RHOBH Season 6 Reunion Part 2


Part two of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion picked up right where part one left off. Yolanda Hadid walked off set as Lisa Rinna and Lisa Vanderpump argued over who was responsible for bringing up the Munchausen word and Rinna claimed that Vanderpump said, “There goes our storyline,” at Rinna’s birthday dinner at the beginning of the season when Rinna’s husband Harry Hamlin told the ladies they should be more empathetic about Hadid’s illness.

Erika Girardi followed Yolanda to her dressing room where she cried. Once Hadid returned to the set, she admitted that the battle of the Lisas made the season hard and and she didn’t know who she could really trust. When Andy Cohen asked her which Lisa she believed, Yolanda admitted she didn’t know, which caused Lisa Rinna to walk off the set.

Yolanda’s health was discussed further as the topic of her children Bella and Anwar’s Lyme disease was brought up. It was revealed that Lisa Vanderpump’s friendship with Mohamed Hadid had been affected by the events but Vanderpump revealed that they were working on getting their friendship “back on track.”

Andy read a fan question to Erika that claimed she was dishonest about being involved in discussing Yolanda’s children’s health, but Girardi brushed off the drama and called Rinna a “p*ssy.” Yolanda told everyone they should be ashamed of talking about her family if they spent one day in the clinic with her and saw the other families there suffering. Both Lisas rushed to hug her and all of the women apologized at once.

Next, Kim Richards joined the stage to talk about her relationship with her sister Kyle Richards. Kim admitted that fleeing rehab and getting arrested for shoplifting strained her relationship with her sister.

“I guess I’m hard to love,” an emotional Kim said.

“If I didn’t like you at times, I always loved you,” Kyle insisted.

“I’m so cheering for you, Kim,” Kathryn Edwards said, as Eileen Davidson added, “So am I!”

Lisa Rinna apologized for calling Kim “dangerous” and calling her arrests “gross” but refused to “take accountability.” Kim then went in on Eileen and accused her of “over-exaggerating” the seriousness of situations and making the show more of a soap opera.

Then it was time to discuss the feud between Lisa Vanderpump and Eileen Davidson and why Eileen was so offended when Lisa wouldn’t stop asking about “the affair” between Eileen and her husband Vince Van Patten.

“You’re pretty calculated,” Eileen told Vanderpump. “I don’t think things come out of your mouth flippantly.”

Lisa insisted she didn’t understand why Davidson was so offended by the word “affair.” Eileen told Lisa she found her “condescending” and “dismissive.”

“I’m sorry that you find me manipulative,” Vanderpump said.

Andy Cohen asked Eileen about the revelation that she had been in an abusive relationship in the past. She brought up Lisa’s blog, where Vanderpump wrote she would never discuss her past abuses the way Eileen had.

“When were you in an abusive relationship?” Andy asked. Vanderpump responded that she was 19 when she was threatened and harmed by a former mate. Andy attempted to press her on the topic, but she started to get emotional.

Thoughts on part two of the reunion?

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Eileen nd Lisa R are so hypocritical. Lisa R wanted to sweep everything ugly she said regarding Kim under the rug, ad said, I’m over it, and wanna move past this” yet she can’t let go of the stupd munch hausmann comment, blaming LVP for “forcing” Her I say this? Same wit Eileen–she really can’t le go regarding LVP. LVP apologized now 5 times! Eileen just doesnt like how or the way she apologized. GO away Lisa R and Eileen. No need to take orders for theBBQ–if LVP ahas her way, as she seems to be all so powerful, these… Read more »

Gosh Egg, I really hope those two wont be back.

Lisa R doesn’t ‘own’ a damned thing she says. Eileen is BORINGGGGG. Kim was right that Soapy over reacts. She over reacted when Kim made that comment. Rinna and Eileen really are the toxic twins. How many freaking times did LVP apologize at the reunion to that moron. Now Soapy doesn’t trust LVP. God that woman thinks she’s acting on a soap on RHOBH. Time to get rid of the toxic twins. (Funny how Sudsy said she’d have a real BBQ next year. Basically dropping hints to Andy to please have her back on.)

Eileen may be boring but she is not wrong. And LVP gave a half ass apology then admitted on camera that she didn’t mean it! Skeptic , you’re a smart person , just admit that in this instance at least , LVP could’ve done better !! What grown woman needs ‘coaching’ on how to apologize??? Seriously?????

She didn’t want to apologize because she felt she did nothing wrong. If I feel I haven’t done or said anything wrong I don’t apologize either. I will be the first to apologize if I feel I have done wrong. If that sentence makes any sense, that is.

When everyone around you tells you you’re wrong, maybe it’s time to capitulate? Just sayin’.

