RHOBH Reunion Taping Called “The Most Intense Ever”


The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills taped the season 5 reunion show on Friday and it looks like there is some major drama coming our way. While the day started off peaceful, it seems the gloves came off and the women were prepared to battle it out.

Lisa Rinna shared an inspirational quote, hinting that she was in a situation where she found it necessary to fight. “You’re a warrior. Warriors don’t give up and they don’t back down. Pick up your sword and shield and fight.”

Rinna later tweeted, “I survived,” followed by, “I didn’t go to jail.”

Even Andy Cohen was exhausted after the taping. He tweeted, “That’s a wrap on the most intense #RHOBHReunion in five seasons. I am SPENT. Over and out….”

Kyle Richards echoed Andy’s tweet, saying that it was the “toughest Reunion yet.”

Lisa Vanderpump wrote, “Have I been hit by a truck? Why do I feel like this this morning? Oh now I remember… #10hrs #reunion #rhobh”

Brandi Glanville joked that it would be a six-part reunion special and tweeted, “Physically mentally exhausted and have a sore throat.”


Big day….

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Survived ….. Barely #RHOBH #Reunion cc @bravoandy

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8 Replies to “RHOBH Reunion Taping Called “The Most Intense Ever””

  1. I think this one is gonna be good, RHOBH has knelt really had that one dud reunion where Adrienne didn’t show and it kinda took the wind our of the sails as she was so involved in the drama that year

    I think we’ll get to see a scrappy side to Lisa Rinna, she’s been a bit shady in her one on ones and we haven’t even seen her big fight moment yet.

  2. Dont know how they can stand it for ten hours. One would be plenty as I am sure they can yell and talk trash easily in an hour. They are experts after all. How can any of them stand to ever be in the same room with each other.

  3. You are right about that Ruby…. They are never going to beat the reunion when Kenya got her ass dragged accross the stage!!! That was the best ever!!

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