The RHOBH Star In Lady Gaga G.U.Y. Music Video


Lady GaGa is a big Real Housewives fan, and her new music video G.U.Y. – An ARTPOP Film, debuted Saturday night which featured the cast of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and Andy Cohen! Lisa Vanderpump, Yolanda Foster,Carlton Gebbia, Kyle Richards and Kim Richards all appear, dressed in pink, and gently strum musical instruments while Gaga, as a large bird that’s been shot with an arrow, is revived in a huge swimming pool.

Andy Cohen got a cameo in the video as Zeus. Lisa’s beloved dog Giggy even makes an appearance in the video.

There has been speculation as to why Brandi Glanville is not in the video, but Andy revealed it was because Glanville was out of town when they filmed with GaGa.

“This may be the most fun thing I’ve ever done,” Kyle Richards tweeted.

Andy Cohen also shares behind the scenes secrets about working with Lady GaGa. Watch his reaction below.

Photo/Video Credit: Lady GaGa/Artpop


14 Replies to “The RHOBH Star In Lady Gaga G.U.Y. Music Video”

  1. It’s a good thing Brandywhine wasn’t there because she would have ruined the entire video shoot for everyone, possibly kicking out the rest of the housewives out completely due to her jealous behavior–imagine a close up of Lisa and Kyle beside lady Gaga would have been too much for her. Glad she was “out of town” (wink/wink)

  2. The video is forgettable. What I found most interesting was that the credits list “Yolanda Hadid” rather than “Yolanda Foster.”


  3. yolanda’s new haircut looks stupid on her, not age appropriate and does nothing for her—kinda looks childish on a grown women.
    Lisa looks great as usual, (like the way gaga used Lisa’s signature color PINK) in the video, and yes, it’s much better without brandi…..
    BTW, brandi whining about her mommy & daddy problems at the reunion, can you just shut up, take you’re meds and GROW UP………
    and kim needs to be in a hospital, she is cray cray…..
    lymes is just jealous of lisa and so is brandi and vyle……
    Also funny to note, that kim’s son got outed also (after she’s been so vile and wicked), she got her own son called out for his (psychotic breakdown), sad for her son, but karma baby…… is just disgusting and mean………

  4. Lisa, Hey there, hope your doing well and I wanted to shout out that I think you should be in the next Bond Movie! Along with the character Q, you could be the new V !!!

    How about that, huh! What do you think readers… and Lisa if you ever read this I would just die if you responded!

    Team Lisa and Ken!

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