When has LVP ever felt she did or said anything wrng!! NEVER! Even she admits she doesn’t apologize ! Come on skeptic !!! Lol ❤️

The thing is, Lisa apologized how many times? I know, I know, they didn’t seem sincere. I think what Lisa didn’t get was that the apology should have been for hurting Eileen’s feelings, not for saying “affair.” This honestly has nothing to do with being a fan. Just an unprejudiced outside view into two totally opposite personalities. Lisa was thinking “love affair” for one thing IMO. Later she got the “affair” part. I see that she tried several times to say the right thing. Now if she really didn’t give a damn, she wouldn’t have done that. When Lisa was… Read more »
What I love is that Harry already put Rinna on blast saying he didn’t say that. Eileen and Lisa R are holding onto this story like it’s dogma on the reunion when it was found to be untrue. The double standards are astounding because they’ve been jumping down LVPs throat, but when it came to copping to her behavior, Lisa R wanted to pretend it didn’t happen or passive aggressively put it under the rug? Where was Eileen telling her you can’t continually apologize and do the same action over again? Where was Eileen coaching her on her behavior and… Read more »

Very good points, every one, as usual. 🙂

Sorry Egg, but I so disagree with you on these women. LV knew full well how embarrassing and rude her very personal questions to Eileen were. How many times did she say the word “affair”? Of course Eileen was uncomfortable…who wouldn’t be? LV acting so dumbfounded was ridiculous. Then, pointing her finger at Eileen and asking are we F-ing all right? It’s a good thing she didn’t point her very manicured finger at me with her tonality…. And I fully believe she very much encouraged LR to bring up “Murchison Syndrome”. Now did LR have to steer the conversation that… Read more »

Brava, barbara. I completely agree.

Oh shucks. 🙂

Barbara , I ❤️ U

Back at ya! 🙂

I believe Lisa encouraged Rinna to go to Yo and explain after the fact, like she said at Kyle’s BBQ, that’s it. Rinna has been caught in so many lies I quit counting.

LR does put her foot in her mouth often but to call her a lair……we will agree to disagree.

No– if you watch that section in the M word episode — LVP specifically advises Rinna NOT to talk to YF. I think LVP thot if YF knew so early in the season LVP wouldn’t be able to keep sewing doubt re YF illness with Kyle. IMO

Barbara, I totally agree too!


Barbara, if you don’t mind, I have a question. What dark side of LVP did you see this season except what LR fabricated with no proof to clean her own slate & throw it onto LVP or ED who instigated LR to create confusion as she could not accept LVP’s one million apologies as they were not authentic enough to suit her as she wanted a bow down kiss her feet apology? Or Yolanda who is clearly a liar & a deceitful person who thrives on attention & is jealous of LVP, & is glad that Mohammed is no longer… Read more »
What I saw this season with LV was a cruelty towards Eileen that I have never seen from her before. Digging into her very personal past and bringing up the word “Affair” in her questioning was a purposeful meanness, I have never seen her do until this season. Then acting like she had no idea why Eileen was so upset when she very politely and off to the side, tried to explain how uncomfortable she felt. Come on Star, when has LV ever done something like that to any housewife on this show. Then dismissing Eileen’s feeling over and over… Read more »
Fair enough Barbara, Eileen pointed a finger at LVP’s home as well & at that point, LVP was beyond frustrated with the fact that how many times can one human keep bringing up the same thing over & over & how many times can one human keep apologizing.? Eileen has been a recurring decimal the entire season. LR has a fun loving side, yes, but she cant stop her rage & hate when her thoughts are the only true & fair ones in her deranged mind. She’s been friends with LVP for 26 years, not one season. Suddenly, light bulb?… Read more »

Well, I think this season has been as much of a challenge for the viewers as the housewives themselves. We just see these women differently. No harm. 🙂

Brava! You said it beautifully. I see “Liar” “fabricated” etc in reference to LR but zero proof that LVP is telling the truth.

I wish Bravo would settle this once and for all. Go through the film and see if LVP said it at the birthday party. But you know they never will. Keeps the drama up.

Thank you. LR has her faults no doubt, but a liar…where’s the proof?

I will tell you on thing for sure she lied about. 2 days before Kyle’s BBQ Yo told Kyle about the kids having Lyme. At the BBQ, when Kyle asked what was up with Anwar’s and Bella’s Lyme, Lisa said Mohammed said only Yo had it. Right there Rinna says “I have heard that too.” Now THAT was an outright lie. Mohammed had told no one, and Ky,e and Lisa had just found out. There is no way Rinna could have heard anything whatsoever concerning Bella’s and Anwar’s Lyme Disease, much less gossip in a day that it was going… Read more »

3 D’s, for being tired, you certainly did a grand energy job of pointing out some clear facts. Good Job.

Every time someone says that LVP hurt ED because she used the word ‘affair’ I am befuddled. What exactly am I missing?? She was married. He was married. They began a relationship. That is an affair. What was LVP supposed to say? ‘Is that how your joyous fairy dusted copulation festival started?” She was fucking a married man that had a wife and children that then broke up his family because of it. It was an AFFAIR. No if ands or butts. If something is so distasteful that it hurts your puritanical ears than maybe don’t do it in the… Read more »

Barbara — you said everything I have finally come to see this season. I have always liked LVP and given her a pass mainly because she is British. But with Lisa Rinna and Eileen’s reputation as being honest and they have much more credibility than Brandi, I have to see LVP in a different light. I think all the other seasons LVP depended on the person she was against not having credibility and used that to her advantage. Not this season — LVP looks very vindictive and petty to me.

Sharon, that is how I have seen this whole season. So disappointing to me having my “rose colored glasses” ripped from my face. You said it nicely about giving her a pass, but no more. Thanks for the support.

So a woman who’s own husband came out to say she was wrong when she quoted him and another who has a history of dishonest adulterous behavior are credible? I must misunderstood the word ‘credibility’ all these years.

