RHOBH Ratings Suffer


Bravo is going to have to pull out all the stops to reserrect ratings for The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, RadarOnline reports. The once very popular ladies of 90210 have lost 13.16 percent of viewers each season. The season four premiere pulled in just 1,592,000 viewers, according to BravoRatings, a result well down from season two which debuted with 2,183,000 viewers!

“The show does not have the same level of drama that it did with the original cast members Camille (Grammar), Adrienne (Maloof) and Taylor (Armstrong),” a production source tells Radar. “But it also doesn’t have the Beverly Hills factor, either. That peek into the lifestyles of the rich and famous that was such a guilty pleasure during seasons one and two.”

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  1. Although I don’t agree that Camille, Adrienne and Taylor had anything to do with the ratings cause they were all just boring…. the BH franchise is not as interesting. Its the story line. Im sick of listening to Kyle and Kim as far as Brandi… I think she is hysterical she has a mouth of a truck driver but she tells it like it is. She does need to tone down the trash talk because it is getting old. Im going to watch for a little bit longer and see what happens. Carlton has me intrigued, Joyce she got nothin….

  2. I am so sick of Brandi effing everything. She uses that word way too much. Get a thesaurus and learn some new words. Also think Carlton is so boring. She tries to be edgy but really comes off as condescending. Yolanda is another one that I would not miss if she left, she is preachy to everyone but Brandi. Would she allow her daughters to talk that way? She is a terrible choice for a new cast mate. Hopefully it will get better soon or I will no longer be watching it.

  3. I truly do not believe Kim or Kyle or Lisa have anything to do with the low ratings and viewers becoming so disgusted with the show. I’m talking long time, faithful viewers, who raced home to watch every episode. Once upon a time. If you look back, as one of those faithful viewers, things became more and more explosive, vicious, and just over the top ugly this season, first due to Brandi’s shocking and nasty mouth, behavior, and constant break-downs on camera. We didn’t sign on for vile, over the top dramatic and cruel behavior. No one in their right mind is entertained by that over and over again. Then, as if that wasn’t both stinging and numbing enough to watch, in comes Yolanda Foster, and God help us all, Carlton Gebbia.

    Contiguous with Brandi’s outright vulgar and mean girl behavior, we watch Yolanda, a physically lovely women with an initial air of class and manners,
    totally fall from grace when she jumps on board with Brandi, snickers when Brandi treats others in a horrific manner, and in fact, joins in this intolerable behavior with Brandi. And then there is, of course, our growing realization that both Mr & Mrs Foster, each on their own, have an ego the size of A continent- and together, well, it’s something akin to”infinity and beyond.” The Mrs. (Yolanda) wants to correct everyone in just about everything they do, while behaving just SO badly herself.

    The last straw…. That would be Carton Gebbia. First you need to look at her, her manner of dress, her gothic home, her tattoo of a cross with the words F You in the middle, her sex dungeon and S&M toys and masks, her vulgar language and the ability to make a mountain RANGE out of every molehill, her REALLY frightful unwarranted rages, and threats to put a spell on someone that she perceives has crossed her, or someone that she DREAMS has been talking about her behind her back. This is really rather hair-raising and chilling to even the most undaunted of us.

    Is there a passive-aggressive recently former disgruntled Bravo employee (hmm……) that purposely fought to get this woman on the show just to gleefully watch it take a serious nose dive? Just google “Carlton Gebbia blogs and comments” and read through some of the nearly 1000 blogs on a single site as to just how “creepy, vile, scary, psychotic, revolting, gross, sadistic, cruel, terrifying, evil, shocking” etc. etc. this woman’s behavior is. No one can continue to watch all of this for very long without feeling the onset of post traumatic stress disorder, incredibly high anxiety, as well of the feeling of being completely and utterly personally violated and wholly demoralized. It’s worse than any horror film. That is not what viewers want to see at all on this show. If you are in to the Chain Saw Massacre, Curse of Chucky, and such, there are other television stations to tune in to. We did not want or expect this kind of violent attack on all of our natural senses on Bravo. Shame on Bravo for taking it so far, and to only succeed in absolutely horrifying the very large majority of us. You may never get us back no matter what you do. It’s that bad.

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