RHOBH Season 7 Premiere Party Photos


The cast of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills celebrated the new season of the show at their premiere party last week in Los Angeles and we have all of the photos to share with you.

Check out to see what the ladies wore and the photos below.

Andy Cohen
Andy Cohen
Camille Grammer
Camille Grammer
Dorit Kemsley
Dorit Kemsley
Eden Sassoon
Eden Sassoon
Eileen Davidson
Eileen Davidson
Erika Girardi
Erika Girardi
Kim Richards
Kim Richards
Kyle Richards
Kyle Richards
Lisa Vanderpump
Lisa Vanderpump
Lisa Rinna
Lisa Rinna

More photos below.

Such memories on #rhobh with these 2 ! Love you both @kimrichards11 & @therealcamille #season7

A photo posted by Kyle Richards Umansky (@kylerichards18) on

Last one 😊 with my sister @kimrichards11 who is looking beautiful & happier than ever ❤️#rhobh #season7premiere

A photo posted by Kyle Richards Umansky (@kylerichards18) on

Thank you to @sergiohudson and @joeymaalouf for putting the old girl together! 💋

A photo posted by Lisa Rinna (@lisarinna) on

Another one from last night’s #RHOBH wrap party!

A photo posted by Eileen Davidson (@eileendavidsonofficial) on

La familia 💎 Season 7 Premier Party 💎

A photo posted by Erika Jayne (@theprettymess) on

You’re such a F***ing LIAR, Camille! #RHOBH premieres this week!

A photo posted by Andy Cohen (@bravoandy) on

Photo Credit: Instagram/Getty Images

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all lovely ladies… My only point to make here. They are becoming very plastic looking and that takes away from their beauty.

Absolutely I agree Cin. Why are these women doing this to themselves when they’re already real looking and pretty. It’s crazy in tinsel town.

Camille was there. Is she back? Camille, what were you wearing…and those shoes did not flatter either. Just my opinion.
Then there was Kim. I guess she found that dress at Target..and took it home.
Eileen Davidson…Is that your Batgirl outfit or something?
Ericka…you can pull it off, but still. I guess that was not a Mrs. Girardi dress, but from the other closet.
The others looked more appropriate IMO. I am no fan of Rinna no matter what she wears.

Dorit has some braid there, and that took away from her outfit…to me. It is a bit over the top…or down the bottom? 😉

Oops…I hit the heart again instead of my beach umbrella. I have to re-enter it every time and messed that up. Oh well. Who cares? I know. I know. Right.

You have to redo it every time? Wow, what a pain in the a**. I wonder why I don’t? And have never had to until I added the peace sign, then I had to go into moderation for a day, but my handle and all never disappears. The braid made me wonder how many over the top outfits we will see. Rinna looked like a skeleton. Kim looks awful. I wish Kyle would smile with her real smile. They are all so frightened of wrinkles, they are giving themselves more from stress. Eileen and Erika look ridiculous, IMO. God, why… Read more »
Yes, 3 D’s. For some reason my newest iPad does not remember what I have put into any site. I went into the browser settings and cannot figure out why it still does not remember, so I have to re enter my information every single time I post, unless I stay on the same page and never leave. As for smiling, that may be altered because of all the Botox these women use. Botox is a paralytic, and you cannot move the areas for some time…the skin stays in one spot. Botox injected for crows feet may migrate down to… Read more »

The braid was ridiculous looking…..

Oh my Poop Poo did it again so texting Andy an idea a version of Golden Girls but please get the Elder / Seniors off Erika Doris new young not Old poop pump how much more tape must we see this is Cali show it not the seniors trying to go from F celebs to D’ if ya not there yet probably aren’t going to be you don’t have the years nor doubt them Ole body’s necks and faces can take much more but I can enjoy some Thx for fast forward

I pretty much hate everything they’re wearing except Kyle ! Dorit and that ridiculous braid!! Come on!!!! Was she channeling a comic book character??

Love you Erika but this dress and hair is more for on stage than a red carpet . Blah!
Hate Camille and Kim’s dress !
Eden looks ridiculous in that wedding gown
And at the risk of alienating the lvp squad lol, that dress looks like a night gown a woman wears on her honey moon 🙂

Usually RHOBH ladies are best dressed but this was a misfire

have to agree…. some of their outfits would look good on someone in their twenties but after that you start to look desperate and ridiculous.

I could argue about LVP but I agree with you! I also agree about the others, except Kyle and I don’t like her dress too much, too much boobage just a little less and the dress in my opinion would have looked better, lol maybe I’m jealous about the excess boobage? Xoxoxoxxo

Suze and Cin ❤️❤️❤️❤️ And yes Kyle looks hot herself I guess more than she the dress lol

No don’t jelly Suze no need ❤️ Kyle has lately been getting in touch with her inner bad girl I think and it looks a little forced *to me*. Does she have an underbite? Her mouth looks strange in this photo to me. Otherwise pretty girl.

Yes, I thought I should have mentioned that it looked like a wedding dress too, but she seemed to love posing in it so much, I let it go. 🙂

Sandy , I’m dusting off my wedding dress and posing in it right now lol

Makes a change from your normal bikini!!! Xxxxx

Oh suze ROFL


Eileen looks as though she is going to a Bond themed party and bought her outfit in a supermarket for a fiver! (You can think Dollars or Pounds). As for Lisa’s honeymoon nightwear, I don’t know about your honeymoon but I didn’t wear much on mine!!!!!

Touché suze ❤️❤️ 🙂 I guess I’m not a fan of sheer sleeves lol but he’s Eileen looks a bit silly . That’s something I’d expect Kelly to wear

I don’t like Lisa’s dress, I often don’t but they always look very expensive! Apart from the last couple of seasons I liked Yolanda’s clothes, more my style, quite casual. I’m not into dresses. The only time I wear one is for a wedding! I think too many years of having to wear suits for work!

