RHOBH Reunion Part 3: Lisa Rinna Calls Kim Richards a “Sick Woman”

Who knew one little bunny could cause so much drama on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Part three of the reunion picked up right where we left off last week, with Kim Richards going to find Lisa Rinna backstage to explain why she was superstitious about giving Lisa’s gift to her grandson. Just as Kim approached Rinna and asked to talk, Rinna was not ready for it.

“No!” Rinna snapped. “That was the most humiliating thing that’s ever happened to me and I will not accept this. I’m sorry, for you to do that, you are a sick woman. Do you feel good about getting back at me?” Rinna asked. Kim explained that she was very superstitious and didn’t want the bunny in her house. “You’re a victim! You’ll always be a victim!” Rinna shouted at Kim.

Meanwhile, back on stage Andy was discussing how he’d really like to have the bunny for his WWHL Clubhouse. As Rinna and Kim took their seats, Rinna told Kim she thought she was a “really sick woman” and that Kim only went after her because she was her “meal ticket.”

Kyle Richards jumped in to defend her sister.  “Lisa, that’s a really stupid thing to say and that could not be farther from the truth.” Kyle also got mad at Rinna separately over the fact that Rinna always wanted Kyle to answer for Kim’s actions. “Our mother is not here anymore but that does not make me her mother!” Kyle said.

Dorit Kemsley then told Rinna she had “a very big mouth” and Rinna replied by telling Dorit to “shut up.”

Next up was Eden Sassoon who had put herself in the hot seat by involving herself with Kim’s sobriety this season. When asked if she had done this to create a storyline for herself, Eden replied, “That is such bullsh*t.” She did admit that she “projected” her own past onto Kyle.

Footage was shown of Rinna saying Kim was close to death, as well as footage showing Rinna saying she never remembered saying that, and Dorit was the first to jump in and have something to say about Lisa. “You crucify anyone for not remembering anything!” she shouted. Rinna shrugged and told Dorit she didn’t need to talk to her anymore. Andy then asked Erika Girardi if she believed Rinna when she claimed to not remember saying Kim was close to death and Erika said she didn’t know and didn’t really care. That’s when Eileen Davidson jumped to Rinna’s defense as usual. She said, “What [Rinna] did was absolutely wrong, messed-up wrong — but the night got weird because of you [Kim].”

“It’s the soap twins!” Kim quipped, to which Eileen added: “Just because you’re the loudest and most obnoxious does not mean you’re right.” She then accused Kim of “inserting” herself into a conversation that had been between Rinna, Dorit and herself. Kim denied this accusation.

As for who brought up #xanaxgate, Dorit reiterated that it was Eden who had brought up Rinna’s erratic behavior and clarified that she had never personally said Rinna had a drug problem. Rinna screamed, “You make me crazy!” and insisted she had never put Xanax in a smoothie.

Andy asked Dorit if people had been doing cocaine at her dinner party, as Rinna had asked during their ill-fated dinner in Hong Kong. “Of course not!” Dorit insisted.

Switching subjects, Andy asked Lisa Vanderpump if her son Max is still on the hunt for his biological parents. “We found her,” Vanderpump said, as she became very emotional. “I’m OK with it. I don’t know why I’m so tearful. I think he should, and he said to me the most unbelievable thing. He said, ‘I want to thank her.’ A lot of people would have resentment if they’d been put up for adoption.” She did admit that she was worried that Max would be “disappointed” that the reality of meeting his birth mother wouldn’t live up to the dream, but insisted that Max was old enough now that she didn’t feel threatened.

Finally, the ladies went around the room and shared what they regretted most about this season. Dorit said she regretted giving Erika the underwear. “Knowing now how that affected her and how it embarrassed her,” Dorit insisted she had a new perspective on how she’d handled their feud. Eileen basically said she regretted assuming that people always wanted to solve their issues with each other and was going to rethink her approach instead of inserting herself into fights in the future. Vanderpump admitted there was “something about” Rinna that she loved, but also said that she “can be a real asshole.”

The reunion ended with Rinna giving Andy the bunny. “There’s good energy now,” Eileen declared.

Photo Credit: Bravo

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Love LR’s hair!!!

I know. I was wondering if anyone else thought the same. She has the best hair style bar none.

