RHOBH Ladies Feuding So Much They Won’t Be Seen In Public Together


The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills are getting ready to film the season 4 reunion and RadarOnline is reporting the feuding between the ladies is so intense, they refuse to show up to events with each other. “These ladies of Beverly Hills are furious with each other and proving just how bad things have gotten, they don’t want to be caught dead with each other,” a show insider tells Radar. “It’s a big headache for Bravo because they are usually out and about, available to their fans, and the ultimate publicity machine. But this season, they’re all fighting. These are NOT just television fights, either. It’s real.”

The source reveals series veterans, like Kim and Kyle Richards, have always been “game to do whatever is asked of them,” but with the Brandi Glanville and Joyce Giraud feud garnering, going out in public is not an option.

Photo Credit: Bravo


2 Replies to “RHOBH Ladies Feuding So Much They Won’t Be Seen In Public Together”

  1. Omg! Grown women acting so dumb! Seriously, get rid of ALL OF THEM, BRAVO! Every Single One of Them!

    I can’t stand watching ANY of these shows anymore! The love & luster of it all is GONE to sh!tz!

  2. Bravo needs to get rid of all of them! Including Lisa. Start over and make these shows into WOMEN GETTING ALONG and supporting one another, what happened to the viewers viewing how nice these ladies live? Where are the friggin’ charities they all speak about ( not Kyle’s as of recent) what happened to viewing the fantastic vacations out of the country??? !!!! So friggin’ tired of all the BS!!! Bravo has disappointed so many fans! Truly, I need to start searching for another channel for my Sundays’ ,Monday’s and Tuesday’s after work entertainment!! lol

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