You aren’t the only one then! Xoxo❤️❤️❤️❤️

Suze! Lots of love & prayers! We had a lovely English patient at our facility a few years ago & she had the loveliest spirit & voice. When I read your posts I hear her – even though you’re Scottish 🙂

But after 53 years in England that is my accent with some Scottish words and phrases thrown in! Xoxoxoxox

Well said Roxanne on both your posts.

Sharon, you NAILED it! LVP has always his behind the other ‘villains’ and used that as a smoke screen to conduct her business! she’s an excellent manipulator ! Even when she does get exposed , it’s always the others fault, isn’t it? 🙂 … It’s the drunks fault, or the adulterers fault or the big lipped fault etc

MARCO RUBIO!! That sums it up for me.

I have to say that there are very few people I have hated. One person, you would hate too if you knew what he did. And now, Rinna is one. She is such a fucking liar. Se isn’t sorry for what she said about Yolanda. She would never accuse someone else, no matter who, for pushing her to say the “word” if she didn’t know how horrible that makes her look. She did that for one reason, to lessen the weight of what she did off herself. And she doesn’t care who she hurts, what she does to their reputation,… Read more »

s3 D’s, I 1,000% agree. It sickened me when Rinna sat next to Yo & gave that insincere apology to her & how artificical she sounded when talking to Kim, another act of insincerity. I disliked also when all the women gathered to pay homage to Yo, her crocodile tears & her grand on-going pity party. Why couldn’t they point out some truths to her, why are they all so afraid of her? Don’t understand the half of it.

When it comes to lipsa (someone) who likes to call out other’s, the same cannot be said of her (very thinned skinned) cocky bobblehead. And whileen (please just shut up already) she’s a big snooze (wa wa wa, my feelings) barf…
And lymes with her croc. tears and stupid sidekick—–geeezzzz, they bring down the show….Loved when they referred to lipsa as a QVC. fat ladies poncho…..

Interesting how LVP just will not admit she has any shortcomings. It would be very difficult to maintain a relationship with someone who is never wrong.

Apple that sums up very succinctly why I don’t like her.

Nothing worse than someone who cannot admit when they are wrong and I agree it is hard to maintain a friendship with people like that.

The worst season of BH ever! Bringing soap ‘actresses’ not the show was the biggest mistsks for BH. Do I wish Lisa would just admit it and that takes away all their power over her. I still wouldn’t watch it without her but that’s just me. I would love to see her doing a programme wth animals much nicer!

That would be nicer, Suze. Im enjoying all the cooking shows more than these lately. Anything Bobby flay. Much more light hearted. I do like Dallas though. I get a little bored watching it but overall it’s entertaining. And I haven’t even bothered with NY.

I haven’t bothered with Dallas yet maybe I will look at it now. I can’t watch cooking at the moment because of the nausea! Hubbie keeps coming upstairs after eating a curry! I have to send him to use mouthwash! I seem to spend my time watching Monkey World, I love it. They have more sense and manners than some of these women! My daughter and her partner arrives on the 9th I am so excited! K will stay a few months and E will just be here four days. We have a Ru Paul marathon planned! Xxxooo❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Good luck… Read more »

Oh yes I didn’t think about the nausea. I’m sorry Suze. You must be so over it 🙁 Animal shows sound perfect! That’s so great your daughter and her partner are coming and you have Rupaul planned! I love it! I wish I could come watch with you. Please say hi for me. And enjoy every minute. You deserve it. I’m working on those grades. I’m interacting with you all more than my best friends. I’ve cut myself off. But I’m almost there…..

I will keep my fingers and toes crossed for you but you won’t need it! Just think David! Xoxoxoxoxox❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


Love you Suze ❤️❤️❤️

Slurpy kisses xoxoxo❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Ended up waking at 2 am and watched the show like a zombie lol

Suze, I really hope that nausea does not linger too long. I remember when my son was on chemo & going at both ends, everything, according to him, smelled of “dog food”. Praying my sweet Suze.

It does and I have banned my husband from talking about any food. I tell him what I want and that’s enough I don’t like thinking about it. But everything does taste revolting! Not too sure about dog poo! Lol I hope,you are getting on well with your walking? It can’t be easy! Xoxoxxo❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Goodness Suze, what you’re enduring I cant hold a candle to that. What I have is pain, is all. My young nephew just got diagonesed with pancreatic cancer, spread to his liver. The family is devastated & like you Suze, he is the consoler. I’m praying really hard for you both & that Jesus will send a cure asap. God bless you in all ways, my friend.

Starr, I am devastated for your family and your nephew, at least I have had a good life and travelled and enjoyed myself. How old is your nephew? It is tragic and pain isn’t nothing it’s debilitating and frustrating and awful! I really am so sorry my friend. It’s now and has been for some time one in three people will get cancer! It has been that way since my son had it twenty years ago. Scary statistics! Love you xxxxxxoooooo

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️✨✨✨✨✨ lets see if my stars work this time!

Thanks for all the beautiful stars Suze—Love them & you. John is in his early 40’s & like you, Suze, much loved by all. My understanding is that most all of Trinidad (a predominantly Catholic Island) are praying for him for a miracle. He’s here in FL. now & will aggressively be treated. I pray for a miracle for you both. Much love, my sweet Suze.

