RHOBH Producers Reportedly Want to Exploit Yolanda Hadid and David Foster’s Divorce


Yolanda Hadid and David Foster have managed to be as private as possible after announcing their divorce. While Yolanda has been in the midst of drama with her cast members on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and dealing with Lyme Disease, she is reportedly under pressure to bring out dirt on her marriage according to Radar Online.

“Producers wanted to exploit Yolanda’s divorce from David for ratings. There hasn’t been a lot of drama this season, and fans love Yolanda.”

However, just because the producers may want the scoop they most likely won’t get it for legal reasons. “Yolanda and David have a very strict prenuptial agreement that says they can’t discuss each other negatively in any public setting… including television.”

The source shared, “Yolanda and David discussed the importance of handling the proceedings with dignity and class soon after she filed. So she refuses to speak badly about him on the show. Of course she is saddened by the end of the marriage, but she won’t allow the intimate details of what led to the breakdown of the relationships to become public fodder.”

What do you guys think? Will the skeletons, if there are any, come out? Sound off in the comment section below!

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154 Replies to “RHOBH Producers Reportedly Want to Exploit Yolanda Hadid and David Foster’s Divorce”

  1. Interesting that “the fans love Yolanda” as it is certainly not shown in the majority of the comments. If Yolanda goes against the clause In Her pre-nup does that mean she won’t get as much alimony????? Puleeze

    1. Bee, strange isn’t it, how many on this site do like her? Could we have a poll to find out who things she is faking? I would guess max 20% on her side but who knows? Yolanda will never risk losing any money!

      1. Morning Sally, I am a fan of Yolanda. I have always liked her and find her entertaining. Although I would love to know all the ‘Dirt” as it pertains to her and her divorce from David, I doubt any of us will ever know the real truth. Sigh….

      2. Sally, do you really think she’s faking or being over dramatic?
        My take – not that you asked – is yes, she has Lyme and producers have asked her to build story on it and it’s been taken overboard. It’s all of their jobs to have a story line and to stay relevant – every single one of them. Some of the HW are better than others in not making it so obvious.
        That said, I have seen a side to Yo this season that I don’t care for, but I do believe she was ill with a multitude of issues.

        1. Kt, you are right I didn’t ask!!!! Hahahaha but yes I do, a few things, if you really want to know where my PoV is coming from?
          First, she said she got sick the minute she married David! I think that’s the first time I doubted her. Why would she say the minute, doesn’t make sense.
          Second. Nothing makes sense time wise. One minute she is made up and running around the next she is going around with dirty hair in bag lady clothes. I don’t care if she wears makeup or not but at my worst I still had clean hair and clean clothes.
          Third. She says things like she can’t drive, when she has been seen driving.
          Fourth. Says she can’t read or write but writes her blogs.
          Fifth. I don’t believe that Bella, Anwar and her mother have Lyme disease.
          Sixth. Says she is on whatever low percentage of brain function but remembers every little perceived slight.
          I might give up there on the negatives! Otherwise I won’t get any lunch
          Positives: I think her main problem was the leaky implants and the menopause. I don’t understand why her implants weren’t checked yeas ago, that doesn’t make sense. 106 doctors and not one of them checked??? I bet you wished you hadn’t asked! Lol I have never liked Yo not since she first started, she is too condescending for me. I don’t like people who treat others like lesser beings! I had better stop now. I am hungry and all written out! Xoxo

          1. I appreciate the response…honestly…I asked you specifically for a reason, I knew you would put it out there exactly like you see it.
            I wonder if the marriage and knowing she married the wrong man (he makes my skin crawl, something about him) has anything to do with some of her health issues?
            I hope you enjoy your lunch!!!

            1. I totally agree on King David, My love! He creeps me out as well! Quite possibly, I don’t think all of her health issues are fake but she sure is milking it! Lunch? No I’m on a special diet until Tuesday as have a test in hospital so food I can eat is all really bland and boring! I’m longing for a nice cold glass of wine! Boo hoo!

              1. Good luck with your test, Sally!! <3
                I agree. I think menopause has a LOT to do with her maladies. Very few people in Cali have ever gotten Lyme, that's why I'm suspicious. Along with her jet-setting, youngest daughter, modeling and partying on 2 different continents–what happened to being bedridden, with an IV, dour look on her face and all? I don't know about anyone else, but even back when I was in perfect health, just going from the west to the east coast, was taxing. I wonder if another blogger out there is right, that this is some type of charade, to make the pre-nup, null and void?

