Is RHOBH Star Erika Girardi Joining Dancing With The Stars?

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Erika Jayne can “pat the puss” but how are her dancing skills in the ballroom? It looks like we will be finding out soon, because the pop-star will be joining the next season of Dancing With The Stars, E! News is reporting.

ABC has yet to make its official announcement for season 24 of the show, but they will do so on Good Morning America on March 1st.

But we know that if Erika does join the cast of the show she will slay her competitors. Have you seen any of her music videos? We would like to see her director Mikey Minden choreograph some of her routines.

Would you watch Erika on DWTS?

Photo Credit: Bravo


20 Replies to “Is RHOBH Star Erika Girardi Joining Dancing With The Stars?”

  1. I’d sure watch that but she will struggle. As far as I’ve seen, she has five basic moves and I’d predict she’ll really have a difficult time n the beginning and towards the end if she gets that far…But I’d also predict she doesn’t give up easily and willing to work hard and that’ll give her a real shot, especially if paired with Derek, Max, or Mark.

  2. Well, they typically cast a Bravo personality each season, so why not give it a go with EJ? I think she might actually fare a lot better than most Housewives because has a performing arts schooling background, obviously is a showgirl already used to rehearsals and keeping up with Los Angeles choreographers half her age, etc. She’ll just have to work even ten times harder than what she’s accustomed to for normal tours, but physically I think she can handle it. If nothing else I know this broad can still point her 46 year old toe something fierce (we former dance students see you out here, Ms. Jayne), lol.

  3. I think the fact that she is such an odd duck is what grabs people. To look at her from the surface with the endless hair, boobs, legs, and rich husband you think you’e getting one thing, but when she shares herself you get something entirely different- something which is as quirky, witty, outrageous, relentlessly hip, and as most importantly as GROUNDED as she is “Archetype Pretty Housewife”.

  4. Yes, that red dress was gorgeous. I actually loved Emma Stone’s dress, especially when she moved. It looked better in motion. The bottom of her dress was amazing. She rocked it IMO. Of course, flowing long gowns seemed more of what most would wear to the Oscars, and Ruth Negga’s dress was amazing. I loved so many of the looks. Nicole Kidman looked amazing too..and those jewels.

  5. Good Morning Rain. Yup, I’ll watch DWTS if Erika is on. If not, I won’t. I don’t watch it unless there is a person on it I like. The Oscars were okay. I didn’t like most of the dresses. Nicole Kidman’s was beautiful, the purple jewels. I think the background of the mesh should have been a deeper color so she didn’t look so washed out. That red dress was very pretty, but way too much dress. The 40’s look just didn’t work on many. Emma Stone’s dress didn’t work. What is up with these award show flubs. It’s mean and stupid. I was rooting for Viggo to win Best Actor….total long shot, but he is yummy. Enjoy the day.

  6. I think Mark Ballas may be living in NY. I am not sure what he is doing now. He was playing Frankie Valli in Jersey Boys on Broadway but that show closed last month. He got married in November. I think he is still living in NY. I heard nothing about him returning to DWTS…yet, anyway. I never knew he had such a high voice. He can sing like Frankie Valli and he can dance. Maybe he will do more Broadway or just perform.

  7. Yes, I agree! Miracle workers were there for Selma Hayek maybe?
    I think the one color long dress lengthens the body, so you could wear that blue velvet dress! That slit was so gorgeous too, but you need those legs, I know…I am not tall and I am not leggy, but I would wear that dress if I was a bit younger. The slit is too much at this age…a shorter slit would not be the same either!
    Did you like Kirsten Dunst in her black dress. That was classic and stunning. It suited her and she was perfection in it IMO.
    OMG all the jewelry was so amazing on these women. They needed bodyguards walking around I would think with all the jewels.

    1. I LOVED Kristen Dunst because she usually looks like shit! That structure made her look like a Hepburn !! I’m usually not a Dior fan but they killed it with this one . It just needed a bigger necklace. She looked a bit bare

      1. I agree. She looked amazing. She needed just a little more glitz with the jewelry to accent that dress.
        You kill me rain! LOL Maybe she took the hint and changed her usual look. It worked!

  8. I knew that might happen. I posted a link to a clip of Mark Ballas from Jersey boys. It is in moderation. It is easy to find if you put his name, Frankie Valli and Jersey Boys. His voice is so high…sounds just like him.

      1. If they don’t approve of posting links, it may not appear, but it is easy to find on a search. He is singing a capella with the three others in the one I tried to paste the link for, and he is playing guitar.

  9. So Erika has Gleb as a partner. I wonder how LVP feels about her dancing with her former partner! Lisa loves Gleb.
    I watched the DWTS announcements on GMA this morning. I cannot believe that Charo is dancing. How old is she now? She was dancing with the audience today! OMG, she is a riot. Her face is a bit scary looking now, but she still has an amazing figure.
    They showed a little clip of Erika Jayne with her show…mostly just her boobs, not her feet moving really. Anyway, she should fair pretty well, I would think.

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