Much love to you and John, he is young! Prayers for him xxxoooo ⭐️✨⭐️✨⭐️✨

Starr , my thoughts and prayers my sweetie are with you and your family! I echo what 3D said , that you are an inspiration to all of us here !! All my love xxx ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

OMG, Starr. I just saw this, it as been a tearful day. I am so incredibly sorry. Please tell your Nephew that there are a bunch of people who truly love you here praying for hm, could you? When we say pray, we don’t just say the words. I get on my knees and pray. Funny, I do it in my garden on my kneeler, because I feel closest to him there. I thank Him for the beauty he allowed me to plant, and the flowers that lighten my days, and the soil he made to put it in. I… Read more »
Rain & 3 D’s, I truly feel the love & am so humbled by it. Thank you so much. I will tell John what you said for sure. 3 D’S, The way you pray is wonderful. Communing with God & giving praise & thanks for the very soil he provided is so inspiring. Everyday I tell HIMSELF I owe Him Big Time & can never repay Him in this lifetime no matter how hard I try. He deserves nothing short of our very best. I also thank Him for the friends I have found here on this site & I… Read more »

DeeDee, you and I agree on a lot. Dallas isn’t one of them. Those two little friends, Brandie and whatever, just the sound of their voices grates on me.

Hahaha! I don’t blame you. I’m kind of embarrassed that I like it. For some reason the airiness of it makes me happy. I think in my fantasy land I wouldnt mind being a Dallas girl. I’ve never been there so it’s just a daydream.

3 D’s, silly & ditzy as the 2 friends are, I kinda like their foolish banter. Better than what’s been going on with BH housewives. I just watch bits & pieces though, not sure I’ll ever watch an entire episode, but who knows.

We need Brandi back, worst season ever

Agreed 100% She and Erika would be hilarious together!

I would love to see Brandi and Erika together. I doubt it’s going to happen because I heard she’s got her own show in the works, but who knows? Since most of the cast is against LVP, I can see someone from that side getting a shot. Faye? Ewwwww! I hope that never happens.

Team Erika all the way! I really can’t be bothered with any of the other women this reunion. I still like LVP despite realizing she’s very manipulative way back in s3; I still like Yolanda and believe she has a neurological disorder despite what internet psychologists think (she’s also very manipulative); this was Kyle’s best season- probably because she was mostly used as a comedic foil to LVP, couldn’t stand her the last 4 seasons; HATE Rinna for her disgusting, reckless mouth and actions. She might as well be an alcoholic the way she acts. The rest: not important enough… Read more »

Ta-daaaa! And there we have it! lol

Yes Nick I agree with you also please please bring Brandy back the show really needs her

I couldn’t get over just how wax like most of these ladies look. Their faces literally do not move.

Love how Rinna says “that was the last… Im letting it go!”. How about Münchausen? And how phony was she with Kim? Time for her to go!

Kim, Kim, Kim. You’ll never beat your addiction while you continue to blame others for your behaviour. You acted like a lunatic in the limo with LR and your behaviour at Eileen’s house was erratic and nasty. But Eileen overreacts? “This is real life, not a soap opera.”???? How dare she say that when she won’t accept the reality of her own actions. She was shouting and cursing and name-calling in Eileen’s house while she had a kid upstairs. Shame on you. Thank you, Andy Cohen, for validating what I’ve thought about Kathryn since Day 1. She does remind me… Read more »

Erika was pre-programmed against LVP by Yolanda.

Erika is a smart cookie. She may have been told what to watch for, but she read LVP like a book.

I totally agree. She needed a pal since Brandi and Kim were gone.

Skeptic, so true.

I want to reach through my TV and grab Sudsy by those ugly flopping lips and shake the ever living sh*t out of her.

It made me sick when at 10:00 minutes in, Rinna went over and bent down in front of Yolanda saying “we all should have helped you, blah, blah, blah” When what she should have done was hang her ugly sickening face in shame for the things she said about Yolanda and Kim during the season. I am not even a fan of Kim or Yolanda, but the things she said were cruel and disgusting. She is the most vulgar housewife ever. Not evil, Icky takes that cake, but crude and vulgar, she wins that. Like now after all season spewing… Read more »

Agree with you as always, 3 D’s.

Yolanda is THE master at manipulation. Pretend crying and she got all the ladies feeling sorry for her and for what they said.

Even when the other women themselves admit they were wrong about Yo, including your beloved LVP, you still insist she is ‘pretending’ ! Come on!!! Xoxo

That truly boggles my mind. Why would anyone waste so much of their life pretending to be sick when they’re living such a fabulous life?

Bingo!!!! And now we heard it from LVP mouth that she and Mohammed are NOT talking, yet we still have deniers lol! It’s like the republicans and climate change 🙂

Didn’t LVP say they weren’t talking but were starting to get over it? Also that video from TMZ released last week with Mohamed saying LVP is always his friend.

He was being polite! And youre a hardcore fan so it doesn’t matter what you hear or read you’ll still believe what you want! Have a good day

Hardcore fan or not, I think the whole thing was a misunderstanding. And I definitely think that Yolanda exaggerated on WWHL. I have no doubt they probably fell out for a while, but I doubt it would be permanent.

Most of the rest of the world doubt the children’s Lyme disease, it’s only natural the RHOBH would too.

Who said they would stop being friends permanently? It’s simply a bump on the road. Don’t be so dramatic , it’s Just a show

I’ve seen you call a few people dramatic for having opinions different than you. It’s not very nice. And if it was a bump in the road and they’re back on track…then maybe it’s not about being a hardcore fan and having fun that opinion, maybe it’s that they really got over it and are getting good again.