                1. Queenie, I think you could be on to something I hadn’t looked at that angle! I agree on the menopause!
                  I find travel difficult now and am always exhausted after a flight! I still don’t know if she went to Dubai or stayed at home filming with Brandi and Kim!
                  Thanks for the good luck wishes! Xoxox

                  1. I have been reading that there is some clause in California law that if a spouse becomes mentally incapacitated during the marriage and the healthy spouse wants out of the marriage, it can nullify a prenup since obviously the “sick” spouse needs care.

                2. Jake I agree with you 100%. The gossip in here is disgusting. No compassion or kindness. You women need to get a life and perhaps help others.

                  1. Hey Jody..you sound just like Yo…Hmmm…me thinks I know who Jody and Alex are..these are our opinions you don’t like them because they don’t agree with yours, I think everybody is all out of kindness and compassion for someone who is clearly not nearly as sick as she claims, move on

                  2. This is the place for gossip. Why is it you came her Jody? I just wondered. Many here have more compassion than you probably are able to comprehend, but I do not know you so I will not judge. They have endured great illness, have family who have struggled with a lifetime of illness and worse, and they, as a result, are the first to say how sorry they are that someone is in pain or suffering for whatever the reason, yet they are strong individuals who have compassion. Many here suffer silently so as not to feel sorry for themselves. They want no pity. They force themselves to be strong and get through each day, and they come here to forget the bs and pain and talk with others about the housewives or whatever. It is a good place for the most part, and they do have lives. I have a life. I have never once said anything offensive to you, and I am not doing so now. You may feel sorry for Yolanda and even pity her, but many here have seen too many discrepancies in her actions and words to believe much from her at all. Yolanda is not compassionate and does little for others from what we have seen, other than her own immediate family, yet she seems to want others to fall at her feet and pity her and grovel with gratitude at her presence, pouring compliments at her. She wants friends but who exactly is she a friend to..really. You can like who you like, but you don’t have to criticize the others here who just find Yolanda as a big complainer who may not think she has Munchausen but her actions speak otherwise…or she is just in need of serious psychotherapy and perhaps hormone therapy for her menopause.

                  3. That is almost amusing as this is a gossip site. Church, charity events, book clubs and Sunday Dinner are where we discuss our charity endeavors and God. What makes Yolanda kind? Or deserving of any more than the 4 years of compassion she has received here? I have NEVER seen her involved in a selfless act or be kind to anyone, except maybe Brandy. And that was for the singular purpose of taking Lisa V. down. Lisa isn’t always nice, but Yo never is.

              2. Praying Sally. All will be well. The largest glass of cold wine will be yours to enjoy. God bless you always, you’re such a dear person.

              3. Prayers your way Sally! And I, too, am always tired after a flight. I think it has to do with the general public. I don’t know when people decided it was OK to roll out of bed and appear at the airport without doing their hair, brushing their teeth and putting on clean clothing but the hygiene in this country has really gone downhill…..

              4. I was thinking back to him becoming a house husband, and how all dinner parties revolved around him. It seems now after reading those articles that might have been the deal they made, she does the show, he gets to further his music. I mean every show at their home ended in music, not that I minded, but looking back, as often happens, it becomes apparent. He attended 2 functions outside the confines of their house during the entire time that she has been on and left both early.

            2. How does one suddenly find themselves married to the wrong man after she had lived with that man for several years prior to the marriage?

              1. Lived with him four years and he proposed marriage. Then came the pre-nup and it might not have been exactly what she wanted if they divorced. She couldn’t back out then because it would look like she was only marrying him for his money. Got married, got “sick” and they’re now divorcing. She probably hopes to get the pre-nup nullified.

          2. Excellent post Sally!! I agree with every single word you wrote, thank you for that now I don’t have to post everything I feel about this fraud of a woman!!!!

