RHOBH Season 5 Cast Details: Kyle, Kim, Brandi And Lisa Negotiating Their Contacts, And They Want A Raise


With the season 4 reunion wrapped, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills are negotiating their contracts for season 5, and RadarOnline is reporting the veteran cast members are demanding a significant pay raise. Despite rumors that Kim Richards was getting the axe, and her sister Kyle following, the site states that Kim and Kyle Richards, Lisa Vanderpump and Brandi Glanville are all currently negotiating their contracts for the next season.

“Bravo loves the nucleus of these four women, even when they’re fighting with each other! They always bring drama and glamor to the show. The network has resolved that it wants to bring them back,” said one source, adding, “Just like the New York ladies, the Beverly Hills cast want more money and they’re hoping that because their ratings were so high this season, the network will buckle and pay them more.”

The women are confident they will succeed. “Lisa, Brandi and Kyle are all smart business women and they’re going to play hardball with the network,” dished another insider. “Brandi has said that she wants to make the $250,000 that the other women make, but they want even more this season. One problem with them banding together is that they all genuinely hate each other right now!”

And the fate of new Housewives Joyce Giraud and Carlton Gebbia is still unknown. After reports they will be fired, the insider dished, “They haven’t been given contracts yet and it’s known how producers want new people to come on the show to reinvigorate things.”

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10 Replies to “RHOBH Season 5 Cast Details: Kyle, Kim, Brandi And Lisa Negotiating Their Contacts, And They Want A Raise”

  1. What high ratings?! RHOA has high ratings… 4.3 m, while RHOBH had around 2.4 if I am not mistaken and it has been falling whole season to 1.7 m
    This season has been on a low side, even VanderPump Rules bring in more viewers (and I haven’t watched a single episode of that show 🙂

  2. i will stop watching if they get rid of kyle and kim …. i dont need to watch the lisa and ken show they have that already on vanderpump rules

  3. If I were Lisa, I would demand a huge raise for having to put up with the juvenile children named brandi, yolanda, and the twit sisters…………

  4. Definitely get rid of Carlton…..she’s about as trashy as they come, absolutely NO class and not even attractive, geez….what’s the point of her on the show!

    Don’t get rid of Kyle or Kim or I will not be watching any longer. And, yes, Lisa needs to leave the show and focus on “V-Pimp Rules”…. That’s the only thing they do on that low class show!

  5. Actually the highest rated BH eps thus far is the Season 1 finale. Season 2 had better ratings overall and a decline each season since, part of which I contribute to Monday night schedule and the constant fighting. Not 2 mention if u dont worship everything Queen Lisa does, your viciously attacked by her Twitter posse, which makes the show not fun.

  6. Get rid of Carlton she’s very creepy and just an ugly and also a nasty person I find her the biggest low life ever to appear on the housewives she looks dirty like she dose t bathe .i find her very anti Jewish people and she’s so sleazy uncouth and raw get rid of her. As for Joyce boring she also needs to go

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