PJ, you said it. Yo enjoys pity & all the trimmings that goes with it.

She was living a fabulous life with Mohamed too. She managed to worm her way out of a cast iron pre-nup with ‘illness’ then as well…

I never said she was pretending. I said she made a point of saying she was sick, had been sick, hadn’t gotten out of bed, blah, blah, blah, before every other word she spoke, which I know to be an unhealthy statement to continually make and a symptom of something deeper going on, all the while she traveled around the world having treatment after treatment and becoming angry when the ladies spoke of it. That is what I said, and I still say it. I never thought she was pretending anything. I believe she suffered horribly, as I do and… Read more »

Couldn’t agree more. And saying she had a fabulous life & had no need to pretend or exaggerate discounts the fact that Yo has a history of attention seeking behaviors. Not sure if it was you 3D but the criteria for factitious disorder that was posted a while back fit Yo to a t.

Skeptic & Rain, ITA with you both.

Skeptic, I agree with both your posts, for I also wanted to throw Rinna & her puckered back of her dress out the door. As for Yolanda, what a manipulative woman. She sure has her answers ready. I agree with her that if they saw other Lymmes victims, their hearts would break, but she’s not one of them to my mind. She enjoyed every second of white robe bed ridden victim & posting her selfies. Her running off stage twice was another call to attention on herself. Erika lied!! she’s another to watch out for. She said to Andy she… Read more »
So, Rinna “was angry, for a year” at Kim, for Kim’s behavior on one night. And, she, because of this righteous anger, has the right to say horrible things about Kim, all SEASON, like vile, vicious, rabid dog, addict, gross, and more that hasn’t come to mind in the moment, and all that was “before, and this is now?” All of this while never even seeing Kim, but certainly pretending to be Kyle’s friend. All the horrible things she said about Yolanda, that she used her illness to get by with things, ( what things she got away with she… Read more »

3 D’s you Rock!!!! I’m so there with you. What a fermented fruitcake Rinna is.

The BEST line of the night was when Yo said to LVP ‘you can’t walk over bodies ‘ for the sake of the show!! LVP had NO response all the accusations , I’m sorry but she for nailed last night. I’m NOT a RInna fan but she did incredible damage to LVP image ( I’m talking about neutral viewers , not the devout LVP fans) . But as much as i love my Yo, she kept interrupting which was kinda annoying!!
And Kathryn with that Botox , geeeez!!!

LVP looked cornered and I think she was. She got scorched and she knows it. Maybe she’ll reign it back a little next year.

Yes she had a bad night! But she’s still great tv! She knows how to create a great show but it’s ok to call her out. She can take it!

And did they all get their makeup done by drag queens? Those horrible glitter eye shadows are just fugly!! Not to mention , age inappropriate

As much as I don’t like to comment on people’s looks, I have to say that the eye makeup looked uncomfortable; thick and caked-on. Obviously another fashion trend that will be passing me by. 🙂

I’m just commenting on their make up, it was excessive ! These women are all beautiful and they don’t need this much makeup ! Still LOVE Kyle in that green and i adore me some Tay tays LOL

Oh, I think make-up and clothes are fair and a matter of personal taste. For me, they all looked fabulous, like they always do, but I felt Kyle’s dress was my least favourite. Kathryn’s was really, really, green, which I would love in a different setting, but I loved all the rest. I’d have to say Erica’s and Yo’s looks were my favourites, with Eileen second, LVP third. It thought LR’s dress was lovely too.

Sorry, I meant making comments about make-up and clothes is fair.

You’re right it’s peroanl taste ❤️❤️ And i wear almost no make up so excessive make up almost scares me LOL! and I think they are all natural beauties ( Botox excluded) anyways. I’m a hippie chick maybe that’s why Kyles dress appeals to me, but I realized I share the same taste in clothes with her, can I raid her closet? 🙂 my lease favorites were Kathryn and Eileen’s dresses

Most of them, not all. Did you see Rinna without makeup. She really does need help.

I think Rinna and Kathryn just need a little less Botox, but they have pretty faces

Rinna’s complexion without makeup is pretty bad. Yolanda, on the other hand has a beautiful complexion, even without makeup.

Skeptic that is a bit cruel, she can’t help her complexion, I can’t stand her I think she needs locking up but comment on clothes makeup etc not something people can’t help please.

Rain, I only watched a bit, I couldn’t be bothered with anymore but I agree the makeup was ridiculous for ‘mature’ women, the glittery bits get stuck in the lines! On TV this morning a beautician was showing how to get the Dame Helen Mirren ‘pink’ look and it was so flattering to the model who was your age. Younger than me! I will try it out once I have had my eyebrows done tomorrow. I don’t want to look too closely today I might get a shock! Xoxoxox❤️❤️❤️❤️

Love me some Mirren ❤️❤️❤️ I did watch because what else are you going to do at 2 am lol! But I did gag in my mouth a few times, seriously a horrible season a horrible reunion! And dragging Kim out there for the sake of rating or whatever , is just cruel
malicious .

Yup that’s why I had to turn off! Not because I’m a LVP fan, I always said she wasn’t perfect or near perfect for that matter but the whole show has just become cruel and not entertainment!

