RHOBH Season 7 Finale; Dorit Confronts Lisa Rinna, PK Calls Erika Inherently Cold

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills finale night was packed full of drama as the women confronted each other for the drama that occurred over the course of the season. The ladies gathered at Villa Rosa for a Diamonds and Rosé party to celebrate her daughter’s new wine venture.

Rinna walked in to greet Lisa Vanderpump, saying, “You have to be nice to me because I gave you my feathers, and you said you would be!” Of course she was referring to her eyelashes from a previous episode. “But you’ve misbehaved since then,” Vanderpump quipped.

But Lisa was stewing and telling Eileen she felt like Eden Sassoon hadn’t had her back in Hong Kong by speaking up and saying that Dorit asked her if Rinna was on drugs. “Very quietly!” Rinna snapped. Eileen jumped in to tell Eden that by not saying anything, she’d actually made things worse. To the camera, Eden stated that Rinna had an “awkward, evil energy” that made her uncomfortable.

Meanwhile, Dorit caught up with Kim Richards, who happens to also have a negative past with Rinna. Dorit was reeling from her fight with Rinna in Hong Kong and decided Kim was the perfect person to discuss it with. “She asked me, ‘Do you trust your husband?'” Dorit said to Kim. “I can’t help but wonder if she’s protecting whatever issues she has,” she added. Kim agreed, calling Rinna’s behavior “erratic,” “viscous” and “mean.” They both agreed Rinna never took accountability, and then looked to Vanderpump and Kyle to add more fuel to the fire. “It’s not my problem, but it is,” Kim reasoned.

In that moment, Rinna waved to Kim, who waved back nicely. “Are you kidding me?” Vanderpump said. “Why don’t you just tell her you’re talking about her right now.” Kim did as she was told and confronted Rinna, saying she was “hearing some things” about her not being very nice. Rinna then reported that interaction back to Eileen, which made the drama worse.

Finally, Dorit and Rinna came face-to-face and finished their fight that had started in Hong Kong. “It was very hurtful and mean-spirited, what you did to me in Hong Kong,” Dorit said. “I am sorry you feel that way,” Rinna replied. She then defended herself again, insisting she didn’t have a Xanax problem, despite what Eden may have insinuated. That’s when Erika Girardi wandered over with Kim to join in on the conversation.

“I cannot help but question what on earth kind of issues you have that you need to project on other people,” Dorit said to Rinna, who insisted she was just observing what she saw. Vanderpump jumped in to say Rinna was going after Dorit in the same way she’d gone after her. Kim agreed, adding herself, Yolanda Hadid and Brandi Glanville to the list of Rinna’s victims as well. “I tell the truth!” Rinna yelled.

“Oh, please!” Dorit said. “You say one thing, and then you say another!” Dorit then told Rinna, “If I can smell your breath, you’re too close. Take a step back. I mean it.” That’s when Dorit’s husband, PK, joined in to defend his wife. Rinna responded by turning the conversation to the issues between Dorit and Erika. “What you did to Erika for months, I’m sorry, it’s disgusting,” Rinna said.

Erika jumped in, saying to Dorit, “You’ve called me cold. You’ve called me heartless.” Dorit said that wasn’t true: “I didn’t call you heartless. I called you frigid.” Erika insisted that Dorit’s underwear gift was mean, and while she didn’t outright deny that Dorit had apologized, she did say she couldn’t remember it.

Then, PK joined the conversation. “Did you ever say that I did on purpose to seduce you?” Erika asked PK. “I am upset because I’m watching you gang up on my wife,” he replied. He then added, “Erika, you’re not deliberately cold. You’re inherently cold.” To the camera, Erika said, “You don’t like me? Get in f*cking line.”

Erika insisted she’d been “nothing but nice” to Dorit, prompting PK to call Erika “delusional.” Eileen was completely mortified at the scene that was unfolding in front of her eyes. “I can’t imagine Vincent ever treating another woman that way,” she said to the camera. Eileen told PK he was rude, and PK told Rinna he just didn’t get why she’d attacked Dorit that way in Hong Kong. Somehow everyone just got tired of fighting and wandered off, leaving Dorit and Erika alone.

When everyone went their separate ways, Dorit and Erika were able to have a conversation. “Do you realize how embarrassing that was for me?” Erika asked. “It hurt me very much that you gave me the underwear.” Dorit apologized again, and this time Erika seemed to hear her. “Whatever was said, I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt, PK and I do not think you did it intentionally,” Dorit said. “I so would have loved to have heard this a long time ago,” Erika replied. To the camera, she added, “It’s nice to see her being so authentic.” Erika was optimistic they could have a genuine connection in the future, but predicted it would be “slow.”

As the night came to an end, Eden lost her temper on Rinna. “You were never present for me. You’re never there,” she said. Rinna told Eden flat out that when she went to Vanderpump, her guard went up: “The minute you did that, you were done.”

“I’ve given you so much of my time, my energy, my f*cking heart, you bitch!” Eden screamed. “I’ve given you everything, Lisa — everything! And for you to sit there and say that, ‘The minute you went to Vanderpump, you were done!’ It’s not OK for you to treat me the way you do. I’m sick and tired of you walking all over me and using me as your f*cking scapegoat. I’m not kidding at all! And you know that! I’ve been nothing but there for you!”

Eden then stormed out, calling Rinna “out of her f*cking mind.” To the camera, Vanderpump said, “It’s all going according to plan. She likes me more than Rinna!”

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Photo Credit: Bravo