RHOBH Season 8 Cast Travels to Berlin

The cast of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills are currently enjoying their season 8 cast trip in Berlin. The ladies photographed on the trip include; Kyle Richards, Lisa Vanderpump, Erika Girardi, Lisa Rinna, Dorit Kemsley and new Housewife Teddi Jo Mellencamp.

Some of the women have posted photos on Instagram of their trip. The ladies look very chic as they are bringing Beverly Hills style to Germany.

Check out these photos and videos of the ladies:

Nothin’ but trouble ⚡️⚡️⚡️

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Panda love 🐼❤️😍

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6 pack #motleycrew

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Snatched. ♥️

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He gets me. 🐼 panda panda panda …

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Berlin fetish

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So nice of him to share his delicious bamboo snack…🐼💕😋

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When in Berlin 🍺🍻 #RHOBH8

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#RHOBH update

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I know I am super excited for the new season of RHOBH. Are you?

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26 Replies to “RHOBH Season 8 Cast Travels to Berlin”

      1. I used to have dreadful ear aches … the best natural/herbal remedy was me is a few drops of garlic juice, then leave the cotton in your ears for a day or two. Of course you might smell like Anna Magnani, but it works!

  1. Come through, Erika with that blood red!!!! Very on trend for fall/winter 2017, and LOVE the sculptured hair (did Entienne Ortega do that? That child is a wizard of all things hair styling). Also love the military green bomber jacket, the color is also one of the popular ones for the season and very typical of “Deutsche Strasse Mode” (German street style), and the Louis backpack is very hip. Kyle’s velvet, Lisa’s red wine Chanel Pre-Fall 2017 coat jackets, all the combat boots, Erika’s “pop of pink”, even Lisa’s leopard print undercoat which we know she’s recycled for the last 20 years is literally spot on from runway trends for Fall/Winter. 2017. These girls have clearly been hard at work with their stylists to bring all the important runway trends for the season into their wardrobe for the trip….and the one thing I have to applaud them for most of all is knowing how when WHEN to wear sensible (albeit rather expensive) shoes for daytime walking in Germany. You need sensible shoes with TRACTION for walking endlessly through those city streets, especially the ones with uneven cobblestone. Well done, girls. I hope it’s a fun trip, pity that these trips usually only film & last a literal 3 days. Berlin’s a large city and very urban, they likely have not seen very much. Good restaurants, though we probably won’t see much of that as they are always the backdrop for a cast conflict showdown!

      1. Omg, I’m off today, I’m so freakin tired. I need a nap, but I’m just catching up on all the fun stories I missed online. That damned Erika is just ALL BODY, isn’t she??? The legs just stretch on for days! That top pic in the red with the hair detail is insane. Erika literally invests money in legitimate industry artists to conceptualize editorial inspired looks for her and it’s so much fun to watch her play dress up. I get a kick out of it because the general practice has always been that fantasy high fashion is only for industry models, preferably under age 30, and naturally, sample sizes 0. Erika is tall enough, and pretty enough to have been a commercial model, but by industry tradition, Girrrl, at this age she would be under pressure to be 15lbs thinner, she would be restricted to comp pulls and castings for soap, yogurt, and fiber drinks, possibly panty hose. But here comes this big boned, long-legged, 45+ year old woman who is creative, has an active fantasy life that she exercises through the clothing for her alter ego – and one minute she’s dressed in her show confessional as a glam end up tribute to Bette Davis’s Baby Jane, then she shows up in Hong Kiong with 1940s Victory Rolls in her hair, now she’s running around Berlin serving Cabaret Cigarette Girl in German Fetish Latex… I can’t… I just love that heifer, she is TOO MUCH FUN.

      1. Probably not. Chalk it up to two rich girls with designer taste and lust for the latest stuff that comes out. Funny thing about fashion trends, they’re cyclical – what’s old is always new again and comes back around. I’ll be pulling my own combat boots from out of the back of my closet as it grows colder, lol.

  2. I seem to recall a few weeks ago where Camille posted a group pic with all the ladies from Berlin (which I’m still looking for) … so I’m wondering what happened.

  3. Oh, ear aches are the worst. Hope by now you are feeling better.They have a vaccine to prevent ear infections now, my daughter just got last month. I was shocked!

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