RHOBH Season 6 Reunion Details


The cast of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills filmed the reunion on Thursday and according to a new report there was no shortage of drama!

Lisa Rinna, Kyle Richards and Lisa Vanderpump are “hot under the collar because of Yolanda‘s antics involving the Lyme disease diagnosis. Yolanda has been playing the sick card for way too long, and they are all sick of it. While the group believes Yolanda was sick, no one believes it was as serious as she made it out to be,” an insider revealed. “Expect Lisa Rinna to ask Yolanda why she is continuing to color her hair after she previously said said she would no longer be doing so because of toxic concerns.”

Also in the hot seat at the reunion is Kathryn Edwards. “Erika Jayne is is going to call her out for blabbing things the two discussed in confidence to the other women,” the source told RadarOnline.

Check out photos from the reunion set along with the seating chart of where the women will be sitting below.




Are you excited for the RHOBH reunion?

Photo Credit: Bravo



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  • geminigirl

    Oooh… I like the mix up on the couches!!!

    • Sally☕️

      Not what I expected either!

      • Let the games begin! LOL

        • SallySuze☕️

          Hi! Slight name change xo

          • Is that your middle name?

            • SallySuze☕️

              I was outed! Sally I picked when I started after my brothers dog! I never intended commenting very much!!! Then a friend called me Sue, I can’t be Sue as there already is one and most family call me Suze, so I’m doing it this way and next week I will drop the Sally! I have been meaning to for a while! Why I didn’t just use my own name to start goodness only knows!!! Xooxoxx

  • ISME

    I wish reunion shows were taped at different locations every year like they used to. It all seems to be done in a studio nowadays.. Wouldn’t it be fun to have to speculate where the ladies were hashing it out each season? Lol or maybe it’s just me, I guess I’m just a sucker for drama. A reunion show at Mohamed’s house would be stunning though.

    • Oh, what a good idea. That is a beautiful estate. I think Mohammed is a gentleman and a generous friend. I think Shiva is lovely, and like with Erika and Tom, I really don’t care why they are partners. I doubt they will marry, but maybe I will be proven wrong.
      We all have our needs and we are all willing to sacrifice certain things to fulfill them. I believe in Marriage. I believe that Marriage is much, much more than a love match. Romantic love isn’t even necessary although it is a wonderful start. It is a contract before God and community and it gives us certain rights, which I respect. There are many kinds of love and when two people present themselves as married, it is not for me to question their commitment, they have proven their commitment with their legal marriage. But I am not saying anyone else shouldn’t or couldn’t have an opposing opinion and voice it, certainly. If I wanted to be staunchly imbedded in my own opinion I would write a journal and read it to myself. I also wish there was a way to see the entire reunion as it is taped, that would be the best thing for me!

  • ISME

    Here’s to hoping Erika moves up next year, that girl is queen !

  • Donovan

    Already can’t wait for season 7. This one was a struggle with who plays the villain card. No one dared, but there had to be one! That’s why Kathryn acted foolish at Erika’s dinner at objection, your honor.

    They should either get brandi back or faye resnik or some other crazy ass scorpio to take care of that.

    It all seemed so scripted and faked. They had fun and it gave them a break. But it’s time to bring the town unfiltered drunk back!

  • Skeptic

    Just get rid of Yo-lie-a-lot and her so called BFF Erika. BORing!

  • Jake

    The last 2 episodes leaked online last night, and Rinna is going full force onto LVC!!!! LVC is being called out for the munchausen thing and Kyle will be put on the spot to choose between believing Rinna or LVC!!! This is so good, it’s going to be Puerto Rico all over again! I hope LVC leaves Dubai and leaves the show as well! Would be the best thing ever bahahahaha

    • RHOBHLover

      Haha, there is no way Lisa Vanderpump is leaving the show. The public are on her side, and Bravo cares about that. LVP = ratings.

    • Rain

      I am definatey not a LVP fan but I don’t want her to leave the show. She’s great television , just like Kenya and Brandi were. Sorry !! Just because I’m not a fan doesn’t mean that they these ladies don’t bring the drama

      • I honestly don’t think Brandy or Keenya were good TV. Brandy’s first season was good, but she ruined it for me by being nasty and two-faced. I also don’t care for the constant reference to the vulgar things that her and Rinna constantly bring. Brandy became predictable and boring to me. I started zipping her when she wasn’t with the ladies too, just like Rinna, Eileen and Kathryn. Keenya just makes me sick. She radiates the distasteful.

    • Josh

      Jake! Where did the episodes leak to?! I wanna watch!!!