I said it before and I say it again , Rinna was the MVP of this season . I’m not saying I’m a fan or that I approve of her actions but she WAS the one that generated most chatter online . I do think Dorit lied but eveyone loves to hate Rinna so nobody really questioned Dorit

She is Bravo gold ! Yes it’s alllll about money for Bravo, whether we want to believe it or not

Love her or hate her she does have a big mouth. But that mouth has never bothered me. I think it’s because she speaks with knee jerk reaction. I love how she stands up to LVP as does Ericka and Eileen. I guess that’s why those 3 on the show are my favorites. But I didn’t enjoy last night’s reunion. I guess I’m sick to death of hearing about drugs and alcohol and addiction and most of all Kim and her endless struggles. Blah, Blah, Blah, oh, I almost forgot. I thought LR was spot on about she being Kim’s… Read more »

Barbara so nice to see you ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Yes , the reunion is a snooze

Sorry for my absence. I now go threw periods where I’m on the political websites and take a break and return back here. I guess, I’ve just been so bored with all these housewives shows, I don’t know. How is our friend Suzie doing? I certainty hope she is doing better. Miss her here!

I’m sorry to tell you the bad news , but Suze passed away

There was something on a post a few days ago here , if you scroll back

I’m sorry . We are all so sad

OMG…dear goodness, I didn’t know that either Rain. Thanks for letting us know. I’m in tears.

Oh no! Oh no! I didn’t know. OMG So sorry Rain. So very sorry. I know the two of you had a special relationship. I’m going to scroll back. Such awful news. I need time to process this.

Oh God! I’m so sad. I felt it was coming. Can we somehow convey to her family that this other family of strangers also will miss her and send our deepest ocndoolences?

Rinna is an actress. That face when she was asked if she said that Kim was near death was priceless. That, I don’t remember…Well, unless she has early Alzheimer’s, I never could believe it, and then she conveniently remembered in time for that dessert party where she knew Kim would attend. Rinna cannot be trusted. Therefore, she can be no one’s real friend. Eileen must be delusional to side with her blindly, and I think she realized that a bit when she said, at the end of the reunion, that she should not get involved so soon or something like… Read more »

LR was surprised when Kyle asked her about the enabling-near-death comment so she lied. Simple as that. As far as the cocaine-at-the-dinner-party comment….that was LR lashing out. LR does have a big mouth and she speaks without thinking and she knows this. She’s said it many times, so frigging own it!
Dorit, you and PK should just go away.

I want Dorit to return with LVP. If no LVP, then I am not watching. I would love to see the business side of Dorit, without PK. I think she sort of settled when she married him. She wanted a nice Jewish man, and he was nice to her, but I think she just wanted to be married and have kids. She saw him as the person her grandmother found for her (her matchmaker) after she passed away. He was the one for her, and he was smitten and adored her. She is not his first wife either. Dorit had… Read more »

I do agree with you about seeing the business side of Dorit but her and PK together are just bad. I may like her better if he wasn’t around. I would give it a try 🙂

I agree with both of you. I would really love to see Dorit re-boot her bathing suit line again. From the glimpse they showed at the reunion, her designs looked gorgeous. She has some serious talent. Yup, she needs to step from behind her hideous husband’s shadow and walk beside him, not three steps behind. Agree, I think she acts like a fool when she’s with PK, but when she’s alone, she’s tolerable. Talk about control. If my hubby ever pulled that shit, he wouldn’t be my hubby for long. Great to blog with you both.


I do wonder though, why she felt she had to put her business on the back burner? I guess PK wanted to be seen as the bread winner and relative. He has probably figured out that people look at them and wonder why she’s with him so he’s giving us the reason why……uh like noooo!

Remember the Xanax comments. It just ramps it up on and once the gloves are off, who knows. She who lives by the sword, dies by the sword.

Did anyone read/listen to the cocaine thread? She asked Dorit because she experienced something that seemed weird. Not only that but watching the Eden/Dorit thread it was Dorit who brought up did Eden think LR was ‘affected’? PK coming to ‘defend’ Dorit was so lame. I was glad Erika called it on him. I kept waiting for Eileen or LR to bring up how Dorit couldn’t remember what went on at her dinner party two days later when Eileen wanted to talk with her about it. Deflecting? Lying? Drugs?

