RHOBH Season 7 Finale; Dorit Confronts Lisa Rinna, PK Calls Erika Inherently Cold

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills finale night was packed full of drama as the women confronted each other for the drama that occurred over the course of the season. The ladies gathered at Villa Rosa for a Diamonds and Rosé party to celebrate her daughter’s new wine venture.

Rinna walked in to greet Lisa Vanderpump, saying, “You have to be nice to me because I gave you my feathers, and you said you would be!” Of course she was referring to her eyelashes from a previous episode. “But you’ve misbehaved since then,” Vanderpump quipped.

But Lisa was stewing and telling Eileen she felt like Eden Sassoon hadn’t had her back in Hong Kong by speaking up and saying that Dorit asked her if Rinna was on drugs. “Very quietly!” Rinna snapped. Eileen jumped in to tell Eden that by not saying anything, she’d actually made things worse. To the camera, Eden stated that Rinna had an “awkward, evil energy” that made her uncomfortable.

Meanwhile, Dorit caught up with Kim Richards, who happens to also have a negative past with Rinna. Dorit was reeling from her fight with Rinna in Hong Kong and decided Kim was the perfect person to discuss it with. “She asked me, ‘Do you trust your husband?'” Dorit said to Kim. “I can’t help but wonder if she’s protecting whatever issues she has,” she added. Kim agreed, calling Rinna’s behavior “erratic,” “viscous” and “mean.” They both agreed Rinna never took accountability, and then looked to Vanderpump and Kyle to add more fuel to the fire. “It’s not my problem, but it is,” Kim reasoned.

In that moment, Rinna waved to Kim, who waved back nicely. “Are you kidding me?” Vanderpump said. “Why don’t you just tell her you’re talking about her right now.” Kim did as she was told and confronted Rinna, saying she was “hearing some things” about her not being very nice. Rinna then reported that interaction back to Eileen, which made the drama worse.

Finally, Dorit and Rinna came face-to-face and finished their fight that had started in Hong Kong. “It was very hurtful and mean-spirited, what you did to me in Hong Kong,” Dorit said. “I am sorry you feel that way,” Rinna replied. She then defended herself again, insisting she didn’t have a Xanax problem, despite what Eden may have insinuated. That’s when Erika Girardi wandered over with Kim to join in on the conversation.

“I cannot help but question what on earth kind of issues you have that you need to project on other people,” Dorit said to Rinna, who insisted she was just observing what she saw. Vanderpump jumped in to say Rinna was going after Dorit in the same way she’d gone after her. Kim agreed, adding herself, Yolanda Hadid and Brandi Glanville to the list of Rinna’s victims as well. “I tell the truth!” Rinna yelled.

“Oh, please!” Dorit said. “You say one thing, and then you say another!” Dorit then told Rinna, “If I can smell your breath, you’re too close. Take a step back. I mean it.” That’s when Dorit’s husband, PK, joined in to defend his wife. Rinna responded by turning the conversation to the issues between Dorit and Erika. “What you did to Erika for months, I’m sorry, it’s disgusting,” Rinna said.

Erika jumped in, saying to Dorit, “You’ve called me cold. You’ve called me heartless.” Dorit said that wasn’t true: “I didn’t call you heartless. I called you frigid.” Erika insisted that Dorit’s underwear gift was mean, and while she didn’t outright deny that Dorit had apologized, she did say she couldn’t remember it.

Then, PK joined the conversation. “Did you ever say that I did on purpose to seduce you?” Erika asked PK. “I am upset because I’m watching you gang up on my wife,” he replied. He then added, “Erika, you’re not deliberately cold. You’re inherently cold.” To the camera, Erika said, “You don’t like me? Get in f*cking line.”

Erika insisted she’d been “nothing but nice” to Dorit, prompting PK to call Erika “delusional.” Eileen was completely mortified at the scene that was unfolding in front of her eyes. “I can’t imagine Vincent ever treating another woman that way,” she said to the camera. Eileen told PK he was rude, and PK told Rinna he just didn’t get why she’d attacked Dorit that way in Hong Kong. Somehow everyone just got tired of fighting and wandered off, leaving Dorit and Erika alone.

