RHOBH Recap: Wham Glam, Thank You Ma’am

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Dorit Kemsley and has probably stirred-up the most amount of drama this season. On tonight’s episode, Teddi Mellencamp and Camille Grammer finally received apologies from Dorit for her past behavior.

Teddi wasn’t pleased with how late fellow Housewife Dorit Kemsley was for a date for drinks they had planned. Teddi waited for an hour at the restaurant for Dorit, who was busy in a business meeting for her swimwear line.

This week, Dorit and Teddi met up to discuss what actually happened that night. Teddi first tells her new friend Dorit that she didn’t “actually care” about Dorit leaving her there for “54 minutes,” before being interrupted by Dorit, who then disputed the exact minute.

After some back and fourth and back again over the actual time Teddi spent waiting for Dorit, Teddi finally admits that she was ultimately hurt by Dorit talking with Kyle and Lisa Vanderpump about the situation.

“The one thing I’m never wrong about is what time I’m supposed to do something,” Teddi said. “I’m an accountability coach. That’s the one thing.”

Dorit confessed, “I don’t know how I became the villain in all of this. It’s a little overly sensitive. I’m sorry.”

Back to their meeting, Dorit called Teddi “ridiculous,” which didn’t do any help calming Teddi down. After going on for a little while longer, the pair decide to end their argument. Dorit said of the argument that it was “the most childish thing I’ve ever, ever had a conversation about.”
This might not be the last we hear of “#LateGate.” The tone in which Dorit says, “Lovely, dropped” leaves us questioning whether this is really dropped. (Just look at how #PantyGate went on last season).
On the plus side, the comment of the night went to Kyle when she said, “Dorit’s energy level is very over the top…I just want a massage.”
Camille arrived at the spa day and Dorit ran over to Camille and apologized for calling her the c-word. Camille filled Dorit in on some of the other comments she made including, “Camille, I want you to be a Godfather and put on a strap on.” Dorit seemed mortified, but chalked it up to a bad joke.
The two women make up, but in her confessional, Camille reveals that she isn’t sure if she could ever have a real relationship with Dorit and that she doesn’t trust her.
Thoughts on this week’s episode?

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  1. Dorit apologized to Teddi? That was an apology? It wasn’t even a typical HW apology. She still denies she did anything wrong and she’s lying. She was so manic, I wonder if she was on something.

    Everything out of LVP’s mouth is vile and vicious. Not funny at all. She’s becoming harder and harder to watch. Her sense of humour isn’t British, it’s malicious Grade 6 boy humour. But the minute she’s got a problem, everyone should handle it with kid gloves.

    1. So true on all points! I wondered too if Dorit was hopped up on something. Way too intense and flighty and fidgety. There is just so much wrong with that woman.

      I’m not an LVP fan but I always want to be neutral and access each situation with fresh eyes but she makes it hard sometimes to be on her side. As much as Lisa R has faults and they’re all to do with her big mouth, I’m on Rinner’s side with this topic of Ken. It’s acceptable for LVP to bring up and talk about things to do with other people but she’s very adamant and, dare I say, aggressive (even if passive aggressive), on subjects pertaining to her and hers. She’s very protective. Good. But allow other people that privilege too, LVP

    2. Not only was she lying to Teddi, she was lying to the audience with her fake European business calls. When she’s making calls at 4pm California time, it’s midnight here in central/Western Europe. WTH is she on the phone with at that timeout night on this end? We don’t don’t do administrative work here beyond standard office hours, smh…

  2. Oh, and who here is shocked that P.K. is only turning 50? Yikes! 70 wouldn’t have shocked me. Dear God but he’s frumpy.

    1. I know! I remember reading about his age somewhere a while back, and I was shocked. He looks terrible for 50. Maybe if he lost some weight and exercised…and had a little work done maybe, he would look 10 years younger. He looks more like 59 right now at the least.
      Frumpy…yes. I think he looks like Humpty Dumpty.

  3. Loved the fact that Teddy was like I don’t like having to discuss you with others, I want to talk to you about you. Dorit is so over the top. It’s a damn glass Dorit… Ugh!!!! She irks me to the fullest.

  4. Haven’t watched it yet but it sounds like the usual whining and non resolved issues. These ladies could fight over the color of the sky. Dorit loves to run her mouth to anyone she can find to listen. She needs to just shut the F up for a damned minute.

  5. Dorito’s yammering on and on about a subject that was clearly addressed and finished was annoying enough. But the glasses! OMG, that is the pettiest damn thing I have ever heard on this show! Kudos to Teddi for laying it out on the table like an adult and saying that she did not wish to discuss Dorit with others. She is pretty awesome. Unlike Rinna who couldn’t wait to start carrying bones about LVP in a pathetic bid for attention.

    1. I like Teddi too. Every show I like her more too.
      I just wonder that they won’t keep her because she is more normal and not out there nutso crazo like the others!

  6. Well they blew her ‘cover’ this season by showing how petty and obnoxious she is ! I agree with you , she pisses me off period !