ITA Suze, I’ve always thought Yo always looked elegant and ‘comfortable’ . I don’t have the figure to wear what she wears but she had a practical elegance about her attire . Speaking of which , I stayed up a bit late last night and watched few mins of the Victoria’s Secret show and Gigi was there , stunning as ever, and and she showed a snap of Yolanda siting in the audience . Did we ever have those kind of bodies when we were young lol???

Trouble is we are both short ars*d so would never look like them anyway!

True Suze lol. I never understood the fascination with lingerie and all that frilly crap 🙂 I don’t even understand why men like it so much . You won’t see me spending that much money on any of this . I say if a husband wants his wife in that, he should put on speedos for her ! Fair is fair

OMG! You have done it now for me today, the thought of my husband in speedos is just not on! All I see him in his special thermal golf long johns! Xxxx
I am not into frilly underwear or any with bits missing either! I’m more of a Bridget Jones!

No speedos. Mini-kilts commando. But that would not be for the hub… 😮

I’m excited about tonight’s episode 🙂 ❤️❤️

Below Deck is now over. I hope they have a reunion.
BH is on (commercial). I like this show…so far. 😉 ❤️


Poor Kim judged for Target look I say judge and be judged At least she doesn’t swing on a rope like a trained monkey as Kyle does for Poop Poo I feel for Kim surrounded by a bunch of snake skin old fading broads duck and roll Kim snakes are all around you and even with them dentures they wear Poop Poo will bite

Even though Erika is my favorite, Kyle looks HOT!! Damn !

what I do KNOW is I like that the ladies aren’t twenty somethings …

It’s Bravo not MTV , right lol

Well, I guess I could add to this. That white wedding dress was stunning. I loved it, and really it is a sexy wedding dress. Also, Lisa dressed beautifully, and she dresses appropriate for her age, and she is not ancient, but having that sheer fabric over the skin is flattering in my opinion, and I don’t think it looked like a nightgown at all. It is beautiful on her. I let Kyle go, but yes, there is a lot of boob showing…too much, though she has ones you would want to show. I did not like that covering over… Read more »

Andy with that pig t shirt was ridiculous lol

Love Andy….. didn’t realize he had a pig on his shirt… yes he certainly could have picked out a better T….. Also Good Morning to all of you!!! Having my coffee and looking out the window at snow!!!

Snow again Cin ? ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Morning to you too

OMG, CIn, there is a huge problem brewing. Someone really dislikes it when we mention what we are eating or drinking in the morning!!!! We better look out, or we might get spanked. 🙂

Yes, it was. I wish I could make out what it says on that shirt.A sick sense of humor that Andy has though. He can afford better clothes. He looked like a pig.

Happy with all the ladies, especially LVP. BUT, did not care for a single outfit, wonder who dresses them? age appropriate would be great.

Elvira comes to mind for Poop Poo and over bloated for Kyle coyote howl at the moon so desperate cover that snake skin up horrendous and to go in public like the Walmart Internet laugh your butt off site these 2 fit right in Erika doesn’t fit with the old leftovers

Don’t take this the wrong way but punctuation can be your friend. Your posts are difficult to read.

Take THIS any phuking way you want, but hated, hurt people are the only ones who continuously make hateful, hurtful comments. I honestly pity you honey. ❤️

what the heck…….

when i look at Dorit and her braid, all i see is “oh no no no no! Don’t funk with my heart!

The Countess of Hootersville

Lisa looks like a madam…or is it that Ken is pimping her ?

I do declare, Eileen is dressed for a swim with the sharks or what!!!!!!!!!!!

If I had to pick one, I’d pick Lisa R. as the one I preferred.

If you like skeletons that would make sense.

Why are my comments going into moderation, I’ve done nothing.??

My lovely ladies…do you know how to try on all that frilly stuff? Walk into the dressing room and throw in on the floor, because that’s where it all ends up anyway!!! XOXOX
Lisa’s dress is UGLY….it ages her. I like the color of Erika’s. Camille…I did not even recognize her. Best dressed award goes to Kyle. I would love to find her dress for my hubs Christmas party.

Hi kt, I’m sure you would look better in the dress than Kyle, too much boobage for me. I don’t like any of the other dresses as I have already said. Xoxox

I agree, I’ve seen better dresses. Kim does look healthy though…I hope she continues.

For her families sKe I hope she does!

Typo sake!

Hello kt sweetie ❤️❤️❤️ I picked Kyle as my best dressed too

Wow…..those photos are a festival of poor sartorial taste, except for Erika, Lisa looks like she bought her dress from Federicks of Hollywwod 1965 catalogue, Dorit and Eden sewed their own dresses using McCalls’s Patterns, Eileen bought her number at a S&M store, and Rina bought hers at a consignment store

Kim looks like she had work done and something went wrong. Maybe it was surgery or injections or whatever, but her left eye looks more closed than her right eye in every picture of her, and I don’t think she looks good. She had work done, and in doing so, she had some effect on her eye, and it may be temporary or not, but I don’t remember her eyes looking like this. I just remember her wrinkles. She always looked older than her age, honestly.

Hi Sandy I have always wondered about Kims eye too. I’ve read that we always have one larger eye and breast than the other but hers is a big difference. She does look finally sober to me though and for that I’m glad. I just don’t think she should be back on the show she brings nothing to it but bad memories for me anyway. : -/

Was it always that way? I just noticed it. It is not just a little different. I thought it was new from maybe injections to her face around her eyes…Botox, or something like that.

Yeah I’ve always noticed that squinty eyeball I’d recognize it anywhere. Target…BH Polo Club…. hehe

Kim still looks like she’s been rode hard and put away wet.