I don’t blame you ! I am feeling like RealSandy and thinking, why am I watching this crap?? Seriously, it’s as painful as a tobasco enema lol

LOL I just puckered up at the thought.

Pucker up Suze , 🙂

I have never had one! Or likely too!! But yes I’m done! Xxoo❤️❤️❤️

I loved the addition of Lisa R and Eileen last year…. now I’m not too sure about that. Eileen seems to be acting and playing a role – Lisa R. is off her rocker…

Lisa V needs to redirect her strong feelings from animals to humans. She has no empathy for people.

Maybe she prefers animals I do at times!

Me too Suze. I’d much rather be in the company of animals than a lot of humans. What puzzles me is that I’m friendly to most, just don’t get it myself.

LVP must be leaving RHOBH. Read her blog and it sure sounds like it.

I think your right skeptic however if that is the case Bravo will try to keep her, whether people like it or not she is the show

calm down , she’s not leaving! They all say they’re leaving to garner sympathy . Relax she will be back and I want her back ❤️❤️

I couldn’t see her blog this week, I can’t be bothered to read the others it’s enough here.

Who is Marco Rubio and why was Rinna so upset about the comparison?

Marco Rubio is a GOP senator who was running for president . I don’t think Andys analogy was accurate nor do I believe Rinna knew who Marco Rubio is

I very much doubt she did, she doesn’t seem like the sharpest tool in the box. Xoxox

Is there a butt waxer in that tool box lol

I would hate to think what she has in her tool box! Xoxoxox❤️❤️❤️❤️

Marco is the guy who, during the debates, kept changing his stance and passing the buck. He waffled. Can’t decide what side he’s on. He was smug and condescending. Perfect analogy and LR didn’t get the comparison. I doubt she is smart enough to follow politics or do the due diligence required to make an intelligent, knowledgable decision on anything, much less politics.

I love that her pinned her down so perfectly and the look of befuddlment on her face was priceless.

LVP is so over Bravo. Last week Andy tweeted Lisa trying to kiss up. She didn’t even acknowledge his tweet. I think her contract was up last week when she said it would be her last blog on Bravo.

Stop being dramatic dude!! This is business , not a sorority ! This is all part of the ‘game’ ! She’ll be back

Well I can say with her latest blog she hit every nail on the head.

I’m not surprised you think that lol ❤️❤️

@Andy how about getting rid of Borleen Lipsa PatdaPuss & Yolymaid next season?

Andy Cohen ‏@Andy 12h12 hours ago
@2tall4u2 no way!

Well there you go! It still baffles me that fans think that Andy makes be decisions based on what Twitter says

Rain, you know my thoughts on Twitter, it’s nasty or used in that way but the more people tweet Andy the less chance of getting rid of whoever they want gone! I think, I could very well be wrong but last season Brandi would have stayed apart from no one would film with her apart from Yolanda. Plus of course it didn’t help when she told him to F off!! Xoxoxo

I watched it all and Yolanda still needs to do something about her hair and I thought her dress was very ugly but her complexion is very beautiful.

I agree Aunt Bee, don’t like her dress

I agree I thought her dress was the worst! And I don’t like her hair! Xoxoxoxo❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Must be all the Whole Foods make-up and Whole Foods bleach.

Gigicat thankyou for telling me about the anti nausea medicines, I can’t remember what they are called there as its a different name here but it seems to be helping! The only one so far. I hope your Dad is coping ok! Xoxoxox

Suze, didn’t they give you some where you got infused? So far, Dad just has fatigue and some bowel issues. (Sorry everyone). Suze, can I email blog owner and have her forward you my email address? I can send you an entire print-out of everything they gave him.

Of course you can. It’s complicated with me because of other drugs I take effect many medicines so that’s why it’s difficult. The hospital are on the phone every day so I am being taken care of really well. Just the pneumonia has messed it all up!
Tell your Dad I am thinking of him. Xoxoxoxox

Sorry I forgot yes when on the drip I had some they were fine. No nausea at all!

And hopefully, this is as bad as it gets for you. I think about you ALL THE TIME!

I think about you too and everything you are going throughxoxoxoxox❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

GIGICAT, I’m so sorry to hear that your family is going through a difficult time ❤️❤️❤️

Whole Foods is great. My Daughter works there. They have the best veg and fruit anywhere. One thing you might not know, is that the employees are advised to give away 2 products a day. So, for example, my Daughter works in Produce half and Floral half the time, if someone was looking at some veg or fruit they hadn’t seen, she goes over ( she is an amazing cook ) and asks what they think or some such thing. They have classes quite frequently about what the different produce is, where it comes from etc. They are given samples… Read more »

That dress wasn’t beautiful. It looked like she was being wrapped up as a mummy.

Ditto on Yo’s dress, but she does have a lovely complexion.

She looked like she should strap on a pair of skates & hit the rink. Cue The Prayer & get ready for the triple axel.

Yolanda looked beautiful and classy. It was more than obvious that she is truly heart broken

LR exhibits every behavior of a dry drunk. The sudden outburst, violent temper, stomping around, brushing things under the rug, hurting people and then saying “that was then and this is now.” When she said that and Andy called her Marco Rubio I actually started clapping and the cats got scared. That’s when I realized I am WAY TOO invested in this POS. She’s a nasty, vile, washed up thing. Also, you don’t hurt people and think it’s okay. If she had heard LVP say “there goes the storyline”, why did she ass-kiss and do the pony shopping with her?… Read more »

Lol xoxoxo

GIGICAT, I felt the same way too. Lol at how well you posted.