    1. Me three.
      Doreek is beyond annoying. She is now like chalk on a blackboard to the Nth degree. Whenever she opens her mouth, I want to mute her. A ball gag maybe could work for that?
      I really think she plans ahead who she will attack in that episode and what she will say. She knew before she sat down at Kyle’s that Camille was to be her target that day. At her first meeting with Teddi andher hubby, she knew she and PK would bring up Rinna. She also knew she was going to throw Teddi under the bus, and set out to humiliate her and make the others think that the new girl, Teddi, was delusional.
      She says that the others (not Teddi) are “my friends.” No one is really friends on this show…or at least, I don’t believe anyone is really friends with Dorit. Kyle is sounding like she is defending Dorit, and maybe LVP makes like she likes her, but they are just befriending for the show…because they kept Dorit another season. They want to keep their spots on the show IMO and having a bit of a clique is what they do…while filming, anyway.
      Dorit is the worst. Rinna is also Trouble with a capital T.

  7. Thanks Rain. XO
    That was the ultimate in a preplanned outing.
    First of all, PK is friends with the guy who works there…okay, maybe.
    So PK says to Dorit, he says we can have him on the show, so he can show off his cars. So, make up some story, like maybe you want to buy me a car, since I got you one for your birthday! That way we have another story…and you get to drive a nice car. Better yet, bring Erika, since she is used to driving fast expensive cars…and if anything happens, she has a lot more money than we do….
    Anyway, we all know there was no way anyone was buying one of those cars. It was just for Dorit to show off. She plans all of her episodes with stories she makes up in her fantasy world. She lives in a fantasy most of the time, in her own mind.
    Love you Rain.

  8. yep they are ugly twins maybe ? Dorit is pretty but it is her pretty nasty personality that got her a ugly mate. they are now as I see it well suited for one another.
    I wonder what his teenagers think of miss step mom Dorit

    1. Dorit probably doesn’t even know their names. What teenagers?
      She really does not seem to want to know her own progeny.
      I can only imagine what they must think of her.

      1. 9he was married before and has 2kids I read about Dorit goggle search and it is a site that is the sister programming to bravo in other countries. RHof Melbourn

  9. I caught the last show towards the end doesn’t sound like i missed much.
    Dorit is a big fat liar and Teddy is growing on me I like her. I would want to rip Dorit a new 1 everytime I saw her too. U can tell Dorit is 1 of the mean girls.she is a villian she said it most everyone thinks it. Why do you think Lisa VPump got her on what Dorit did as far as Pump’s designer I have no clue a bikini ? Lisa can read people why she is succcessful. No Longer a LisaPump fan haven’t been for a long time.
    Sorry Lisa followers but Ericka is the new queen.
    Lisa rinna is growing on me.somethings that she says are foul but she isn’t afarid of Pump.

  10. HA! You are probably right! It would be hard to drive it with the seat all the way back to keep his tummy from touching the steering wheel, especially if it was a manual shift and not an automatic, like a lot of the fastest sports cars are for the best driving experience…

  11. Yes he did sound like him, uncanny !!! Hmmm I wonder if they will show jai family
    meet week! The helicopter entrance is so silly

        1. Nope, still single. But that’s the rumour about why she was fired. The whole thing was as phony as a $3 bill. I don’t think any of the other HWs showed up.

          1. They are so alike; Gretchen and Slade. They just want to do reality TV and make money at any cost. They were on Marriage Boot Camp at least one season. I am sure they would do anything they can get, any show, too…and they play up the fake drama nonstop. I don’t keep up with them either. I just cannot stand the pure phony behavior with no reality.

            1. But production was there filming? That doesn’t even make any sense. What would be their motivation for that? Although nothing about these shows really surprises me.

  12. I finally saw the episode last night…Dorit sure is full of herself. The whole apology was an argument of why she thought she was right. She even lied and said she was on an oversea call but then said she was in a meeting. She is rude and pretentious. Shows up at a glam circle (weird name) but says no one will touch my face. And the whole glass ordeal – ok I’m OCD with my white/red wine/champagne glasses AT MY HOUSE. If I was at party I would not call out the mistake over and over – it’s poor etiquette and meant to belittle Teddi. I loved her breezy outfit and my goodness she is very striking. LVP and Kyle at the dog salon were cute. LVP is worried about Ken and she might need to be, he didn’t look well?! Erika is clearly over her husband being down and we all know how most men handle being down. I hope Dorit and her um 50 ??? year old husband are gone next season. LVP needs to lay off Rinna – LVP claws are showing and it’s not a pretty look – funny but not pretty. Next week might be interesting…we shall see.

  13. I would have served Dorit wine in a red solo cup and told her if she didn’t like it she could leave. What a pretentious, self-important little twerp. Did anyone notice that her accent disappeared in her talking head? She’s such a phony. I hope she gets fired and we don’t have to see her or her fat little troll husband ever again.

  14. After last nights show, I went from don’t like Dorit to the sight of her or the sound of her voice makes me sick.

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