RHOBH Star Lisa Rinna Returning to Days Of Our Lives

RHOBH star Lisa Rinna is returning to Days Of Our Lives! That’s right, Rinna is set to reprise her role as Billie Reed in early 2018.

Lisa started filming scenes last week, EW reports. Rinna hasn’t appeared on the show since 2013, when her character took a job in Europe.

In other Rinna news, she shared another controversial and sexy Instagram photo recently that had fans buzzing. She captioned the following photo, “It was time.”

It was time. 😜

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Photo Credit: Bravo


5 Replies to “RHOBH Star Lisa Rinna Returning to Days Of Our Lives”

    1. Hello Starr! Me too, not that I watch those anyway. I watched AMC for the entire 30 years it was on, from the 1st show. Hey, if Rinna thinks she looks beautiful there, good for her. And people say Bethenny looks emaciated! My ribs show even when I am heavier than usual, like what this medicine for the allergic reaction helped me gain. I have never been a fan of Rinna or her ways. I never watched Days. I had a best friend whose fave was Y&R, so I watched that 35 years ago when the current cast of oldies were young like Niki and Victor. They always had someone messing up their romance, geeze, how many times did they get married all together? How many others did they marry I wonder? I always loved the musical score of Y&R, it is beautiful. I didn’t watch Erika’s episodes on there either. Did you? I guess the cast of B&H is gearing up for the new season, which I am looking forward to now that NY is over. I only watch BH, NY and NJ now. I don’t even read the blog for the others. The OC was just disgusting last year and I wasn’t at all interested in seeing anyone from there again. Take care Starr. ❤️☆☀︎

      1. Hi 3 D’s, hope all’s well your way.
        I Love the soaps, all of them & I still watch.
        Looking so forward to BH myself, my favorite of all the housewives shows.
        I very rarely watch NJ anymore though.

        Let’s enjoy what we enjoy. You take care too & as always, prayers & blessings.

  1. I normally like Lisa’s looks because I do think she is attractive and because she’s quite slim, wears fashion quite well, but this in my opinion, is not a good shot……right? I’m thinking it’s not flattering. Is it just me?!

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