I’m not a big LR fan but that was not cool of Kim giving back the bunny. And even though I didn’t agree with Eden’s interaction with the sisters about Kim’s drinking problem, I again think it’s not cool that she accused Eden of creating a story line. Again Kim should not be there. I don’t like her and never did. I feel sorry for Kyle. Kim makes her prove over and over again she’s “got her sister’s back”. Good on her she’s doing it and I wish her success but giving her a free pass for everything that comes… Read more »

Michelle ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Yes I felt so bad for Kyle!! Kim keeps putting her in impossible positions!!
Ironically, Kim picked Brandi over her own sister a few years ago….. yet she expects Kyle to ‘have her back’ even at the expense of Kyles friendships! Kim is a hypocrite


Oh so true Rain. I thought the exact same thing. It’s a big reason why I don’t like Kim.

Kim is a cruel, horrible, mean, nasty bitch. I would NEVER leave my baby alone with her, Grandma or not. Some of the stuff she said and did to Kyle is unphuckingforgivable. In Holland. At poker night, their entire adult life. I almost got sick when Eden said the night her sister DIED, she deleted the call from her sister begging for help. That is not the opposite of enabling. That is downright don’t give a s**t. Enabling is not loving. Tough love isn’t the opposite of loving. Enabling is ignoring the using and boozing and helping the addict hide… Read more »

Yes I never thought Kyle was an enabler and I’m glad at least Eden admitted that some of that was her own projection.. Eden needs to calm the eff down and approach situations in a measured manner.

I think Kim is a mean cruel woman , with or without drinking. The drinking just makes it worse but is also not the reason she behaves in such a selfish way . Anyone other than Kyle would’ve cut ties with her many years ago !!

I said the same thing, Michelle. I think it hit Kyle that she is enabler. She just couldn’t really answer the question. Her dedication to her sister is admirable, but it’s not reciprocated. Kyle is a good person. Kim is beyond horrible. I’m glad she’s sober, but she’s an awful person. I can only imagine how worse she was when she was drinking. I hope she stays away from this show or I won’t watch it.

Yes, tha part is the best part of Rinna. Her hubby and she seem to have a very happy marriage, and her daughters are lovely.

Dorit absolutely kept the “Xanax” story going! No way will I believe it wasn’t deliberate on her part.

Can you tell me what the subject title was that you made the announcement? I hate to ask you. If this is to painful I understand.

In Scheana no longer afraid of Stassi

Yes, I will. Just so sad. I’m sorry to you also.

1. I can’t STAND Lisa Rinna- I’m so ready for her return in s8 2. I don’t disagree with Kim, and I don’t disagree with Rinna. They’re both sick, they both need help. Kim wouldn’t have been on the show as much if Rinna didn’t perpetuate this storyline. Kim was an original, so no Rinna- you’re not Kim’s meal ticket. 3. Why tf did I find myself rooting for Dorit this episode? 4. It still doesn’t sit right with me that LR threatened to get violent when Kim shut her down but LR’s favorite thing to do is shut everything… Read more »

Kim is so annoying why is she still haunting rh…i wanted so badly after she called Eileen the soap sisters…for eileen to say better than the child star has been sisters…bye felicia! What the hell does kim do anyway dont her sisters support her….who gives an f if she is sober she is nuts! I think she is jeleous of eileen for having such a long lasting career. Kim not a fan…Andy time to retire that child star.

I believe Kims’ sister Kathy supports her. Also there are probably some residuals.

Amnesia was the key word this entire season. NO ONE remembered. Lisa Rinna’s amnesia was the greatest of her acting moments. It was one big lie & when she finally decided to own her truth, she kept saying she understood for some, not for all, (namely Dorit ) that one can forget completely because it happened to her authentically. What a schitzophrenic sociopathtic liar she is. I dont trust her with a 10 foot pole & I cant like a single bone in her body. She was elated that Kim did what she did to her. In her sick mind,&… Read more »

Okay Starr I’ll bite……..what about PK do you love?

hey there !! In my humble opinion…. I never felt Dorit and PK were out of line throughout this season. I felt from the beginning that Erika is the one who started pantygate and the one who kept it going and going and going. It all seemed fake and staged by Erika”s from the very beginning when it was mentioned at the party that she wasn’t wearing any – sounded like a set up to me – she knows how to work an audience. My friends would have behaved in same way as the other ladies before Erika faked her… Read more »

So true, Cin. We would’ve enjoyed the humor of it, not turn it into a full, sick movie.

