RHOBH Season 4 Filming Has Begun! Taylor Armstrong & Kim Richards Are Back?!


Some people were shocked to see all of the women of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills in the Dancing With The Stars audience Monday night. Turns out there was a reason Taylor Armstrong, Kyle and Kim Richards, and Brandi Glanville were all sitting close to one another and it wasn’t to just support Lisa Vanderpump’s dance! According to Lisa, the ladies have just started filming the fourth season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and Monday night they filmed on the set of Dancing With The Stars.

“The Housewives are here filming and it’s an incredible experience,” Lisa told Us Weekly after the show. “I’m glad that they put all their differences aside… if you’ve seen the reunion, and that’s what life should be about, supporting each other.”

Reports stated that Lisa and Kyle hadn’t spoken since the taping of the Season 3 Reunion, so many were surprised to see Kyle in the audience cheering Lisa on. But Lisa reveals she isn’t quite ready for a reconciliation. “Well, I don’t know! I’ll let you know!” she said of a possible reconciliation. “The fact that they’re here… You know I’m not a perpetrator or an aggressor, I call it like it is. She’s the one who changed the parameters. We’ll see where we go moving forward. The viewers and fans have been very open with their support… there’s probably still something there.”

So this potentially clears up some RHOBH Season 4 casting rumors! It looks like Taylor Armstrong IS back along with Kim Richards, after rumors their future on the show was unknown. Yolanda Foster was not present in the audience, but she is in New York with her daughter GiGi. Not returning to Season 4; Adrienne Maloof, Camille Grammer, Faye Resnick, or Marisa Zanuck.

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18 Replies to “RHOBH Season 4 Filming Has Begun! Taylor Armstrong & Kim Richards Are Back?!”

  1. I did see the cast in the audience while watching Lisa’s performance online & suspected they were filming for the new afterall, everything Bravo/HWs always calculated. Not surprised to see Kim or Taylor back, but “what’s their status at the bank?” we’ve yet to see if their status is HWs or friends to HWs.

  2. I really dont think they are filming yet it’s far to quick and it would shock me that they have mad cast decisions already! I mean cmon Kim?! Kim coming back for what?! She has no story line she better be part time like even tusk it’s scandolous BEHAVIOUR with her new man is more interesting it gives her a story line.

  3. Where to begin????? Please Bravo. GET KIM RICHARDS OFF THIS SHOW! KYLE TOO! Brandi, STOP with the fillers. You look like the joker! Your face is too big for your body. Kyle, stop acting happily married. We all know the truth now. Taylor. You are a grasping money-hungry whore who drove one man to his death and broke up another’s marriage. That I’m even writing this sentence about you is less attention than you deserve. Well Lisa, Good luck to you….the only lady in this story…..

  4. Lisa needs to get over it. Geez. Kyle apologized. She did tell Lisa she would
    Work on herself. Why can’t she just keep it real with Kyle. Fact is if you r friends
    With Lisa u can’t be friends with anyone SHE (Lisa) doesn’t like. I know people
    Like her. She’s gotten too big for her britches. But I still like her aside from this but
    We have to remember we are all human. Having fame, succeeds, money does not make
    Them better people and we should all have a little mercy and compassion
    Lisa forgive Kyle already and quit acting like a nine year old

  5. Wow, Kim must be in serious need of money to come back while still attempting to stay sober. I just hope that there is no more of last season. Life is not about Kim and her staying sober, or Kim & Kyle’s non-relationship. Old news, don’t care, please Bravo move on. I wish her the best but enough, please. Taylor I figured would be back as we all know she needs money. Glad to see her back and hope she has more camera time this time around. Bravo, why do you keep forcing Kyle phony ass on us. Her and her cheating money grubbing husband ARE BORING!!!

  6. I agree with Falina C! NEW HW, with new story lines. Kyle, are u kidding me! Kim and Taylor, can’t stand when they are even on the tv.

  7. Maybe it was simply a bad angle for her, but, at first, I did not recognize Brandi in the photo – her face looks very puffy (hope she isn’t going overboard with plastic surgery). As for Kim and Taylor, they probably both promised Bravo that they would be more combative with the other women and create storylines to draw the audience in.

  8. I agree with you Madleine. Lisa is coming across as pompous. She was much more likable when she still had a regal air about her but wasn’t constantly complaining about who had her back or who’s apology she would accept.

    Her and Brandi should buy Faye Resnik flowers. Faye’s stupid behavior distracted from their condescending behavior.

    And TN your right. What happened to Brandi?? She looks horrid in that picture. It must be photo-shopped.

  9. I think they want to slowly get rid of housewives. We all saw what happened with RHONY, they will probably take off housewives every season. Right now, they lost three FOTH and a Housewife.