          3. Sally I am confused – has Yolanda actually said that her mother also has or had Lyme disease? Also about Bella and Anwar, at one point she said they had Lyme, but then she said another time that they have “suppressed immune systems” — maybe they have both? From what I have read about Lyme, etc., there can be “Chronic Lyme” and also just Lyme, there can be co-infections going on at the same time in the body, etc. but I haven’t studied it enough to know all about it. But I thought you could only get it from being infected certain ways. Things like a low immune system (meaning you are more susceptible to bacteria, viruses, getting sick, etc.) can be inherited, but I didn’t think Lyme could, I thought you could only get infected from Lyme certain ways, like a certain tick bite, etc. I’m wondering if she says one thing but means another sometimes, maybe not from her even trying to “pull one over” on anybody, just maybe she doesn’t always get all the facts straight etc. if her “brain function” really is lowered? But yeah it is totally strange to think that Yolanda’s mother, Yolanda, Bella and Anwar all have Lyme disease. I don’t get that and it just confuses me. It might be better for her to just say she’s sick in the head, can’t keep facts straight etc. and not confuse everyone about Lyme because unfortunately this has caused a lot of misinformation to float around out there that is really not helping anyone with chronic invisible illness…I have struggled with fibromyalgia, lowered immune system and arthritis for years and have found that when it comes to trying to explain any of it, it can be best for me to just say my symptoms wax and wane and that’s it. Less is more. And it’s healthier for me not to dwell on it

            1. Mousie, firstly and most important i am sorry about your health problems, I too find it easier to not say too much! I don’t know about Yo, personally I think it’s just the leaky implants and menopause. If you see her face it looks pudgy and I remember at times mine was like that especially after night time sweats! She has confused everyone I think. Especially about Bella and Anwar and her mother. Why is Anwar now living with his dad? None of it makes sense!

        2. I agree with you Kt…I think there is something wrong with her (menopause being a huge part of it) and don’t think she is faking but do I thinking she is milking this down to the last drop…HELL YEAH!! 🙂 LOL. That prenup explains a lot as well.

    2. Yolanda has fans? I have to laugh at how King David “Camilla-ed” her. He called the ladies clowns while Yo was on the show.

    3. I kind of liked her the first year she was on but now she constantly goes on and on about her faux illness. Her condescending, superior, haughty, demeaning manner of interacting with the women she isn’t friends with is tiring. This year I think we are seeing the “real” Yolanda and it isn’t a pretty sight.

    1. Yesterday you were Taylor or Tyler, today you’re Alex. Who ya gonna be tomorrow? Just post under your real name “Troll”.

  2. Really ? I think she may have started out as a favorite 3 years ago but her sympathy votes seem to be dwindling fast, me for starters! And I usually have a real patient heart for her type. No longer.

    I say exploit awayyyyy

  3. I think Yolanda wanted to exploit her divorce (quite like she exploits her illness) with her little announcement before the season premier. She needs to quit with the poor me tour.

  4. Sure the producers want to exploit the divorce. Drama brings ratings. But it doesn’t matter because David and Yolanda signed a pre-nup that prevents them from discussing each other negatively and they’ll most likely both continue to honor it.

  5. She exploited her children, how can she complain about Bravo exploiting the divorce? She can’t pick and choose what bravo shows. Besides, according to her there is no story: they just fell out of love or whatever thing she said.

    1. how did she exploit her kids ? GiGi was already a model and Bella would have become one anyway cause Yolanda does have connexions in the modeling world. Are you bitter cause you don’t ? What’s the deal with you?

      1. You’re response seemed a bit provocative and aggressive but I’ll respond to you anyway. Exploited her kids by bringing up their supposed Lyme disease for (in my opinion) more attention. Plus it really bothered me the first year Yolanda was on, Gigi was in high school, her mother was making comments about her weight.
        Have a nice day Jake.

  6. Yolanda is like an alligator and attacks from the side. Just kidding. I do think she knows what she is saying though In the previews, that thank you to her husband on stage was probably a dig at him for not being there for her as often as she would like. She did leave him, and she waited until the season was about to begin to annoince it. It was all planned by her. She knows exactly what she is doing. She likes to paint herself as an angel, but she has no halo.

  7. If the producers dare to exploit the reasons for the demise of their marriage, Yolanda would eat them alive. Why? because we all know the truth. David could no longer endure the fakeness of her illness & his life was a nightmare living with a chronic hypochrondriac/ manchausen/ shove in lymmes plus, plus, plus wife. Too much dirt on her, she wants that to be as dead as her marriage. After all, Her Royal Highness Of Lies MUST keep up her appearance of perfection for her adoring world.

      1. Jody I’m just asking nicely, please don’t attack other posters we are all entitled to our opinions that includes Starr and you. Have a good day

        1. Yet you gotta be real sick to come to a blog and write BS like that. Are you thinking about Yolanda that much? In need of another hobby maybe? Get a life :’D (this is directed to the op, not you)

        2. Gosh, thanks my dear friend, Sally. Ignore the ignorant. Jody has no place here, so we’ll act as though her comments are invisible.

