RHOBH Mid Season 7 Trailer

There’s plenty of more drama coming this season on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and we have a sneak peek at what’s still to come in the trailer below.

It looks like the ladies will be turning on Lisa Rinna for her remarks about Kim Richards. While alliances among the group may be changing, it looks like Dorit Kemsley and Erika Girardi are going to go head-to-head once again.

Are you excited for the rest of this season of RHOBH?

Photo Credit: Bravo



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  • Jay

    Rinna going back to hell, where she comes from, can’t wait 🙂 Grab LVP on your way there pleassseeee 😀

  • Cin

    just wish Bravo would stop highlighting Kim’s struggles….

  • Rain

    Can’t get over PK telling Erika she’s cold! He’s definitely not a gentleman! Pervo and dum dum are so aweful to watch.

    • Bobbi Burton

      And m doing replies not to single anyone out, but there’s some new format and I can’t find a comment button so please, no one take anything I say personally. It’s nice to be back discussing and reading all the different viewpoints.

  • Starr

    Rinna says she’s done with the drama, but we all know her words are meaningless. She thrives on it. She is sick & needs help.

    • 80s gal

      she needs to stay relevant on the show or else she’s boring as sh*t. the drama she brings is probably the only reason she’s still on. I like eileen (a little bit) but why is she still on. she really is quite boring to watch.

    • Bobbi Burton

      ITA, I wonder how much time passed between what she said to Eden and telling Kyle in the shop she told Eden she didn’t want to talk about Kim. Maybe it’s the bag of pills that she can’t remember stating those things with such conviction. She was the first to shed light on Kim’s addiction that season…Is it pot, meet kettle…Takes one to know one scenario?

  • Miss Ⓜ️

    Ill bet Eileen gets fed up with Rinna and her meddling and they hit a snag in their friendship. Eileen needs to separate herself from her if she wants to be favored more with fans. Rinna needs to pack it in & go home to ‘HarryHamlin’. So tired of her boring bs.

    • Bobbi Burton

      Eileen got close to Lipsa when she needed her to get n the LVP is evil manipulator bandwagon. I’m sure she’ll she’d her now that the script is flipped. Honestly, I came close to believing LR last year, her words against maunchowsie being from LVP first, but now she’s claiming her words are coming from Sassoon…It’s all too easy, rinse, repeat for me. I loved the van ride with all the swap silliness. Too funny!!!!