#VanderLies #BoringBoringBoring. Can LVC quit already? PLEASE???!

Just like during the season where Rinna has talking head twice as much as anyone, ( SICK, SICK, SICK OF IT!!!! ) On the reunion, she talks more than anyone. Could Andy just shut her the fuck up, FGSakes? I would like to hear what others have to say. She makes a mockery of every awful thing she does as if it’s just “Oh well, it’s just me to be vulgar, crude, cruel, because I am angry at the time, and blah, blah, blah, ” JUST SHUT UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUP. I am not usually a violent person, but I swear, I feel… Read more »

I so agree with you. I wanted to drag her through my TV set and beat her soundly. I’m not a violent person either. Sudsy just does something to me with her non stop screeching.

ITA!! Her head and inflated lips were constantly on my TV screen. Ugh

I said I would not comment anymore. I decided to do it after watching the 2nd reunion of the RHWOBH last night. I thought it was one of the best I have seen. There were some who still needed to stay snarky and petty. I was impressed how Lisa V, Kathyrn, Kyle, Kim and Yolanda handled themselves through all the mud throwing. The older ones have matured and are seasoned and made a few of the newbies look like rebelious attention seeking adolescents.

Wow. That was kind of what I was going to say, only you said it better. I also was just almost yelling at the screen when Eileen STILL wouldn’t let it go. God Almighty, Kim was right. She over dramatizes EVERY SINGLE THING. Apparently, that is the only thing during the entire season that got her some attention, being she is dead boring.
AND, Rinna inviting everyone to a BBQ for next year. NO!!!NO!!!!!!NO!!!! Please no. Of course the contracts haven’t even been written yet, but she obviously thinks she is coming back.

Thanks so much 3D’s. One thing I forgot to address was Lisa V as a manipulator. If anyone wants to understand the machinations of manipulators you might want to read a really old book called “Man the Manipulator”. by Everett Shostrom. I think you will find that Lisa R and Eileen D are calling the kettle black 🙂

They might be calling the kettle black, but that doesn’t mean LVP is not the pot. Kyle is the pot-stirrer.

My other comment to you is awaiting moderation for a reason I can not figure out, but thanks for the book title. I love to read and it sounds good. I will order it for sure.

Do you two ladies honestly think that Eileen was overreacting to Kim’s behaviour at her house? Was LR overreacting to Kim’s behaviour in the limo?

In the first season they were on they didn’t overreact. However, this year, they have over dramatized every little thing. I think Kim, possibly, meant when she watched this year they over dramatized. Come to think of it, Eileen did over dramatize at one point. Kim called her a beast and Eileen gasped and said a beast, HOW darrrrrrre you.

I think after a YEAR, they might have by now at least have forgiven it though. Jeeze, it was ONE evening. It really is no different than the “crazy uncle” who always drinks himself shit faced and ends up with a lampshade on his head, is it?
Is that spoken about, discussed at length, analyzed, gossiped about over & over & over for a year. I think not.
And out of the other side of their mouth they are saying they are rooting for her. Well, in my part of the world, both things can not be true.

One evening? IMO, Kim was drinking/using and out of control for far more than 1 episode. They’re supposed to move on? Kim is the one who brought it up by saying that Eileen overreacts. Kim is the one with the problem. Kim is not like the crazy uncle unless the crazy uncle does it every fricking time. The HWs have been putting up with Kim’s nonsense since the beginning. Kyle brings it up and she “betrayed” her sister on camera. LR brings it up and she’s attacked. Brandi brings it up and she’s evil. So evil that Kim and Kyle… Read more »

Andy was right. The number one question since this show began is “Where’s Kim”. She’s jerked them all around for years.

The topic was about Kim’s behavior at Eileen’s home tho. I am not a fan of Kims, but one would think that if they really have empathy, & believe addiction is a disease, they might just let up a little on her.

But Kim was denying that anything was wrong. She claimed to be clean and sober at the time. We learned later on (as if we didn’t know) that she was as high as a kite.

She also denied that she was doing drugs in the bathroom that first night with the Brandi/crutches thing. If anyone believes that, I have some swamp land in Florida to sell you.

Oh, I’ve never given Kim a pass in my life. I actually can’t stand her. This was referring to only the topic of Poker night. I have practically posted novels about my feelings and observations of her. I am speaking of of Eileen and Rinna and their two faced ways. One side of their mouth they are saying “we want you to get well” and the other side repeating over & over & over about poker night, which has been discussed ad nauseam since that night. Kim is always using her whining voice “I love you, to Kyle, BUT, (insert… Read more »

3D my sweet, those of us who know you know just what you have been through! It would break most here! Others here have been through losses just as you have. I will always have your back my friend! We very rarely disagree so that is easy to say. Xxxoooo❤️❤️❤️HH

I’m not sure where the arguement is. I never assumed you had no heart. I never said that. IMO, you have far more patience than I do when it comes to addiction. I’ve been calling Kim out for a long time. I’m glad Rinna brought it out in the open. None of the rest of them ever did. When I talk about giving Kim a pass, I’m talking about the HWs, not the people here. Enough of this topic for me. It’s too hard to follow the comments.