When everyone went their separate ways, Dorit and Erika were able to have a conversation. “Do you realize how embarrassing that was for me?” Erika asked. “It hurt me very much that you gave me the underwear.” Dorit apologized again, and this time Erika seemed to hear her. “Whatever was said, I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt, PK and I do not think you did it intentionally,” Dorit said. “I so would have loved to have heard this a long time ago,” Erika replied. To the camera, she added, “It’s nice to see her being so authentic.” Erika was optimistic they could have a genuine connection in the future, but predicted it would be “slow.”

As the night came to an end, Eden lost her temper on Rinna. “You were never present for me. You’re never there,” she said. Rinna told Eden flat out that when she went to Vanderpump, her guard went up: “The minute you did that, you were done.”

“I’ve given you so much of my time, my energy, my f*cking heart, you bitch!” Eden screamed. “I’ve given you everything, Lisa — everything! And for you to sit there and say that, ‘The minute you went to Vanderpump, you were done!’ It’s not OK for you to treat me the way you do. I’m sick and tired of you walking all over me and using me as your f*cking scapegoat. I’m not kidding at all! And you know that! I’ve been nothing but there for you!”

Eden then stormed out, calling Rinna “out of her f*cking mind.” To the camera, Vanderpump said, “It’s all going according to plan. She likes me more than Rinna!”

What did you think of the finale?

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30 Replies to “RHOBH Season 7 Finale; Dorit Confronts Lisa Rinna, PK Calls Erika Inherently Cold”

  1. Rinna just looked like a crazed bitch laughing at Eden. Maybe the low shots she’s been taking lately at others and her years on soap operas have somehow merged in her head and she thinks, “the role of Brandi Granville will now be played by Lisa Rinna.”

      1. I am NOT a Rinna fan but as I stated before , she’s the MVP of this season. 90% of chatter is about her. She’s Bravo Gold. She was on some good high last night (#gimmesomebitch) and she was like Teflon .

        Kim , why are you here ?? You look great and doing so well, GET OUT!!! And Dorito manipulation of Kim is just repulsive , trying to get her all worked up !!

        1. Hey Rain, I don’t know why but LR doesn’t get under my skin like Kim, Dorit and her Pillsbury Dough-boy husband. He’s as bad as Peter from Atlanta. The way he came after Ericka I wanted to scream! And I’m with ya, why is Kim on the show????? Why? So sick of going over her past and present issues….NO ONE CARES!!!! Get her off the show. Bravo are you listening?

          1. Barbara I actually agree to some degree, but to me, the situation with Peter in Atlanta is entirely different. When you don’t count the usual husband-wife recap conversations that happen on these shows, Papa Smurf has only remarked on situations IN the moment where he’s been present, and has never INITIATED a storyline. Doughboy went above and beyond to go at Rinna & Eileen when Lipsa was supposed to be a guest in their home, then after the Daily Mail White Party, he lied about Erika to have something salacious that would gain traction, subsequently providing his wife with a plethora of scenes to keep nonsense going (..and the Kemsleys certainly got their money’s worth in free press from the Mail in the process).

            1. You know, you make a good point about Peter. I don’t remember him going after other women on the show either. But really wasn’t referring necessarily, to that in my mind (but it was there) more like trying to get into as many scenes as he could. I just have a problem with the guys in general, on these shows trying to steal the spotlight.

    1. yes – she looked crazed and it was not a good look. All season and past seasons she’s had the same behavior…. again – bummed.

  2. It is clear to me that Erika does NOT like Lisa Vander Pump…Why? LVP has always been nice, yet Erika is very cold and unfriendly when dealing with LVP. I think Erika came on the show to (once again!!) try to take LVP down. Did not work for Adrienne, Taylor or Brandy so STOP trying to get LVP off the show! If LVP quits the show, it won’t last another season!