      • Sue

        Jake is Brandi…that was figured out a long time ago.

        • LovinHousewives

          I have both negative and positive thoughts on this, so I will get the negative out first and focus on the positive secondly. Gee, for the person who claims to be such a truth bomb- sure is hypocritical to hide behind your SONS name. LOL, just another snapshot example of the core of this human. As if selling your soul and any kind of pride in self for alittle cash wasn’t a large enough example. Whatever and however bad it was what Leanne and Eddie did, your actions since then build up to be a lot more destructive, corruptive and hurtful to your children then a situation that happened. For. Ever. Ago. Time to let it go. Step up to the plate and show the love I know you have for your children through being an exceptional mother and leading by strong example. Grace is the greatest gift we can share with one another, especially children. Make your children super proud of their mom and be more graceful and less bitter. You have so much potential and you’re wasting it on old bitter pills and people when you could be living on top of the world. You’re beautiful, your smart, you are a move and a shaker and deadly when you wanna be…. If you use all of those assets you have in POSITIVE ways instead destructive ways you would be sitting so high up in the world you would be looking down on the people you so envy now… Embrace the good in yourself and you will soar.

        • Momto3

          No way??? She actually responded (nastily I might add) to me a couple weeks ago to a comment. Couldn’t figure out why she was so mean. Now I get it.

  • VaNonna

    Hopefully Andy will have enough “guts” to call Yoyo out on her “illness” and timeframes. Will she suddenly have “brain function” issues again? Erika did the same thing as Kathryn running back to Yoyo – she has no room to talk. Glad Yoyo’s lapdog is next to her. They deserve each other.

    • Skeptic

      It would be a dream come true for Yo-lie-a-lot to be on the hot seat for her faux illness.

    • Jake

      ‘Suddenly’? lol she’s been sick since season 4. Get real. Yolanda’s illness will not even be doubted at the reunion.

      • Rain

        Omg!!! I’m actually agree with Jake LOL luv u babe ❤️ But yes , if anything, they will all be walking a fine line with Yo!

      • VaNonna

        You are right, she has used her “illness” as a storyline for a long time especially when it is convenient for Yoyo.

      • apple

        I am hoping someone…like Rinna …calls out Yo on all the inconsistencies and lies she has told over the past few years….but I think no one will touch it…it’s like disabilities…or old age. Some people, like Yo, figure out that they can hide behind an illness , because even though most people will think it, and even talk behind their back, they won’t actually say out loud to the person’s face that they think they are faking, or exaggerating in order to garner attention and shirk their responsibilities…because then the malingerer or someone else (Erika) will accuse them of picking on someone who is sick (old, infirm, weak)… which is like kicking a puppy. People like Yo will use social norms and niceties to manipulate people and avoid personal accountability for their BS… where most of us wouldn’t even think of it.

        • Sally☕️

          Bravo Apple, 100% agreement on this. I don’t need to say more xo

        • Amy


    • Erika also made what was said much more hurtful than it really was, like Kathryn. The one thing about K was that she literally said to Erika she could be “trusted.” She would be the GF. She knew what she was saying, and to go directly to Lisa and repeat it was a play for attention. Her excuses keep changing about that too. She is just a mean cougar who believes herself to be unique. She blends in with the other millions of vapid older women who think the husband is not going to notice the exponential aging that will begin soon. And I am being mean because she is. Just like calling certain HW’s names, they only understand the basest of thoughts.

  • starr

    Want to see Yolanda in the hot seat. Andy DO YOUR JOB, call her out on her fakeness. As for Erika J, much as I don’t care for Kathryn, Erika is turning the wrong K did back onto her full blast by telling her that she spoiled what may have been a friendship between her (E J) & LVP. Liar!!!! she never wanted that. That is one manipulative woman. Don’t trust her within an inch of my life. She is a Yo follower, that says it all. As for LVP & Kyle in the hot seat with Lisa R’s expose, want to hear the answers. As for Lisa R confronting Yo on the hair dye situation, Yo will have her answer down pat, that hateful fake always does. She’ll for sure say it’s all natural

    • Skeptic

      Starr, you are 100% correct as usual. EJ didn’t want a friendship with LVP until she found her husband admires LVP. Now she HAS to try to be friends with LVP or face the music with Tom.

