Which RHOBH Dated Donald Trump?

You can always count on a Housewives reunion to for good gossip, and the season seven Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, did not disappoint. Kim Richards revealed that she once dated President Donald Trump!

“I had dinner with him,” Kim says.

When asked more questions about their relationship (by Lisa Vanderpump, who wanted to know if they had sex), Kim said, “I don’t want to talk about the President.”

The look on Kyle Richards’ face says it all.

Watch the video below:

Photo Credit: Bravo

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  • DaysofWineandRoses

    A Hilton sister-in-law, an ex to other men of great financial means. He admittedly is a winer-diner when it comes to women. Not really big or surprising news.

  • Jack

    Oh she’s a mess. I can’t even begin to imagine what she’s going to do at the reunion but she needs to, as Rinna said, “Eat a hot dog. Go home. Deal with it tomorrow.”

  • BakerChick

    Hahahahahahahahaha I know you do sweetie me too thankyou for that

  • Daisy

    The umpa lumpa and Kim . Haha haha . Why am I not surprised

  • Daisy

    Lol dump the trump

  • Daisy

    Too funny , love it Aunt Bee

  • cat62

    Ugh – what a match