RHOBH Season 6 Reunion Part 2


Part two of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion picked up right where part one left off. Yolanda Hadid walked off set as Lisa Rinna and Lisa Vanderpump argued over who was responsible for bringing up the Munchausen word and Rinna claimed that Vanderpump said, “There goes our storyline,” at Rinna’s birthday dinner at the beginning of the season when Rinna’s husband Harry Hamlin told the ladies they should be more empathetic about Hadid’s illness.

Erika Girardi followed Yolanda to her dressing room where she cried. Once Hadid returned to the set, she admitted that the battle of the Lisas made the season hard and and she didn’t know who she could really trust. When Andy Cohen asked her which Lisa she believed, Yolanda admitted she didn’t know, which caused Lisa Rinna to walk off the set.

Yolanda’s health was discussed further as the topic of her children Bella and Anwar’s Lyme disease was brought up. It was revealed that Lisa Vanderpump’s friendship with Mohamed Hadid had been affected by the events but Vanderpump revealed that they were working on getting their friendship “back on track.”

Andy read a fan question to Erika that claimed she was dishonest about being involved in discussing Yolanda’s children’s health, but Girardi brushed off the drama and called Rinna a “p*ssy.” Yolanda told everyone they should be ashamed of talking about her family if they spent one day in the clinic with her and saw the other families there suffering. Both Lisas rushed to hug her and all of the women apologized at once.

Next, Kim Richards joined the stage to talk about her relationship with her sister Kyle Richards. Kim admitted that fleeing rehab and getting arrested for shoplifting strained her relationship with her sister.

“I guess I’m hard to love,” an emotional Kim said.

“If I didn’t like you at times, I always loved you,” Kyle insisted.

“I’m so cheering for you, Kim,” Kathryn Edwards said, as Eileen Davidson added, “So am I!”

Lisa Rinna apologized for calling Kim “dangerous” and calling her arrests “gross” but refused to “take accountability.” Kim then went in on Eileen and accused her of “over-exaggerating” the seriousness of situations and making the show more of a soap opera.

Then it was time to discuss the feud between Lisa Vanderpump and Eileen Davidson and why Eileen was so offended when Lisa wouldn’t stop asking about “the affair” between Eileen and her husband Vince Van Patten.

“You’re pretty calculated,” Eileen told Vanderpump. “I don’t think things come out of your mouth flippantly.”

Lisa insisted she didn’t understand why Davidson was so offended by the word “affair.” Eileen told Lisa she found her “condescending” and “dismissive.”

“I’m sorry that you find me manipulative,” Vanderpump said.

Andy Cohen asked Eileen about the revelation that she had been in an abusive relationship in the past. She brought up Lisa’s blog, where Vanderpump wrote she would never discuss her past abuses the way Eileen had.

“When were you in an abusive relationship?” Andy asked. Vanderpump responded that she was 19 when she was threatened and harmed by a former mate. Andy attempted to press her on the topic, but she started to get emotional.

Thoughts on part two of the reunion?

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