.A. and the Board of Pharmacy for the prescriptions they write. Ethical prescribing doctors are hard to find, just like many things, the abusers make it impossible or at least very difficult and harmful for those in need. Not that whoever is hinted at here is necessarily an abuser of anything
    No one cares enough about Dorit, for the group to “gather round” ( hate to say ) and Eden will be on when? I forget whose friend she is, if anyone’s. She certainly (Eden) has been in the business that makes Rx drugs easy to get and in great supply, from their own doctors, or other’s doctor’s. Like in the death’s of so many famous people, Elvis, Michael Jackson, Jim Morrison, Jimmy Hendrix, Marilyn Monroe, Janis Joplin, too many to name, plus the thousands of citizens that are known only by their loved ones, who became addicted to not only one drug, but often, many. I would be shocked if it was Kyle, Erika or Lisa. New cast wouldn’t seem to have the concern or be known long enough for it to be noticeable by the entire cast….so that leaves Rinna or Eileen. For some reason, I don’t see Eileen being addicted to xanax.
    Don’t get me wrong, becoming dependent on a medicine for anxiety or pain medicine can happen to ANYONE. During a painful chronic or acute illness or injury, or being involved in a situation, new or old that causes great anxiety is complicated. Panic attacks feel like a heart attack the first time. After finding out what happened, one becomes frightened it will happen again, that is just one way it begins. Many people have anxiety from a young age, if their parents took them to qualified doctor, prescribing could have begun very young. One can only hope their doctor is kind and became a doctor to alleviate the suffering of his/her patients. It is up to the doctor to then regulate the medicine, and help the patient remain in good health. Some people need anxiety medicine long term, and pain medicine also. It is a quandary for any doctor. I hope the situation is not sensationalized for the benefit of “the show”, and that whoever it is is allowed to find help with the genuine care and concern of their friends.

  2. Another boring storyline. Can’t wait for Kim to come back and be attacked buy Rinna as well for the rd year in a row…. * eye roll *

      1. Sorry, but the Kim thing was tired from the very first scene on to the trip to Sacramento to watch a basketball game on the 50 yard line. From tired to intrusive and boring, to sickening with the way she purposely coughed in Lisa’s face at that white party, to the cruelty and absolute evil in her last season. I can’t stand Kim, never will.

  3. I just did a quick search to see if I could find anything, the funniest guess was Giggy! The rest even between Rinna, Erika, (because of her comment in the trailer about the others don’t know what she goes through every night) that seems a bit obvious to me. She could have been talking about her son. And surprisingly Kyle. Not sure about her either, I think sometimes when something like this happens people just jump on the HW they dislike the most. I’ve seen it happen here through all of the shows. So I’m just not sure! The other one suggested by many was Eileen because of everything she had been going through lately, who knows one things for sure we will find out by the end of the season.

  4. I thought maybe Eden but most comments elsewhere say how serious She is about her sobriety and didn’t her sibling die of zanax overdose? I’m sure I read that somewhere but can’t be bothered to look right now, I want to get back to my book!
    Love you Sweetie xoxoxoxoxoxo

  5. Stupid, foolish me. At first my mind went directly to someone from Vanderpump Rules, but there’s no bearing to that. Dont know Eden or even Dorit yet or enough, so for now, Rinna is the one. I’m sure I’m 100% wrong though.

    1. I think it’s Rinna, too. I have wondered every season why she never hosts a function, a dinner, a cocktail party, not even a cup of coffee with a HW in her home? I know a little about drugs, and that is a symptom of something. Not necessarily xanax, she has been honest about her little bit of OCD with germs in hotels, but that’s not unusual. I mean, Harry Hamlin and her must have a lovely home. I have never seen one scene where she has anyone over, even Eileen. They always meet elsewhere. As soon as Erika became a housewife, she was having people over, showing them around. Rinna was one of them. I can’t think of one other HW from any franchise who has never hosted one cup of coffee at home. I think that’s weird. I will have to look, but I don’t think she has ever hosted ANYTHING ANYWHERE. Just the one charity event in her garden years ago. It made me laugh, Starr, that you then said you must be wrong. It is so easy to be fooled on these shows. But, I think we are right on now.

      1. 3 D’s, at the end of the last reunion, after her rants & demented raves, Rinna did say that for the new season she would have everyone over for a barbeque & Erika asked for spare ribs. When I heard that, I felt that after that whole messy season why would Rinna assume so boldly that she’d be asked back. Let’s wait & see if she will infact host something.

  6. I think we’re still waiting for Eden Sassoon to show up, no? If I recall correctly from some season preview clips she will be discussing sobriety and issues with abuse.

  7. Love you too! I guess it is the 50% Scot in me I don’t like wasting my money, the other 50%, the English part of me loves spending it! Xxxx

  8. Ladies…I may be suffering from lack of sleep…but wasn’t there a preview where they are having smoothies and make a ‘joke’ about adding xanax? I can’t remember who was in the previews,

  9. Stupid storyline! The only people I know on Xanax are those that lost their spouse or have sleeping issues. Yes, it’s addictive – but I have never known anyone whose life was affected by it (Including those who took it for over a year after losing their husband – it just took a while to wean off of it). Most people mellow out and fall asleep. Unless someone keeps falling asleep on the show – it sounds like a made up story line.

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