I think my friends and I would have had a good laugh about it too but I don’t think that’s what Erika was upset about. It’s more about PK’s comments and quite frankly, Dorit’s judgemental attitude. Dorit’s attempts at teasing fell very short. In my opinion, very insincere.

I agree. PK said such a disgusting thing the next day, and those, IMO, are his true feelings. He backed off only when the public outcry hit his social media page. Dorit, I would like if she would stop with the fake ‘British humor” Saying “that is the first compliment you have ever given me, ever”garbage isn’t a joke. Trying to spin it that way later doesn’t work either. Saying “oh, you’re sitting by me!!!” all that s**t stinks. Then saying she is trying so hard to be kind and sweet, BS. I like her otherwise. She has a cute… Read more »

I agree. Dorit & PK have been a great addition to the show. Erika, ED, & LR kept this stupid story line going. It was so bad: acting & indignation. It was a complete boring show with LR, ED, & Erika.


I have to put my two cents in….. I also like Dorit and PK. LVP deserves her crown!!!

Right on Cin. Beautiful.

I agree: Love LVP, Dorit & PK!

I agree! LR liar. ED enabler. Glad Kim gave the bunny back. Kyle needs to pick a lane. Love LVP, Dorit, & PK.

I forgot to add: Erika is full of BS.

Her FB page is now down I believe. I cannot see it now.

Oh really ???

Well, either that or I was just removed from seeing it? I posted a response on it last week.

Hi again–Just watched and was struck by Kim. She’s a rude, mean spirited, nasty, crappy person, not to mention a thief, out of control, in trouble with the law, keeps dogs who are dangerous, is not self sufficient, takes no responsibility for her actions. Rinna, like her or not, is an accomplished person as is LVP. Dorit is a twit. Love Eileen–she’s a nice person. Erika, behind the facade, is direct and original, Kyle–meh. :).

agree!!! Kim is a mean spirit and is all you have said… agree – Rinna is successful in life. I’ve rethought my feelings about Erika – loved her last year but this year I felt she was the most fake among the ladies – very calculating and cold.

Question??? At the reunion Andy said something to LVP about her crown and she said she would gladly give it away. Who in your opinion should get it – Erica or Rinna???


Is your dog’s eye OK now? I was thinking so much about her during the entire last episodes. Hoping you and her are great.


Too true Rain. I don’t think there should be any crowns or OG’s amongst them all!

I agree with a lot of what you say. Sadly, this what happens to a lot of child stars who are denied their childhood and forced to grow up in an adult world too fast and too soon. From what is out their, Kim and akyle’s mom was a stage mom who thought of her own financial gain above all else. She even encouraged Kim to cheat on her husband to find a wealthier man. Kim was the oje who earned the most, and she helped Kyle have the life she did, attending BH HS, etc. while she just took… Read more »

Hi Real Sandy: I agree with you on the messed up lives of lots of child stars. However, doesn’t give them a pass or excuse. it’s sad and a waste–what wasted privilege–that being said, mean is mean. Hope she gets the help she needs and stays off reality tv, alcohol, and away from toxins She can’t handle it.

Amen, Sister!

I never said she wasn’t mean. If you check out my other posts about her, I find her very mean, and she never was concerned when her dog Kingsley bit more than one person either. That dog was raised by her, and I blame the owner for a lot of the aggression too.
She gets no free pass from me. I just see that a lot of child stars have issues. We know what happened to Eden’s sister.

I have to say, Real Sandy, this explains a lot! About them all!
And you’re right, Kim does have resentment in her eyes.
As usual you’re quite perceptive. Her mother really encouraged her to cheat on her husband to find someone wealthier? WTF?! My God!

Thanks, Michelle. Yes, I read that about her mother…somewhere, when reading about Kim a whole back. She sought out husband number two while still married to her first husband.
I wonder how much will come out about their mom in Kyle’s new show next year, about her youth. Kyle already mentioned being inside Studio 54 as a child. Mom was certainly not the best.

Incredible! Yeah I’m looking forward to the show but I understand its not quite biographical. How much is actually based on her life…….well, will she actually reveal that? She, them all, are very private and secretive so I imagine the show will only be a good reflection. No deep dark secrets. Now I’m feeling a little bit bad for Kim………………not sure I can excuse her behavior nevertheless but it does explain a lot and its sad.

It would certainly keep it fresh. I like that idea.


Can’t stand LR, ED, or Erika. Love LVP, Dorit, & PK. Kyle needs to pick a lane.