    1. The LVP and Erika Relationship is very weird on the show. LVP recently came out and stated that she really tried to bond with Erika last season and felt it didn’t work so she didn’t bother this season to work on a friendship. I noticed it very early into this season as Erika and LVP never had any scenes just the two of them. I think Erika views LVP as she said last season, a manipulator who stirs from the sidelines. Erika commented on a podcast show when the host stated that LVP had become more “manufactured” as the seasons have gone on, Erika stated that LVP “was a professional” in the reality TV world. Personally I would like to see the two of them have more time together and work on some sort of friendship.

      1. I agree, LVP is manufactured now and is basically phoning it in. She never had any desire to bond with Erika. She enjoys her petty feuds and her barbed ‘british’ humor insults. She’s jaded and disenchanted

      2. LVP is way too busy to find time to butter up to Erika the way the others do. She’s aware Erika is a cold fish since last season & she, LVP, is way too busy frying fish for her restuarants to waste her good time on fruitless friendships.

  3. Rinna’s actions follow the same formula each season. In season 5 she went after Kim and ultimately it worked. Firstly because Kim had issues with her sobriety and the audience could see that and because there was a worse villain on the show in the form of Brandi. Following this LR used the same formula on Yolanda and then LVP in season 6. Whether what she was saying was true or not it came across as manipulating. She has now been at it again in season 7.. its very clear that she views this as a “role”.. she has said even Harry has said its “work” and a role to be played. ultimately, it keeps her relevant.

    She said to Dorit basically “you accused me of drugs so I have now accused you”

    She knows as well that acting this way, Bravo will ask her back next season

    1. Read below, I called her the MVP of this season. Don’t mistake that for me being a fan . But yes she delivers what Bravo wants, formula or not

  4. This has to be drama for tv cuz I have never ever seen adult women behaving this way. Erika – geezz – the first season she was on she didn’t own up to things she did – just sat there silently while the ladies wondered who started what – when it was Erika.. In the very beginning of pantygate – the short conversation about her panties with Lisa – seemed very staged. After watching DWTS – Erika shows no emotion before the judges – stone face – seemed odd. Bummed.

  5. Boy Oh boy, a case of amene
    sia to be solved this season. Must be what they are drinking.
    On to the outfits: Eileen’s dress should’ve retired to the garbage before it touched her body as well as her hairdo. Eden’s outfit should’ve been in a ballerina shop. Other than that, everyone looked lovely, even demented Rinna. Goodness, that woman is definitely certifiable. Eileen stands by her sick friend & never points out truths to her—sick relationship. They prod each other on to always do the wrong thing.
    LOVED how PK defended his wife. Enough is enough with how she was treated all season. Many will say he pushes into women’s buisiness, but when one woman is ganged on like that, time to intervene. Dorit stands her ground & wont allow bullies to bully her. But the trio she has had to deal with are like heavy cement. So glad both Erika & herself had a little moment. Still hope there?
    So clear it’s sickening how Rinna & Eileen pours on the treacle around Erika. Rinna, dont try too hard, not working. Erika likes Eileen more. Childish.
    Two wrongs that I saw:::—LVP telling Kim to fess she was talking about Rinna & Erika daring Rinna to go forward & ask. Even though Kyle said a decision was made prior to the party to do just that. WHY!!!! Love trouble especially at lavish functions? Rubbish!
    Let’s find comfy seats for the reunion–more of the same to come.

    1. Starr, I don’t always agree with you but always like your posts!
      It’s funny, I loved Eileen’s dress and did not like Rinna’s, Ha!
      Hope Kim is not at the reunion.

      1. Thanks Sunshine. I enjoy your posts as well & we can always agree to disagree on clothing or otherwise. It’s kinda fun.

    2. Totally agree with you. It find it odd that Eileen went after what LVP did to her last season (about the affair) yet what Rinna does is 100 times worse. we never see Eileen say to her, you crossed a line. I get defending your friend but they both went after Kyle and LVP last season for sticking up for each other no matter what.

      Regarding PK, did he go a bit too far, yes. However, He didn’t get involved with the conversation until Erika asked him a question.

