More RHOBH Season 5 Casting Rumors, Who’s Staying, Who’s Going?


The casting rumors for season 5 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills have already been circling the internet. First, it was reported that Kim Richards, Carlton Gebbia and Joyce Giraud would be fired. But in a recent interview, Kyle Richards told us that the topic of Kim leaving the show hasn’t ever been discussed and the rumors that Kyle threatened to quit if Kim was fired were completely false.

Now that part 1 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion has aired, there are more reports on what might happen with the cast for the upcoming season. LALATE is reporting that several of the women’s fate was to be determined by the network after seeing if they brought drama to the reunion special. According to the article, 20% of each Housewife’s salary is based on the reunion special, which usually takes at least 12 hours to film.

The site reports that THREE Housewives are likely to be demoted to a lesser ‘Friend of The Housewives’ role; Kim Richards, Carlton Gebbia and Yolanda Foster. The site reports that RHOBH ratings have been on a downward spiral since 2012 and the network usually cuts two to three cast members when ratings fall more in two consecutive seasons.

As we previously reported, Mohammed Hadid’s fiancee Shiva Safai is at the top of the  network’s list to join the cast, especially because she is so close with Lisa Vanderpump.

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14 Replies to “More RHOBH Season 5 Casting Rumors, Who’s Staying, Who’s Going?”

  1. If bravo bought Shiva on-board the RHOBH it would end up destroying Lisa’s friendship with Mohamed (which is something bravo prides itself on)–destroying & pitting this women against each other for ratings.
    I’d like to see these women in the RHOBH lineup next season;
    Lisa V. (of course)
    Joyce (she has potential and acts like a lady)
    Scheana Marie (complete w/ bravo wedding) cause this would drive brandi nuts.
    Joanna Krupta – cause this would drive brandi nuts.
    and a newbie on par with Lisa
    Demote yoda & brandi to “friend” status before booting them and get rid of the vile sisters – they are boring and bring nothing but juvenile antics to the show.
    On the last episode of the season – kyle motorboating another ladie and feeling her up (does not represent class & elegance) of BH.
    And tampon string resident train wreck only cleans up when it’s time to sell a book.

  2. I agree that Kyle, Lisa, and Brandi should come back FULL TIME for next season. I think of those 3 when I think of RHOBH. I think Yolanda is GREAT for the show and should come back FULL TIME as well! I do NOT think she should be demoted nor fired. The storyline and dynamic next season (if Shivah joins) would be really interesting because Lisa and Yolanda are no longer friends, but they’re BOTH good friends with Shivah. (Shivah is Yolanda’s ex husband’s fiancee) and they get along great! As well as Shivah is Lisa’s great friend because Lisa and Mohammed are best friends. It would be a great and interesting dynamic and uncomfortable position for Shivah and Mohammed to be in balancing going to Lisa Vanderpump’s parties and event V.S.’s attending Yolanda’s dinner parties and events…

    Kim Richards brings GREAT HUMOR to the show now that she’s sober! Kim KILLS me! She doesn’t have enough of a storyline for a FULL TIME role… so I agree that she should be demoted to a “Friend of the Housewives” for next season. That way we can still see her funny commentaries here and there but not get an insight into her boring life with her dog.

    Carlton should NOT be demoted… just FIRED! Completely off the show! She should NEVER be seen on RHOBH again! She doesn’t bring anything to the show… RHOBH was wealth and class and Carlton brought darkness and a weird vibe to the show… besides her petty vendetta against Kyle is getting old. Fans can’t relate to Carlton and she should just be forgotten. Failed casting!

    Joyce didn’t bring much to the season neither… We didn’t get to see an insight into her life and she didn’t have much of a storyline netiher… so I would be okay with her getting demoted or fired. The fact that she has a feud with Brandi MAY save her and give her another season as a FULL TIME wife. I wouldn’t mind Joyce coming back if they gave us more insight into her life… Joyce is feisty and brings that latina spiciness to the show. If she DOES return, I hope her storyline is better and she BRINGS IT. If she comes back as a “Friend of the Housewives”, that’s okay too… and if she gets FIRED, that’s okay too. Lol!

    The show definitely needs NEW cast members! Shivah joining the show CAN BE interesting. Her dynamic with feuding buddies Lisa and Yolanda would be very interesting to see. I think they should cast Jennifer Stano. (If you don’t know her, look her up!) She is Alki David’s wife. She is Lilly Ghalichi’s business partner. I think younger beautiful classy additions to the show would be great! Shivah and Jennifer joining the show would be a great trial for the show! MUCH better castings than production’s previous attempt at casting with Carlton and Joyce… LOL!

  3. Drop Yoland and her puppet Brandi…. and of course Carlton. I’m tired of the ugilness.. I don’t watch New Jersey or Atlanta due to the ugilness now I will have to drop Beverly Hills. It’s not fun anymore…

    1. Absolutely agree with Cin again. Yolanda is just way out there horrid, nasty
      And totally histrionic. I want to slap her every time she opens that big fat ugly mouth of hers. I just can’t watch her at all. Brandi has no scruples at all & it’s always about her. I’m sick of her trashiness. Finally, Carlton is just a total waste
      & offensive to watch and listen to. Joyce needs to stay!! She knows how to be a friend and how to behave! Please get rid of Carlton, Brandi & Yolanda. The show won’t make it if any of those 3 stays.

    2. I was a faithful watcher of all the Housewives shows but now I don’t watch any of them, except sometimes watching RHONY. But that is only rarely. That is going the way of all the others…childish fighting and antics every show. What happened to the lives of the “rich”? Now they are just like another show in the same realm of Jerry Springer. I originally watched because I wanted to see the daily lives of these women, but now that I see how childish and backbiting they seem to be, well, that’s the end of watching. If I want to see that nonsense, I would head down to the nearest school yard. Brandi and Carlton has been the two that when brought on, changed the entire concept of the shows to trash. Please get rid of them or you will lose much more that are sick and tired of listening to their childish ranting.

  4. all you idiots would love yolanda and brandi again if they were under lisa’s thumb again.. it’s like you’re getting paid to be so fucking hateful

  5. Even though I read many, many comments that are sick of Brandi and Carlton’s trash, I seriously doubt that the producers will ever get rid of them or even care what the public wants. They want ratings, which is why they keep Brandi. And she does her absolute best at staying in the limelight because of her stupidity. She has and always will try whatever she can to stay on this show because without it, she is just a plain loser that has absolutely no talent or anything else to offer. So she offers what she CAN do, lying and playing the whore. And the producers of this show are greedy enough to eat it up. Good coupling. I am so disappointed because I thought Bravo had more sense and taste.

  6. There are rumors online that the producers are trying to pitch the idea of these 6 women being the main wives:


    Recurring: Yolanda, Kim, Carlton

  7. I signed the petition on to give Brandi the boot! I feek this is a tongue in cheek petition but I feel that the Bravo network will take notice! For me it’s about her deplorable mouth. Brandi has to go! Worse than Jill Zarin

  8. Janet, I too signed the petition, I hope it gathers momentum and goes to the right folks.

    I am so sick of Brandi and Carlton and Yolanda.
    I hope the powers to be listen to the outcry!!

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