RHOBH Recap: Unfashionably Late

During this week’s episode of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Dorit Kemsley was so busy getting back to work that she didn’t show up for a lunch with her new friend Teddi Mellencamp. By the time Dorit remembered to call Teddi, Teddi was already leaving the restaurant.

Days later, Kyle Richards joined Teddi for a workout class. Of course, Dorit had already given her side of the story to Kyle, but forgot to tell the whole story.

When Kyle met Dorit for lunch, Richards spoke about how she might be selling two more TV shows.  “I’m going to cheer you on like your own mother would,” Dorit said, as Kyle got emotional because she couldn’t call either of her sisters to share the news, because she didn’t now how they would react. Apparently the family feud was so intense in her family she didn’t even know where her family would spend the holidays.

Dorit also met with Lisa Vanderpump for lunch where she talked about her problems with Teddi. “A friend gives you a break,” Vanderpump told Dorit of her mistake.

Meanwhile, Teddi was meeting up with Camille Grammer. The topic of Teddi’s date for drinks with Dorit came up and Camille was already miffed at Dorit calling her the c-word on last week’s episode.  “Six minutes late? Was she drinking then too?” Camille asked, adding that Dorit is a “bottomless pit of bullsh*t.”

Camille admitted she was “embarrassed” and “humiliated” when Dorit called her that name. “I do think she tends to talk too much and drink too much,” Camille said before adding that she thought Dorit was “desperate for attention.”

Back at lunch with Vanderpump and Dorit, Lisa suggested Dorit look at the situation from Camille’s perspective. “She had her new boyfriend there,” Vanderpump said. “Sometimes people don’t have the same sense of humor as you.” Lisa also encouraged Dorit to apologize to Camille.

Lisa Rinna joined Camille, Teddi and Kyle just in time to tell them that she’d heard that Ken Todd had been accused of alleged assault. No one seemed to believe that Ken would do that.

What did you think of this week’s episode?


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  1. Just like that time Dorit met Eileen for lunch and lied or feigned memory loss. That phony clipped voice of hers. Erghh!

    1. Dorit is such a liar ! Telling LVP that Kyle was ‘sobbing ‘!! Really ? Then her stupid response to LVP telling her to be careful is ‘so you’re saying Teddi has no sense of humor’ ??? NO YOU DUMB BITCH ! That’s not the point !

  2. Dorit is a very strange woman! Playing the BH lady of of the manor with the pseudo British accent, 2.5 children and the “ appearance” of blissful happiness/ success! There’s something so “off” and disingenuous about her! The wierd looking hair and outfits! She creeps me out..the chatty profanity and cluelessness of how her actions affect others is off-putting!! Makes me think she is either: on drugs, dumb or narcissistic ( or just all three)!

    1. She seems to lack time management skills too. Why couldn’t this “phone call” happen in the car, she obviously was using a driver. If she’s so “busy” why have drinks with anyone? Teddi had the best tweet last night:

      “Hey, want to meet for a drink?”
      “Sure, what time?”
      “Between 4PM and Christmas?”

      1. I really hope this is not going to be a story line with Teddi from this point on. Just don’t schedule anymore one on one time with daffy Dorit and move on. I have a feeling Teddi is going to bring it up every time they’re together. Not sure how I feel about Teddi at this point. Not sure what her story line is and she seems to take things way too seriously.

        1. I can’t blame Teddi for speaking about it since Dorit is blabbling all around town a total lie. I agree that it does get annoying when they go on and on about stupid little things but in this case, Dorit is accusing Teddi of exaggeration, ie bending the truth. That’s a serious accusation. I’m not sure of Teddi’s story line either other than a breath of fresh air. But it’s still early days.

            1. I’m with you on that cause already the times it’s been brought up, I rolled my eyes. Mainly at Dorit and hearing her rewrite history with every telling of the story. It does show her up for who she really is though. That part I like!

    2. and the pretending that she and PK spent a fortune to redecorate their home when in all actuality they’re renting and the real owners are the ones that paid for the renovations.

        1. It was all over twitter during that episode that they did their big reveal. I saw people talking about it on a few blogs too. Apparently they’re renting that house and the owner paid to have it redone.

          1. I’m not so in tuned to them all so I’m glad I get updated here. Thank you!
            LOL I believe you! I can so see them saying “they” were renovating. Why are they renting anyway?

      1. I’m no Dorit fan, but that’s untrue. The Kemleys are own that house and are desperately trying to unload it, hence the renovations. Mauricio is their realtor (no surprise there), and he’s already made them drop nearly 2 million off the asking price because no one is biting, despite her being a Bravo wife. The stats on the house are all public record. I’m just curious why the Kemsleys are so, in PK’s own words, “keen to move”. It’s an amazing property for someone as ostentatious as Dorit, what else could they possibly want? For them to stay in the same area they’re going to spend at least the same they’re trying to sell it for (10 million+), so unless they’re really going to downsize – or start leasing just for the time they may have planned to remain on the show to provide cash inflow…I’m curious what’s the rush to sell and move? Dorit’s just beginning to build a public identity on the west coast in those Hollywood circles.

        1. Whenever someone seems in a rush to sell, I wonder what else could be the matter. I remember the best bakery I had been to in years which was doing amazingly well businesswise and one day I went there and they were closed. (Bakery may not be a good example, but still.) The owner was a compulsive gambler so I heard and lost his business to gambling debt.
          Sometimes others may invest in a Ponzi scheme or make another bad investment, thinking they will make a killing, but end up losing everything.

          This does not sound right, as you said. Did Dorit find another home she would rather have, or are they downsizing perhaps for a reason.
          I think many people live beyond their means, and maybe they have been spending far too much and now need to liquidate to repay that debt down. I guess we will find out eventually.
          Thanks for the great info. Even if it is all public record, you are great at digging up all of it!
          Have a great weekend!

  3. Dorit is one strange ranger and makes for uncomfortable viewing. She can’t admit flaws or mistakes—being late for date with Teddi and then changing the story…her behavior and comments to Camille at Kyle’s dinner party, her rude behavior at the dinner party in general. Didn’t like her last season, find her worse this season. Finito with Dorito.

  4. Dorit is a “bottomless pit of bullsh*t.”….so right!! I’m getting more and pissed off with that woman. So frigging self absorbed……grrrr I don’t want to talk about this idiot.

  5. I don’t believe Ken touched anyone. I think someone is looking for a nice settlement in court from a very wealthy individual. The wealthier you are, the more of a target you are for scammers and the like. It is sad but true. Sadly, the court system loves to blur the lines, and the lawyers would rather settle out of court for a sum than actually work in a courtroom unless they are 100 percent sure they will win the case, making the accused appear guilty, even if he or she is innocent.
    Did anyone see the Will and Grace episode recently where the girl jumped in front of the Rolls Royce and claimed she was injured? Well, it was just a TV sitcom, but it happens.

  6. Hi Rain, I sent you back hearts but something happened along the way and what you got was boxes. Sorry xoxoxo How’s that? Better? Hope so.

  7. Right? A business meeting to discuss the “sketches” that she printed of the internet that were actually just blobs of grey that she was tracing…lol. That could have all been done via email in the first place. She just wanted to be seen on camera. In fact it made her look like an idiot.

  8. I always love your take on all of this. You really do your homework and always have such a way with words. It is always a pleasure.

    Perhaps they really are filthy rich. I don’t mind seeing all the wealth of BH, of course, but these two really are hard to watch with all of their nastiness and lies.

    Cheers! Prost!

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