Sorry it’s enough of the topic for you, since I come here for the topics. I was just venting a little, or a lot. It wasn’t personal. 🙂

Goodness, Gracious 3 D’s, you’ve been through your own hell on earth, how on earth are you still on high ground & did not crack? I believe a book should be written about you & how a very inspirational woman has dealt with the extreme hardships of life. I only know the short end of your life’s story & my admiration & pride in you is enormous. God was definitely with you & still is.

I think that’s part of the problem. Everybody gives Kim a pass. Like LR said, she’s the elephant in the room. They’re enabling her. She should have been fired from that show years ago. Instead, Bravo is using her for a story line. That’s disgusting.

Kim took the crutches, and told Kyle later. Kyle was so immersed in trying to keep Kim from going nuts I don’t even think she realized what was going on.

3 D’s , don’t know if you watch Y&R. Anyway, it was so weirdly funny on yesterday’s episode where Eileen came down hard & hearty to another actress against doing exactly what she has done all season on BH. Wish I could remember her words, (bit fuzzy brained now). My mouth hung open & I wondered what went through her mind when studying that script. I guessed in her mind, it did not apply to her.

Curious why 3D, but glad your open to it. Of course not PJ. I not only didn’t like how Kim behaved at Eileen’s, but I didn’t like how Brandi behaved. I don’t remember Lisa R in the limo with Kim during that explosive episode. I guess I give some time and space to my immediate reactions. I felt this second reunion gave time and space to old wounds and hurts as well as displayed a lot of compassion.

In my opinion, brand’s behavior shocked me more than Kim’s because we have seen Kim become unhinged like that since the beginning. Brandi, for me, seemed to enable and revel in it, on top of creating a wedge between 2 sisters. She capitalized on it like Rinna, but on the other side of the spectrum. My issue with Eileen, was that she was able to brush off Brandi and her nastiness, but for some reason she just can’t let go this season. It’s all so strange.



I can’t past how unattractive that dress is on Kyle – how could anyone let her leave the house like that to go on television – she needs a glam squad, or at least some fashion advice.

Really? I love her dress! I don’t like Yolandas, awful!

Me too on both opinions.

Love LVP! Team LVP all the way!

It was not meant to be long winded but it turned out that way……… I know that Kyle now says that she didn’t hear LVP say “There goes the storyline” . I can see LVP saying it jokingly and I can see Kyle defending her blindly, but I must say Kyle’s shocked reaction looked genuine. When LR was at LVP’s house with Kyle and the “M” word was brought up, I sat there talking to the TV, “don’t you dare!” And “why isn’t LVP and Kyle stopping her?!” I could understand Kyle not knowing the word but not LVP. And… Read more »

Well said.

Eileen has learned from it. She doesn’t trust LVP and she’ll be very cautious in the future.

Let’s pretend that Bravo released all the tape and LVP DID say those worlds. What would the excuses be?

Let’s pretend that Bravo released all the tape and LVP DIDN’T say those words. Would there be any more hatred spewed for LR and ED and Yolanda? Hard to imagine.

Even if they heard LVP say the words, the excuse would be that it was taken out of context or they ambushed her lol…. Still love everybody here though ❤️❤️

Rain! maybe for a few but not most! ! Xo❤️❤️❤️

True, not most :). I was trying to be charitable lol! But it’s really not that big a deal, in the scheme of things , is it?? Happy Friday to my hottie Scottish friend ❤️❤️❤️. I’m still in my bathrobe (Yolanda???) struggling wether I want to go to work or not. I always feel so bad when j don’t go, which is utterly ridiculous. I don’t know what I’m trying to prove .,, reminds of an excellent George Michael lyric ‘ something I just can’t explain, something in me needs this pain’. Luv u ❤️

I hope you haven’t gone! I’m feeling sick so am about to take a tablet, I don’t care! I do realise there are a good few LVP fans that think she can do no wrong! But the same goes for Yo and Eileen fans. not to sure about Rinna! I will be glad when this season over and don’t really want to hear who may or may not be coming back until they are filming. I didn’t mean to be snappy with you I just don’t want to be lumped together with the people who think she is perfect. Let’s… Read more »

I didn’t think you were snappy at all lol 🙂 we are all just having fun here ❤️❤️❤️ and yes I did NOT go to work woo hoo !! Just pulling a Yolanda , sitting in my robe having oatmeal. Take your tablet Suze and feel better my sweetie xoxo ❤️❤️❤️

Yup I have and now want to sleep! I’m glad you didn’t go in! But oatmeal? I know I’m supposed to like it but I don’t! Just enjoy your day it’s six pm here and am cuddled up with my dog. It was too cold and wet for her to play golf. She has just had a hair cut. My eyebrows look good!!! Love you xxxooo❤️❤️❤️

Yay for good eyebrows :). I’m just tinkering around being lazy but that’s ok! I hope you can take a nice nap Suze ❤️❤️❤️


Or she was just kidding, or she was tired and had a drink or she’s British and people just don’t understand her sense of humour, or, or, or…

G us ug hi hi jhbihb

Last season when ED explained how her and Vince got together LV was not at the dinner
just to give the benefit of the doubt ..and LV maybe old school…… now and days people ask so how did you 2 hook-up ? to LV a couple getting together could mean an affair here in the USA an affair usually means cheating..
but who knows
There is no excuse for LV not being sincere with sayin’ sorry