      • patricia

        Love LVP. I like Kathryn.Both of them speak their mind & what you see is what you get. I can’t stand Erika. Kathryn did the same thing Erika did, but Erika doesn’t like it. She is so phony. I hope she is gone next season. LVP didn’t manipulate LisaR. LisaR asked & LVP answered. LVP knows how to make good tv. LisaR is a grown woman. Shame on her for blaming LVP for her own actions. It is clear Eileen is on the Yo train & it’s a very back look.

        • Also, shame on her for the way she spoke about Kim at Kathryn’s lunch. I am not a fan of Kim’s, certainly. In Amsterdam I felt her and Brandy instigated something that could have waited till they got home at least. But Rinna went too far after with the text messages. 2 years later she is still spouting how it affected her in a deep way? She barely knew Kim. Kyle is her friend, and to sit and use words like vile and vicious was completely out of fucking order. Even after Kyle asked her to stop she kept it up. Why would two interactions, weird tho they were, be important at a lunch at Kathryn’s house? It wasn’t. She is a nasty gossip. She talks about everyone else all the time. Maybe because she is so deeply boring.

          • Sally☕️

            Methinks she is so scared of her own personal life coming out she has to keep throwing everyone else’s into the mix. Do you remember before she was on there was talk of Harry divorcing her if she joined the show? Hmmmmm!!!!!

      • starr

        Very true Skeptic. Erika J notices Tom admires LVP & wants a friendship with her husband as well. So now, Erika has to try & make amends. Hope LVP does not forget how EJ threw her into the lake without even knowing her first hand. All she knew of her is what black heart Yo brain-washed her with. To take that fake’s word to heart, shows EJ cant think clearly & make her own assumptions of another’s character on her own.

  • DeeDee

    That seating chart just made my blood boil. Why in Rinna next to Andy?? Rinna and Erika need to be switched. At the very least Erika needs to be where Eileen is and perhaps kyle and pump by Andy. Rinna revealed NOT ONE PERSONAL THING this season. Andy and his favorites drive me nuts.

  • Crystal

    I don’t know why everyone hates Rinna. I think she’s honest and straight forward. I don’t like the Kim comments but overall I like her the best.

    • Jake

      cause her acting on RHOBH is real bad, she wants to be good but she’s really not, she’s all over the place

    • starr

      I’m with you Crystal.

    • apple

      # Team Rinna…
      I think she says what the viewers are thinking…on camera…and I like her for it.

  • This is why, once again, I’m irritated that Bravo doesn’t just go ahead and break down that fourth wall. It’s insulting to us viewers to see this crap about Erika calling out Kathryn for bringing up a private discussion. Duhhhhh, we’re not idiots Bravo, we know that the only way that we heard the conversation as well was because she was saying it to everyone on camera, not privately. Minor detail compared to this blow up but I just wanted to say my piece today because it bothers me for some reason 😀

    • epf

      Me too!!! lol

  • Skeptic

    Interesting seating chart. Yolanda and Erika are sitting in the seats typically reserved for those who aren’t back the next season. Last year Carlton and Joyce were seated there I believe.

    • Rain

      🙂 oh if only that’s how HW knew if they were coming back next year, based on what side they’re seated on!! Xoxo still love you for the Trump joke though, I trolled HARD with it today ❤️

    • patricia

      That would be great if Yo & Erika are gone next season!

  • Simone

    By reading most of the comments on these blogs, it is apparent lots of us are sick of Yolanda’s sickness drama. I am sure Andy will have lots of viewer comments to share on that topic! I’m up here in Canada and the Bravo site will not let me comment, damn it!!
    I always find the seating arrangements interesting. So telling of where loyalties lie. I am actually surprised Kathryn was not banished to her own chair in the corner of the set somewhere.

  • Amy

    Not to change the subject … But has anyone watched the What Happens Live with Kim on it? I just now and watching it and she is NOT NOT NOT SOBER.. I noticed it by her eyes flipping threw channels so I started to watch it. There is no way she can stay sober if she keeps going back to the same environment.

  • Jake

    “Expect Lisa Rinna to ask Yolanda why she is continuing to color her hair after she previously said said she would no longer be doing so because of toxic concerns.”

    After they all said she looked like cr*p for not putting makeup on, you think she’s going to welcome more sh*t about her looks ? And there’re toxins free dye chemicals for hair. A dummie knows that. Rinna doesn’t, well, not surprising lol.

  • Mousie

    Didn’t see a LVP blog after the last episode but from the blog before that she intimated it was the beginning of more negativity towards her – not warranted, necessary or cool. Show is better without infighting

  • bluebell

    Can’t stand Yo & Erika. I still think they are lying about how long they have been friends. Why lie about it? That must be why Erika was so offended when she was asked by different people.