    1. Well, starr, we noticed one thing for sure, she isn’t doing a very good job of keeping her perfect appearance up. She could have truly done chronic illness foundations a lot of good. But, she chose instead, to make sure David had to support her in the style to which she has become accustomed forever by being fatally sick. I bet, just when he would start pulling back a little more, she would have a relapse. I will never understand her unwillingness to wear her clothes. That doesn’t help her cause at all. Fans and funders want to see the star that will represent their cause, not someone who could be anyone walking down the street. A recognized public person who is inspiring. Not a whining, egocentric, condescending, bitter woman who believes herself above others and pretends she can’t wash her hair. She gets worse every day, not her illness, her unbelievable gall.

      1. Well put, 3 D’s. I just had a thought. With her constant fake ailing & whining & lying in her bed in her grungry white robe, with nothing better to do than write list after list for yet another grand ball pity party, she’s munching on food & with the menopause, she’s put on weight. Therefore, all the beautiful, expensive clothing are now too snug for her. Far be it for her to shop other than GW at the moment for 2 reasons: 1) she is not wasting her lavish alimony on things like that & (2) she has to look her worst to prove to all just how very ill she is. To wash her hair, put make-up, dress nicely & neatly will not prove the point she’s trying to get out there. ” Look at me, what a sad case I am. I have to actually drag myself out of bed, no energy whatever as it takes my all just to get to you to slander you. Please pity my dilemma.” Yet, on to Dubai she goes. HELP!!!! She needs help.

  8. Seeing as filming already done this is a bit of a non-article. Andy will bring it up at the reunion and she will give a PR answer. that’s it.

    Do the fans love yo? I am seeing a big divide on comments. I don’t think this season is lacking drama at all.

  9. Fans love Yoyo? I’m not one of them for sure!
    She has a used this Lyme illness for a storyline and now that more and more people are questioning her and her childrens “illness”, she is suddenly recovering. Her true colors are now showing for the hypocrite and mean, vindictive person she is. I personally don’t care about her one bit or her divorce.

  10. What fans? Brandi? Erika? Sounds like they signed that “non-disclosure” type of prenup since God forbid, the public knows the truth. Typical LA BS. But we already know what both of them are all about. She, as usual, is passive aggressive about the divorce as she is about everything else. She needs to go back to her homeland and find that old boyfriend by the windmill. I am sure he would fawn all over her for the rest of her life and she could run through the a field of tulips screaming “HELLO MY LOVE” over and over and over.

    1. Love it! I can actually visualize it…so funny. I am imagining yellow tulips like the color of lemons.
      She does have fans. They believe every word she says too. It is like a cult. Yawnlandia.

  11. Of course they do. They did have Rinna LVP & Vyle discuss it in extra scenes they filmed after the news broke right? I’m sure they’ll have the other women talk about it but not Yolanda. I’ll be discussed on the show as usual by these vile people using other people’s problems to get a storyline. Boring. This is just went downhill in one season. Congrats lol. rhobh sucks now.

      1. Well spotted Naynay! I always thought she was Brandi! I think she used to post under the name Jo as well a wee while back and I think there was another name as well? Twinkle? I might be wrong on that one! Fancy using your sons name to post? Weird! I don’t think it’s Yo-she can’t write! Hahahaha! Xoxo

        1. All of a sudden I’m seeing all these new names on here, I don’t know of they’re all the same person, but it seems to be one of them is Yo-yo, her brain must unfog Now and again to post on blogs. Fraud

  12. I was watching the Amsterdam episode today and felt something quite odd that for a supposedly “world famous model”, she wasn’t treated as a celebrity back home. In fact, with the exception of the windmill guy she “dated”, no one seemed to know who she was.

    On Instagram Mohamed wrote he is publishing a book called something like Words or Pearls of Wisdom. One of the quotes he wrote was “sleeping with the trash”.

    Also when they were talking about the legalized prostitution Yolanda admitted she would be a prostitute if it meant she would be able to feed her family. Hmmmm, it begs the question was she actually a call girl and she met Mohamed that way?

    I have tried to find information about how Mohamed and Yolanda met but there is nothing there to be found. We know how David met her, he asked Mohamed to introduce them and Mohamed gladly did. Basically giving David sloppy Mohamed’s sloppy seconds.

    1. skeptic, you’re so right. Yo was not in any way in the spotlight at all when they all went to her homeland. Truly interesting observation. Never thought of it.