      Also Erika complaining about being called cold, when she is and she admits that she is. you cannot have both. I agreed with Dorit on this.. you cannot say pantygate is fine and then bring it back up 3x months later. Thats not fair on Dorit.

  6. Wow, was so excited to watch this, and then the same tired crap happened, except Eden did have her own little epiphany and ran straight from the frying pan into the fire.
    Erika didn’t start shit, held her ground, and tried to squash her beef with Dorit.
    Lisa R? Rain said it all.
    Eileen is still taking scraps, loved her look.
    Maybe Kim and Kyle needed to confront Lisa R together, and now Kim can just be happy without this nonsense, hope and pray so.
    Kyle is still Switzerland.
    Pervy hit a new low.
    Dorit needs to stay home, she has no friends there, including LVP.
    Pinky, oh Pinky did you even think Erika would give you what you want with the constant comments? It was embarrassing.
    Don’t hate you, and love your causes and deep love of family, but c’mon.

  7. I was wondering, if, after it was all over and Dorit was alone with PK, that she might have said to him, I can fight my own battles, and you don’t have to speak for me. Why did you do that! Here I am apologizing my a.. off to Erika to try to make up for any past mistakes, and you just undid all of that!
    I know that they have only been together for a few years, and reality TV is bringing out that he himself wants to star in the HW show in a leading role and have Dorit be a costar.
    People assume they are on the same team and PK’s words are Dorit’s but are they? He is the one that started all of this no undies talk with a view, etc., and he pushes Erika to irritate her to the max with his cold words. Who is inherently cold for saying that to Erika, and even if she was or not, that was very disrespectful and rude of PK to say to her face.
    I have always been an LVP fan, but that are you wearing knickers comment when Erika was on the the swing would be funny if it was made to a close friend who knew her humour and who would have laughed and maybe said, “No, I am not wearing undies and the refreshing breeze got me excited there!” But it was to ERIKA, who did not find it funny, but now a source of constant irritation, which LVP may have still loved and laughed about…but it is getting old….and was in bad taste.

  8. Nobody took the ‘crown’ from LVP, she gave it away herself with her despicable behavior !
    3Ds said it once and I believe it now more than ever, Erika triggers jealousy in LVP and that’s a new feeling to her and she’s acting like a fool and not handling it very well , very mean girl behavior

  9. Oh no!! Gosh, I haven’t even seen the show yet, this is infinitely always more entertaining here. Hmmmmm, I wonder what that says about the show? I wish Lisa would go back and realize she doesn’t need the adoration of all. In the first 3 seasons she was so, so lovely. Her and Kyle made the show. Things got ugly with Brandy, Taylor and Yolanda, up until then it wasn’t like that so much, arguing all the effing time. I have to go to my Amazon and watch now.

  10. anyone remember first season Erika was on…. she started gossip and when the ladies were trying to figure out who did it – there sat Erika not saying a word – letting others take the blame for her words. Also – sorry for repeating myself – but when the subject of no panties came up – it looked totally staged between Erika & Lisa – like they had it planned to let everyone know she has no panties on…. so in my opinion Erika started it by announcing it. My girlfriends and myself would have a blastwith this situation and laugh at ourselves .. so again this pantygate was staged and Erika kept it going and refusing to acknowledged she had been apologized to……

  11. As Nene Leaks would say, stop trying to be a bitch, let your wife fight their own issues out or is it you will provoke one of them so you get air time. No one would believe for one second a woman like Erika would ever try and get a fat balding man like you. Your ego is so over inflated and you don’t have anything to be all look at me I’m P K, well I hope you and your trouble making wife will not be coming back as your boring and use your accents to be rude and then think I’ve done nothing. You and your wife have millions of people praying you just go away and if you keep making remarks about Erika you will see Cold, like Sub Zero cold. Stay out of the ladie business or are you so desparate to be seen, cause we don’t want to see you. And the remarks you and Todd made about Erika says everything about your charcter, you have none. Please just go away.

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