  10. Yes Brandi, please just age gracefully! You are much more beautiful when you look natural. The women are morphing into one person with these plastic faces. No Taylor, I don’t dream of living in Beverly Hills! Life ain’t all about the zip code honey, should you have learned that by now? Lose the fake smile. Lisa is correct, you appear not to be real.

    I do think Lisa was “too controlled” this past season; she seemed to look “beaten up” emotionally, and lacked the energy to engage anyone and defend herself properly. Even when her former that leach Cedric showed up at the restaurant, though his wish was clearly to get a bigger rise than he did. I wish Lisa had put a few that deserved it in their place, as she is absolutely capable of doing.

    Ken and Lisa are beautiful, so hope to see more of them. I do understand Lisa simply not reacting, let alone over reacting to the BS started by Faye the Morally Corrupt (what a horrible dress! lace…? Icky! Of course, we have the purple dining room to use as a model of her taste, so no surprise there). Faye was obviously trying to appear relevant and secure a permanent paid full time spot by BRAVO. Lisa used her intuition, and avoided the drama selfishly staged by the Village Idiot Adrienne showing up and making a spectacle, then leaving without saying hello goodbye to Lisa, and just showing up was rude and self serving as always. Faye and Adrienne are friends and it appears to have been a calculated move to create a situation that would result in upheaval and an attempt by Adrienne to pass the baton to Faye. Otherwise Adrienne wouldn’t have shown up at Lisa’s party. She appeared to be smirking up the walkway. Kyle and Lisa looked more upset than she was about the divorce, sobbing on Lisa’s couch at her Renewal Celebration. Hey Adrienne! I hope you checked for stains; get a clue: Lisa isn’t rude, YOU ARE; you ruined her furniture at every visit. Hint Hint find another tanner.

    Kyle’s little group feels safer traveling in, and grouping in clucking, tisking clumps, standing guard eyes wide, on guard, ready to pounce on anyone who dares to confront one of their own for being the jackasses they are. Grown women don’t need to hang in clumps.

    Good riddance! Hope Kim’s next.

  11. I can’t believe they would bring back that homewrecking gold digger,Taylor. I get sick to my stomach whenever her face comes on the screen and she opens her ugly mouth.

  12. Can’t believe I’m saying this, but I’m ok with Taylor coming back. Not interested in seeing that much of her, but in small doses, I can now take her. I’m happy Kim is coming back. Even Brandi said she thought the show was good for Kim in that Kim was in the spotlight and had to be more accountable for staying sober. Seems a lot of people disagree, but I still think the Kyle-Kim relationship is so complicated and deep that we could get years more out of it. I’d kind of like to see the sisters get along for a while though…. I’m thinking Yolanda may begin to piss off more of the cast if she continues her superior attitude. I guess we will see!

  13. If Kim is back, I doubt I will be. I’d rather watch Netflix than to watch a train wreck, full of addictions & psychological problems explode on TV. She’s boring, tacky, & has nothing to add.

    Why would they take her back? Because Kyle is co-producer? Well, Kyle obviously doesn’t care about Kim at all! If she did, she’d make sure Kim stayed out of the public eye until she’s completely rehabbed. She isn’t. And we all know it.

    Will we have another tragedy? This time we’ll know who to blame: Kyle & bravo. AND ANDY!

  14. I’m not a fan of several housewives. However, when I heard that Faye Resnick might be a regular ~ well I threw-up in my mouth a little!! Outside of using the OJ trial and (her so called friendship with Nicole) for profit , well she needs to shut her mouth! Her actually telling the other women how to act and what is appropriate ~ how does she know what either are? That dig about being Kyle’s kids god- mother was another grasp at fame. For that reason alone Kyle should GO! It says a lot about her character! And as far as Lisa and Brandi being friends ~ Love, Love, Love it! That should shut Lisa haters up! Brandi may be rough and has to be bleeped more than the rest, but she’s no fake and she the only one I see actually having anyone’s back! Lisa is far from a snob. Just a lady and English. They are the hysterical breath of fresh air that show needs! Just my P.O. ( personal opinion) .

  15. Can’t watch Kim Richards crash & burn on TV. It’s cruel to us. Don’t care what happens to her. She needs to be in a mental hospital. Hey, Andy! That would make GREAT TV.

  16. You guys are cruel…Adrienne recommends Brandi for the show.. She comes on the show n stabs Adrienne n Paul in the back by starting rumors about their family.. Which should have been a private issue. So don’t tell me she’s true blue.. She is not .. She’s not a lady.. You can’t be a real lady n talk like that n sleep with so many men!

  17. Weren’t the latest reports that Taylor has been downgraded to a recurring role?? And Kim’s role is uncertain still?? Both their story lines are dead and over as far as I’m concerned so they haven’t been interesting at all lately. Taylor was barely on the show and when she was she always appeared a mess (Camille was on more than she was!). Kim’s sobriety is commendable/great but lets face it… when she’s not drunk or cracked out she’s not interesting to watch on TV (sorry but you know it’s true!).

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