RHOBH Recap: Wham Glam, Thank You Ma’am

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Dorit Kemsley and has probably stirred-up the most amount of drama this season. On tonight’s episode, Teddi Mellencamp and Camille Grammer finally received apologies from Dorit for her past behavior.

Teddi wasn’t pleased with how late fellow Housewife Dorit Kemsley was for a date for drinks they had planned. Teddi waited for an hour at the restaurant for Dorit, who was busy in a business meeting for her swimwear line.

This week, Dorit and Teddi met up to discuss what actually happened that night. Teddi first tells her new friend Dorit that she didn’t “actually care” about Dorit leaving her there for “54 minutes,” before being interrupted by Dorit, who then disputed the exact minute.

After some back and fourth and back again over the actual time Teddi spent waiting for Dorit, Teddi finally admits that she was ultimately hurt by Dorit talking with Kyle and Lisa Vanderpump about the situation.

“The one thing I’m never wrong about is what time I’m supposed to do something,” Teddi said. “I’m an accountability coach. That’s the one thing.”

Dorit confessed, “I don’t know how I became the villain in all of this. It’s a little overly sensitive. I’m sorry.”

Back to their meeting, Dorit called Teddi “ridiculous,” which didn’t do any help calming Teddi down. After going on for a little while longer, the pair decide to end their argument. Dorit said of the argument that it was “the most childish thing I’ve ever, ever had a conversation about.”
This might not be the last we hear of “#LateGate.” The tone in which Dorit says, “Lovely, dropped” leaves us questioning whether this is really dropped. (Just look at how #PantyGate went on last season).
On the plus side, the comment of the night went to Kyle when she said, “Dorit’s energy level is very over the top…I just want a massage.”
Camille arrived at the spa day and Dorit ran over to Camille and apologized for calling her the c-word. Camille filled Dorit in on some of the other comments she made including, “Camille, I want you to be a Godfather and put on a strap on.” Dorit seemed mortified, but chalked it up to a bad joke.
The two women make up, but in her confessional, Camille reveals that she isn’t sure if she could ever have a real relationship with Dorit and that she doesn’t trust her.
Thoughts on this week’s episode?