RHOBH Season 4 Cast Changes! Is Penny Lancaster Joining The Cast?

Taylor Armstrong

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 4 will begin filming this April and new cast rumors are already being reported! E! News reports that RHOBH veteran Taylor Armstrong is likely on her way out the door as Bravo producers are looking for new women in Beverly Hills to add to the show! Who could the new women be? The site reports that Penny Lancaster is being scouted by producers to join the show. Penny is the wife of singer Rod Stewart, and ironically Adrienne Maloof’s boyfriend, Sean Stewart’s step-mother!

E! reports that Taylor doesn’t know she’s looking to be replaced but “producers are looking at other optionsa. They feel like Taylor’s storyline has become too dark and they need to shake things up a bit.” Producers are also reportedly concerned about Taylor’s drinking habits, as Season 3 ends with Kim & Kyle Richards concerned about Taylor’s drinking.

“They have been talking to quite a few new people,” the source adds, noting that at least five women have been approached, including Lancaster and a woman whose family owns swanky L.A. seafood house Crustacean. “There are also discussions about Faye Resnick possibly coming onboard as a full time-member.”

It has been questioned if Kim Richards will return for another Season, along with Taylor Armstrong, Camille Grammer, and it’s a good assumption this will be Adrienne Maloof’s last Season on the show.

Penny Lancaster
Penny Lancaster

Tell Us- What would YOU like to see happen to the cast on Season 4 of RHOBH?

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26 Replies to “RHOBH Season 4 Cast Changes! Is Penny Lancaster Joining The Cast?”

  1. For goodness sake—please let Taylor leave BH. Her daughter always looks like the saddest little girl in the world who is simply in need of mother who must find the strength and stop trying to ride that Beverly Hills roller coaster. It is abusive to the audience to watch Taylor whine and drink her way through her tragic path with her ‘so called friends’. Taylor is consumed with herself and brings nothing but eye rolling behavior to the show. The sisters? Kyle and her BFF Faye are just plan mean girls in any zip code. Faye is a fame _hore at best. –and Kyle’s sister Kim? She needs help and watching her whining/crying and being paid for is so boring. Yeah for Lisa and Brandy!!!!!! At least they are ‘real’ for the BH zip.

  2. I would like to see Taylor and Adrienne gone and Camille come back full time with her season 2 face on. More Yolanda, Lisa, Brandi and Kim! Less Kyle and NO FAYE! Well you asked.

  3. I can’t stand Kyle or Taylor. This season ruined Adrienne and she fell into the cant stand group, too. Too bad, because she and Paul were my favorite.

  4. I will absolutely NOT be watching if Faye Resnick is cast as a full-time housewife for season 4! I have thought this woman was utterly despicable since her grasp at fame in 1994 with her repuslive “tell-all” book about her alleged best friend Nicole Brown Simpson. The woman is a liar, a famewhore of the worst kind, and has tried to cling onto her 15 minutes of infamy over the cold, murdered corpse Nicole Simpson. They have to be out of their minds to even consider that witch.

  5. I’d like to see Faye join the show. If Penny is joining the cast, I would think Bravo would keep Adrienne on, since she would be Penny’s connection to the show. I would hate to lose Kim. I do like her. But she doesn’t seem to be as into participating in the show as the other ladies are. She should probably go. I’m kind of over Taylor, so I wouldn’t be sad to see her go.

  6. Please, please, please NO FAY!!! No way! Cant stand her at all.

    I would like Kim and Taylor gone. They are both downers. All they do is whine and cry.

    The rest are ok, I dont really like Adrienne though.

    Lisa is my favorite, I like Brandi and Camille also.

  7. Keep Lisa, Brandi and Yolanda. Get rid of the rest. They are baggage and should go. Time to get some fresh faces on the show. DO NOT add Faye. Her 15 minutes of fame faded long ago and I have no interest in seeing her on a regular basis. Faye is a “groupie” who does not know her time is over. I am quickly losing interest in RHOBH as it stands right now.

  8. After watching Taylor make a fool of herself on Andy’s show, I know it’s time for her to go. Can Paul stay and Adrienne go? 🙂 also time for Kim to retire.

  9. Faye should not be on the show anymore. She sucks. I will not watch if she comes as a full time housewife. Kyle, Taylor, and Adrienne should not come back. Kim is ok I guess, I wouldn’t mind if she stayed one more season, but she should go after that.

  10. Kick out Brandi on her scrawny, hillbilly ass. Kim won’t be a great loss. Yolanda is a completely meaningless cast member – kick her to the curb. Keep Lisa, Kyle, Taylor and, of course, Adrienne. Just hope Lisa reverts back to the funny, classy person she was up until Season 3. As for the 5th member … well … Camille, of course!

  11. Please keep Brandy, Lisa and Yolanda!! Get rid of the mean girls Kim, Kyle, Adrienne, Camille and Hell NO to Faye. I will not be watching if I see Faye come on full time. We see her all too much as it is!!

  12. I love watching rhobh… please keep lisa, brandi, and yolanda. Taylor has been through a lot this past year and I feel we would be missing out if you didn’t bring her back next season. …. as for adrienne anyone who sighns themselves up for reality tv should be honest about there life and not be talking to lawyers if things are said that they don’t like ., otherwise everyone who says anything should be worried that they will be her next target, not cool. If faye joins the cast I will miss my favorite show because I will not be watching anymore, so please anyone but her.

  13. I will not watch if Faye comes on board!!! If Kim can handle it, keep her.Taylor needs help ,but what she has been through,no one can imagine.

  14. Please DO NOT put Faye on she is terribly boring along with Kyle.kyle is quite the trouble maker not digging her. You cannot get me started on Taylor I DO NOT BELIEVE anything she says her child looks so sad. That’s the only nice thing Kyle is doing caring for her-Taylor is a pathological liar she would do&say anything to be with $$$$$$Kim is right drinking to much I like yanda but she must change her jeans sick of looking at them. Love lisa&ken here new cast LISA BRANDI YOLANDA MARRISSA you guys figure out the restI PROMISE I WILL NOT WATCH FAYE !!!

  15. If Faye “wanna be” Resnick comes onto RHOBV as a full time cast member, that’s it I’m done. I can watch Lisa on other shows & unfortunately will miss Brandi & Yolanda but every time Faye opens up her mouth I throw up a little in mine. She literally makes me ill. All she is is a resentful old woman that is unhappy with her life so she has to be aggressive towards others. I’m so glad that Brandi has proven she doesn’t care what Faye thinks by not bringing up that horrible night at Kyles. That’s class people! NOW we see the wanna be blaming adrienne & Paul’s divorce on Brandi! Puhlease, Ad (thats all she does is advertises her products on every show one way or another & its short for her name, funny how that worked out) has treated Paul horribly from day one & now it’s understandable that Paul left her old ass since it was a fake marriage just so she cud b on RHOBV. I’m happy she’s gone & that she was a no-show (read: flaker & embarrassed cuz all the real truth is out there now & she’s too chicken to face it!). I thought so much of her the first season but now all I know is she’s lucky to have $$ or she wud really b trailer trash!! U GO GIRLS TO LISA, BRANDI & YOLANDA – U GALS ARE THE BEST!! YOU ALL DESERVE THE WORLD IN MY OPINION!!!

  16. Please leave out Brandi and get rid of Taylor. Brandi is always such a lame part of the show. She has absolutely no class and just trying to get her 15 min. of fame. Let her go and Taylor…she needs to leave the show and take care of her little girl..she is just the most shallow person in the world…so tacky to.

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