RHOBH Season 4 Reunion Preview


Bravo has released a sneak peek of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season 4 reunion. In the clip we see the women battle it out over broken friendships, lies, betrayal and more. “You are just trash!” “You can manipulate anyone!” “You’re a phony!” “You’re a bigot!” are some of the lines you can expect to hear in the three part RHOBH reunion.

Brandi and Lisa have an emotional debate over their broken friendship. Brandi says she was “dropped” by Ken and Lisa and says they were like family to her. Ken tells Andy he doesn’t know if he could ever allow Brandi back into his life, which leaves Brandi very upset.

Kyle explains why the tabloid drama involving Mauricio was unnecessary and hurtful and asks Lisa to take accountability for one thing she did wrong while filming the season.

Yolanda tells Lisa why she confronted her in Puerto Rico about being a bad friend. Yolanda explains she was in bed for 18 months and Lisa only came to visit her once.

And this is just the beginning…

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15 Replies to “RHOBH Season 4 Reunion Preview”

  1. It’s amazing to me after all the things Brandi has said about Lisa and Ken, she doesn’t want to be dropped by them.

  2. I’m sure (as usual), Kyle will open her big mouth and argue that she and only she is right (she acts like a child).
    Brandi will spew out more slander, lies and venom (since she is soooo miserable) and wants to spread the misery to others.
    kim will be an idiot and irrelevant (as usual).
    yolanda will act like a pompous vindictive, bitter fool—showing more jealousy for Lisa.
    kyle, kim, brandi & yolanda will all blame Lisa for their ills and the world’s problems- because they are so stupid and shallow.

    1. I really think that everyone just has to much time on their hands to sit there and pass judgement. But this is what they love is drama, that is why they get our movie that we pay to watch these drama shows. So next you pass judgement just think of it this way “You are Making them Richer” by paying to watch this b.s. Yolanda is the only True to herself out of all of them.

  3. This is going to be so hard to watch, especially the two faced bitches that are Yolanda, brandy and Carlton I will probably skip it and keep my blood pressure in check. Kyle and Kim are delusional about Brandi – how can they believe her after all the lies she has told.

    1. HI Aunt Bee! I love reading your comments. Haha- keep your blood pressure in check! I know what you mean. My husband looks at me like I’m nuts as im YELLING at the TV- mostly at Yolanda. Cannot tolerate that mean, sneaky egomaniac Yolanda and her “LOVE.” Brandi’s just straight crazy, and nothing, NOTHING she says makes sense or should be believed by anyone. Carlton…… oh Lord, let us please hope she is gone after this. She really gives me the hebee jeebe’s. She looks like a tanned corpse with pop out eyes, momentarily come back to life just to taunt somebody- anybody, especially Kyle. I think there is an empty grave out there somewhere in BH. I suppose I will watch the reunion until I can’t. B ut come next year, I hope Yolanda, Brandi & Carlton are gone. Honestly, I can tolerate Yolanda the LEAST of all of them at this point. She IS the instigator of all time. Notice how all her ploys with her “special” friends to “vote for GIGI!” probably lost the girl the contest. People were really complaining about her trying so hard to influence the vote. Yep, she is the one that is just intolerable above all to me.

      1. Oh, no, Anna! I really want Yolanda to come back next year. That way they can give her a dose of her own medicine! The entire season…

        But Carlton needs to go. I agree with you on that!

    2. I don’t think it’s so much that Kyle and Kim are delusional about Brandi, as it is that they see the world the same way. They just don’t have the guts and the stupidity to be as outlandish. Remember the first season when Brandi came on, and at that time had done nothing wrong? Kim and Kyle acted like horrid little brats to her. All three of them have a nasty streak. Kim’s just emulating her sister’s nastiness and it doesn’t look good on her.

  4. ugh….. Bravo – be careful – you may just make this show too nasty to watch. Fast forward button will be many viewers best friend…. Yolanda and her puppets…. yuk….. go team Lisa!!!!!

  5. Am I the only one who see’s that Kyle brings up personal below the belt questions but doesn’t like when it is done to her..talk about stirring the pot…she is the biggest trouble maker on the show…If she wanted answers it’s called one on one..same for Yolanda she should not of allowed the other girls to come into the conversation..sorry but can’t you ladies have adult conversations without it feeling like your tag teaming the person..as for Brandi big disappointment..lisa n Ken were so good to her…can you say attention whore…Yolanda so surprised she allowed herself to get sucked up in the drama..complete shocker…Carlton to me keeps it real …and Joyce I really have nothing for her..annoying loves herself and screaming for airtime..needs to go..Kim yeap you have a illness but it did not excuse your behavior…stop using it as a crutch…sorry guys but Lisa doesn’t need to play these games…or need these so called friends…move on Lisa..

    1. Yes, the biggest 2-faced backstabber – pot stirrer vyle/kyle with her “faux outrage” when confronted by any accusation or rumor—-but she and her mentally ill sister can sure dish it out but cannot take the truth when confronted. Season after season she has watched as all the housewives lives fell apart or they dealt with serious problems—and this is the first season she had 1 tabloid rumor and the moron falls apart. Honestly I believe her & mo put the story out themselves so they could stay relevant and have a story line this season…..

  6. Lisa is such a shit stirrer! She was talking bad about Mauricio in the first or second episode this season and then the script flips and she can’t handle what she gives

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