      1. I am in no way defending Yawnlanda, but when exactly was she a model? Was she a teen model or was it later. Would she be recognized there today if she looked different. Did she even become a model there or was she in another country when she got work? I don’t know her history. How long has prostitution been legal in Holland. If she was a prostitute, I would think it would have come out by now. People know how to dig up dirt. I think she just said she would do anything, and the way she goes out with men so much older than her for their money…or it seems that way anyway, she has no problem being with men who are not so attractive by most standards, so she might think of prostitution as a paying job, using your body for money. It seems about the money for her, and she struck it very rich with Mohamed. She has no problem with Gigi doing nude or mostly nude modeling either for the right paycheck.

        1. In Amsterdam in the red light district the women sit in the windows in peekaboo underwear and it’s a shock when you are shopping and turn a corner and there is a woman facing you in the window I’m not getting any more descriptive! So yes it’s legal there!

        2. I couldn’t find much about when she was a model but there were pictures of her when she modeled. Gigi is practically a carbon copy of her mother. No wonder Gigi is the favoured child.

    2. You’re nasty lol. People like you thrive on writting comments on blogs desperetely in hope of creating new remors. You’re quite sad.

      1. Just grow up Jake just because you like Yo doesn’t give you the right to attack people who don’t. It’s getting really tiresome now! Learn some respect for other posters, I couldn’t care less about me as far as I am concerned you don’t exist sweetie.

          1. Jake I said I didn’t care what you said to me! Not others! I have a very happy life with several hobbies and lots of friends and family. You really can be offensive to others! thank you for worrying about my non lonely life! Have a lovely weekend!

    3. Yea that is weird…I think I remember Lisa saying awhile back they met when Yolanda was a model. Since Mohammed is rich, has been in real estate for a long time, etc. probably money lured the “beauty” so to speak, lol. They were married eight years. She filed for divorce in 2003 and got 2 homes, an Arabian horse, her interior design co., several bank accounts, two fancy cars, plus $3.6 million in cash before child support or alimony even came into play.

        1. These reports are so confusing, she only got 3.6 million cash from Mohamed plus the house and land so was that worth 40 Million? I wish all of these people would get together to publish reports! I’m confused!

          1. To quote the article:
            Yolanda reportedly has an estimated net worth of around $45 million, which she accrued through her work as a model and television personality, as well as from her divorce settlement to Hadid.

  13. Ugggg, no, yolymes is already brain dead, this would be bravo suicide BORING, viewer’s really don’t care what happened to these 2 uglies bumping it….. TMI—NO, I want to wash that mental picture out with clorox….

  14. I love Yolanda and think she’s a bright light of kindness and integrity most of the time. She has her moments, but I think she takes a high road just about all the time. She’s not a local Angeleno, so she knows how to keep parts of her life private (yeah, I’m talking to you Lisa-lets-wax-my-asshole-on-camera-Rinna), doesn’t overshare (and you, Kyle-and-Kim-let’s-air-my-family’s-dirty-laundry-on-camera-so children-have-to-deal-with-it), and knows what about her is interesting.

  15. Another thing that I found “interesting,” was when Rinna said the word “Munchausen,” a GERMAN word, if I am not mistaken, she could *barely* pronounce it herself. So strange, considering how close the two languages, Dutch and German, are.

      1. Have you also noticed that her accent has gotten much thicker than it was in the beginning. I was watching a rerun the other day, it was towards the beginning of her time on RHOBH and her accent was very faint. Now she can’t pronounce words that should be familiar to her, let alone English. I guess I should have more em-pa-tea for what she is going through. Munchausen seems a very real possibility here, but I’m thinking it’s a simple matter of menopause denial.

        1. Mary I agree, She was taught English at school in Holland, it’s all for effect and she is going through the menapsuse! Nothing else now just attention seeking if that is an illness!

    1. Of course she can say it Queenie! She annoys me so much when she plays the ‘it’s not my first language card’ pathetic! There was a word lady year she said she didn’t know and asked if it was a vegetable. She was married to Mo fir years! I’m not putting the word here! Lol xo

  16. I just wondered what happened after Yolanda had her silicone implants removed. She acted as though she was flat chested, so did she have no other implants put in and just go back to her normal size after some reduction surgery? If so, then she would have to have had excess skin removed due to stretching from the larger size implants, and most likely even have her nipples and areola moved upward…lots of sutures, etc. She would be wrapped with bandages after surgery for some time too. So, I was wondering since she then could not fit into any of her custom sized (for bigger breasts) clothing, she may have wanted to wear clothes that camouflaged her lack of bigger breasts. She would have to get a new wardrobe for her tops and dresses, since the ones she had would be too large on top for the most part. Thus she would donate her clothing that did not fit so she could buy a new wardrobe for her new shape.
    I know David Foster had many wives, and I am sure that for the five years he and Yolanda dated, it was great (she may have been a great actress too) or he would not have married her. The moment he put a ring on it, she went back to who she truly was all along IMO. She only wanted what he was providing…more income than she had with alimony for her number one reason. She got lots in her settlement from Mo though.

    1. I am surprised David put a ring on her finger. They were together for for years before they married I believe.

      Your explanation regarding her surgery makes total sense. I do think, however, that she certainly would have enough money to buy a new wardrobe that doesn’t look like it came from Goodwill.

      1. If she is pushing how sick she is, then maybe it furthers her cause by looking the part. Just a thought. She can buy clothes that fit and emphasize her smaller breasts if she wants…but maybe she did not want to do that so quickly either. I am not defending her, but trying to read her. She is dealing with menopause and the loss of her youth and with that being less attractive to the opposite sex perhaps. I just read that someone said (hearsay perhaps) that David Foster was losing his ability to write music with a wife sick at home. It took a toll. I don’t know what to believe of this, but I post the link here. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3354400/Did-jealousy-tear-marriage-apart-Close-friend-reveals-Grammy-winner-David-Foster-s-career-overshadowed-Yolanda-s-Housewives-spotlight.html

          1. This was a very interesting article and shows another contradiction of Yolanda. Yolanda said she hasn’t been out of bed in a long time and can only stay up a few hours. Yet, in the article written in December 2015, it states this: “Yolanda would go to castings and shows and tell the girls how to walk, and how to work the cameras.” That kind of puts to bed (no pun intended) the fact she couldn’t haul her sorry ass out of bed to attend events with RHOBH.

            What is also interesting is the article states that she and King David separated a year before they announced her divorce. I truly don’t think it is lyme that ails her I think she is deeply depressed over the breakdown of her marriage, her aging and menopause.

            1. Yes, I agree that she seems to be up and about when she wants to be and has been. She probably had to work at her relationship to put a ring on it and once she had the ring she did change. Was it all illness or was it just Yolanda being Yolanda. Either way, he is going through menopause most likely and aging, both of which are no fun, especially for someone whose youth and beauty and the attention that it brought her were her tickets to meeting extremely wealthy older men and the lifestyle that came with it. I am not sure she was depressed about David as much as angry at the world and taking it out on those who were easier targets. She did say she was sick from the moment she was married. She likes to have cheerleaders on her side too and Erika is her newest one to help do her dirty work for her. I cannot pity Yolanda. She seems like one who would not pity others IMO.

            2. Yes, that was very interesting, thanks Sandy. I had no idea about any of David’s kids, I didn’t care for the reference saying the Hadid kids hated the Foster girls though. It might or might not be true. I see Yolanda believes nothing is more important than money and how you get money, from your looks. Even with her son. Not anything wrong with a boy model, but it makes me wonder if that is what he wanted and how much arguing goes on behind closed doors. Whatever is said about Mohammed, he is a class act. Yolanda is still showing how looks garner attention. By looking as bad as possible. And the breast explants with the clothing, good points, I hadn’t thought of that. But it takes minimal energy to have a designer come to your home and show you some sweaters and slacks, nice ones.

              1. Of course the disheveled look may also further her need to make everyone see how sick she is, so much so that she cannot even do the basic like dress herself in appropriate clothing or do her hair in a nice clean look, etc. She can afford the right clothing and just about anything really. She loves attention, and if it is not positive attention, negative attention is still attention, yes.

        1. Interesting read. I have read that Yo and David have a clause in their pre-nup that they are not allowed to speak negatively against each other. David skirted that little problem by having his friend speak out on his behalf despite the friend saying David didn’t want him to. Oh I am sure David didn’t object at all. Have any denials by King David been written yet? Bet not.

              1. I wasn’t criticising! just sort of agreeing that I had read the first link before! That’s all the second one I hadn’t seen but I found it very interesting!

                1. I put the smiley in since it was not taken as a criticism. I just happened to mention it. That is all. I was just clarifying…or thought I was. 😮 😀

    2. How much is ever enough? With what models make in income and the settlements she’s gotten/getting it’s like wow ya know? I think she was wearing a prosthetic bra type of thing with her top at Kyle’s

  17. Well I doubt the Fosters have any interest in sharing, nor do I think that producers or viewers are entitled to force them to. Not everything is meant for public consumption.

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